Just a few clips from our Monday night.  Hope yours was a good one too!

Highlights from the featured film:

– Brooke shows off how smart she is by showing me where her eyes, toes, hair and fingers are (ps she prefers to wear her headbands like a crown).

– Brooke is already a sprinter.  She loves to tap grandma on the leg and give high fives.

– Moon, mountains and my favorite song to listen to while I am driving.  You can find it here!

-Just relaxin at Mountain West Burrito.

-My grilled veggie salad of goodness with my SIL.

-Ice cream cones for the kiddos.

-Wheels on the bus… don’t make fun of my voice… it will bring back some of my bad memories from 1st-10th grade.  

-Froyo and the Bachelor (yes, I am embarrassed that I watch that show and it drives me crazy) with Paige and her mom.

-Some of the family working on my nephew’s science project late at night.  Procrastination runs in our family.  

-I don’t want this book to end.  

Fill in the blank:

If you had a million dollars right this second and you had to spend it all today, you would buy ________ ,  ____________ , ________ , _________ (just one thing or lots of things… it is up to you).