Monday Matters and feeling tired is normal/to be expected?!?

I hope your Pi Day is going great so far!  Back when I taught high school Pi Day was the favorite day of the year (for the students and me:) because all of the teachers brought pie to class to celebrate!  

Time for the weekly matters that I feel the need to discuss with you.

*5 treadmill miles @ an 8:23 average pace and this plank routine!  

IMG 2053

*Rainy day over here which means that TJ’s minestrone soup and steak strips (from Costco) are for lunch… or maybe that was lunch because that is literally the last two food items at my apartment.  Oh and we have syrup still but that would be kind of weird to eat with this meal.

IMG 2058 

*One of Brooke’s current pastimes includes asking Siri random questions and laughing at the responses.

IMG 6398

*We saw Zootopia last week and loved it.  Brooke now insists on bringing her blanket to the theater to ensure maximum comfort.

IMG 1885

*Megan D dropped off her favorite WinCo bin finds and I am now hooked too.  On the left—> Peanut Palooza (everything peanut including honey roasted peanuts and white chocolate covered peanuts.. best trail mix ever).  On the right—>  chocolate sea salt popcorn (each piece of popcorn is covered in chocolate and it is heavenly).  Over the years I have come to always trust Megan D’s opinion on food.

PicMonkey Collajge

*Brooke just nailing the selfie with one of her best gal pals.

IMG 1847

*Followed by making a face that I make in about half of my blog photos.  Also, she wrote mom and brooke on her paper all by herself and it melted my heart into a puddle.

IMG 1843

*I saw this on Pam’s Instagram and could this be any more accurate?!?

Screen Shot 2016 03 13 at 9 44 46 PM

*Pretty sure that my sweatshirt string was hooked up in my hair band for many hours while I was packing the other night…  I didn’t notice until I looked in a mirror.  

IMG 2017

 *My brother (in Kentucky) knows that the strawberry shortcake from Cheesecake Factory is my favorite so he sent me a picture of it from their daddy-daughter date.  Please order this next time you are at the Cheesecake Factory.  

IMG 1825

*Elmo.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your teeth brushing video.  You have changed our lives and you have taken brushing Brooke’s teeth from a struggle to a party and something she looks forward to.

IMG 1952  1


IMG 1953  1

*I loved this part from the Hanson’s 1/2 Marathon Method about being tired.  There is a fine line between overly exhausted (ummm hello we are choosing to run and train so why would we push ourselves to the point of exhaustion and then ruin the other areas of our lives because we are too tired all of the time) and pushing ourselves hard enough in our training that being kind of worn-out feels like normal or it is kind of expected.  It is usually about 5-6 weeks before a marathon when I feel my most tired during training but I always have to remind myself that this happens to everyone and it is to be expected at points during training!

IMG 1956


Have any Monday Matters to share with us??

What was your workout today?

Last movie you saw?  Was it a good one?

In honor of Pi Day—>  Absolute favorite type of pie?

– Banana cream pie (the homemade ones with slices of bananas in it too and 5 inches of whipped cream on top).

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I took my little guy to see Zootopia, last week, and he loved it! He’s obsessed with Norm of The North (so good) so we’ve seen that a few times.

My workout was great! 5.5 miles on the treadmill. After getting injured following the NYC Marathon, it feels great to be building back up my speed and mileage! :)


I want to see Zootopia too – I’ve heard some good things about it. My workout today was the 21 Day Fix upper body workout plus some extra pushups (got to get those arms looking good for the wedding dress)!


Is it bad that I don’t remember the last movie I saw? Either it has been a really long time or my memory is going because I don’t remember.

I’m on a recovery day so I’ll probably just take the dog on a long walk! I need it after the day I’ve had!

I love cherry pie. My mom always makes it with the cherries from my grandma’s tree, which are amazing. I also can’t do ice cream or whipped cream on fruit pies. The different kinds of sweet throw me off! (I know, I’m weird)


An easy 4.5 mile trail run with a friend on lunch hour.

Last movie I saw was The Martian, which I enjoyed but thought was a bit long

My absolute favorite pie is pecan….it’s also the “worst” for you….but man, it’s so good


Brooke really does have the selfies down! Workout today was 45 lap swim with 45 minute weights for biceps and chest and 15 minutes on the killer stairclimber. It was a hard core day and when those happen you just have to go after them.


Monday Matters – was almost out of coffee this morning but had enough for the day! also – hiked the “mountain” this morning even though daylight savings is kicking my butt!

Workout – mountain hike – mile up, mile down before work. walk Theo this evening and also get a 10 – 15 mile bike ride in.

The Thirteenth Hour – very good, made me cry. Brother is in the Army – so those movies always hit a chord.

Grandma’s Rhubarb Pie – it is to die for. Seriously. I’ll send ya some ;)


Oh man, I was going to make pie today. Totally forgot. :( my favorite pie is lemon sour cream. But any pie that my mom makes is the best. Maybe she made pie today.

Today’s was an early morning pump class at the gym.


Apple pie is my absolute favorite. Although really any fruit pie is great.
The last movie I saw in theaters was Deadpool. I liked it a lot more than I anticipated!
My workout today was a 5 mile run with 10 x 1 minute at 5K pace.


I laughed at that sock picture! I do not miss having to make my own ankle socks. Today I will be doing an easy run, around 3-4 miles. I think the last movie I saw in theaters was Star Wars…so yes, it was a good one.


It was cold and rainy here so very happy I took a rest day. I am teaching myself html and css. Saw whisky tango foxtrot this weekend. It wasn’t what I expected. I just assumed it would be funny but it was more serious than you would expect a Tina fey flick.


Brook is my hero. Fantastic idea on the blanket!

I was tired today so I’ve pushed my workout to after work.

And I’d love a slice of apple pie right now!


Banana cream pie is definitely one of my favorites! That and really any fruit pie I guess. And I totally used to make my own ankle socks! Now I wish some of my no shows were just a little higher!


I always bring a blanket or pillow case to sit ON at movie theatres. I’m a bit of a germaphobe and the public seat grosses me out :)


Hey, I might just have to copy you Amanda!


Haha that sock meme is SO true! Only the cool kinds wore ankle socks in middle/high school. I’m about to go to my Fleet Feet group run and Asics will be there to have us test out some new shoes so I’m excited!

I saw the Martian on Friday night and it was AMAZING! & chocolate peanut butter pie is obviously my favorite yum yum yum


I definitely needed to read this today! I’ve been training for my first long (to me ;)) race (a 15k), and I’m in the part of training where my runs feel long and exhausting. I’m glad to know it’s normal!

My favorite pie’s definitely apple, can’t go wrong with the classics :)


It is SO normal Nicole!!! Way to go on your training and let me know how your 15k goes wahoo!!! I hope you get some apple pie today!


Great messages!


Checking out Elmo’s toothbrushing video STAT. All Callum does with his toothbrush is swish it around in the toilet. I’ve spent $8263684720 on those darn things.


I love some good ol’ fashioned apple pie, and a coworker brought one to work today. SO.GOOD.

Monday Matter: I really wish a broken heart would heal faster. :/


I am so excited to take my little girl to Zootopia! I think Brooke’s idea to bring a blanket is an excellent one. ;) Today’s workout didn’t happen because I woke up to my little girl throwing up. :( As for my favorite pie, I think I have two, apple pie and some type of pie including chocolate. :)


I’m going to have to copy Brooke next time I go to the movies. I’m always cold at the theater. That chocolate popcorn looks amazing. I would bring that to the movies, but there’s no winco in my town.

My absolute favorite pie is a three-way tie between pecan, strawberry-rhubarb and lemon meringue. Hope your pi day Monday is going well :)


That idea of bringing a blanket to the movie? GENIUS. Last one I saw was Risen, it was pretty good!

My run felt surprisingly GREAT this morning! I got in 13.5 miles before my time was up.

I don’t really have any strong opinions on pie, except that storebought pie is NEVER worth it, and that chocolate pie is overrated. My top flavors (for homemade, of course) would be sweet potato, pumpkin, and key lime.


That IG post by Pam was just what I needed today! Thanks for sharing.

And the all too familiar ‘clean out the fridge and pantry before you move/go on vacay’ is all too real!!! Oh the combos I have come up with to get rid of everything!!

Ran a wet, sloggy 75 minutes today. But at least I got I. Before the wind picked up!

I find it hard to resist a nice slice of key lime or fresh cherry or blueberry pie!


My absolute favorite pie in the whole world is my grandma’s homemade apple pie :) I’m drooling thinking about it now.

The last movie I saw was Room and it was amazing. I read the book too and it was great.


Supposed to do speedwork but settled for intervals elliptical because of stomach issues. Will get that run in first thing tomorrow morning though!! The last movie I watched was The Martian and it was actually better than I expected – Matt Damon is pretty awesome. French Silk Pie is my favorite but let’s be honest, I’ll eat any type of pie.. Also – I absolutely love Brooke’s selfie faces!! They are too great!


I love Winco, they have the best things in their bins!


We saw Zootopia yesterday too, loved it!

And your bin finds fromWinco make me totally miss living near one. I loved their bin selections!! Can’t beat their prices too!

Today was a rest day ?


Aaahhhh. I always forget about pie day UNTIL it is pie day! I should have made THEE banana cream pie. I mean, any excuse to make it works for me. I made lime toasted coconut rice krispy treats today though. Does that count? They are delicious. Just like those treats :) I am glad you approved. It’s not like they were chocolate covered cherries or something ;)

Felicity likes that elmo video, but elmo with teeth? It freaks me out. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


Todays workout was 10km with 4km at tempo. Then abs.

Thanks for sharing that info about being worn out with training. It’s a good reminder that some weariness is normal as we push ourselves, it’s just how we manage it that makes the difference. I’m already learning so much more about my body with the START of marathon training – I can’t even imagine what I’ll learn by the end.

Pie….we more do savoury pies here in Aus. And there are SO many varieties to pick from. I love Brooke taking her blanky to the movies I want to do that next time but I don’t think I’ll look as cute when I do it..


Work out today? Nothing! I’m in a motivational slump and haven’t worked out at all since Friday. I would say that I have got great plans for tomorrow but that would be a lie. At this point it is looking doubtful if I will ever leave my desk again!

Last movie I saw? I went with my parents to see James Bond in December. Not really my sort of movie but they loved it. And I loved that they brought me my ticket and a drink so all in all it was a great night!

Favourite pie? Unquestionably my Mum’s lemon meringue pie! It’s soooo good and is actually one of my all time favourite desserts.


Coconut Cream Pie all the way….we did have Banana Cream last night though….store bought. I found it to be…ok. I agree with the homemade=better statement for sure!
I had to run downhill repeats…my legs are now sore! :)


I love banana cream pie too… my grandma used to make it for me all the time growing up!


My mom makes the best blackberry pie, I love it! We saw Zootopia too and it was such a cute movie. It took two rounds of popcorn for my Little to make it all the way through the movie. She knows a good thing when she finds it! Happy running!


Cherry pie with vanilla ice cream!!


I am less than 6 weeks out from the Big Sur marathon and currently in a walking boot! Was worried it was a stress fracture but now I think it’s safe to say it’s tendonitis, which means there’s still hope I can be at the race in April!

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