A few things I do and do not regret about today.

I regret:

1.  That I can’t stop itching my spider bite on my shoulder and because of that it is getting bigger by the minute.

2.  Eating all of my fruit salad at 2 a.m. while standing at the fridge.  I ate it so fast that I couldn’t even savor its deliciousness and now I am left fruit saladless.

Photo 1

3.  Waking up too late this morning to run outside and instead doing my 8 miles inside (more like 3 miles, sit by swamp cooler for 10 minutes followed by 2 miles, potty break, ending with 3 miles).

4.  Posting this picture on the internet of  what my hair looks like in the morning.   Billy is so lucky to wake up to see this each and every morning for the rest of my life.   As long as we are getting personal here, I also woke up drooling after a dream about the cheesiest nachos you have ever seen (you think I am kidding but I am not in the least bit).

Photo 2 1

5.  Not stretching after my run.  Good thinking Janae.

I don’t regret:

1.  Wearing an all pink running outfit…  the joys of exercising at home.  I wish I could blame the mess on us moving but you know that it has always looked like that.

Photo on 7 23 12 at 11 04 AM  2

2.  My lunch.  Breaded chicken breasts > grilled chicken breasts, you can’t say you don’t agree with me. Blueberry yogurt stolen from my sister’s stash when she wasn’t looking.

DSC 2896

3.  I also really don’t regret lunch dessert eaten 4 minutes after.   That is my favorite cereal to milk ratio.  I took my last bite of cereal with the last spoonful of milk.

DSC 2902

4.  Going over to my BFF’s house for a few hours to talk.  She is due a month after me and so it was amazing to hang out and talk about everything.  Billy was amazed that I could hang out with a friend without going to lunch or froyo too.

Us at my wedding.  We really need an updated photo of us and preferably one with our pregnant bellies.

3829 519633245681 6289939 n


Anyone else have lunch dessert?

What is something you do regret about today and something you don’t regret about today?  Play along… it is a fun game I promise:)

Favorite cereal lately?

-Frosted mini wheats but I wish they would frost both sides of the little squares.

Is your hair crazy when you wake up in the morning? Do you sleep with it pulled back or not?

-I have to have it pulled back with a headband otherwise I can’t sleep.

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I am a huge fan of bessert and lessert (breakfast dessert and lunch dessert). In fact, I think I should include “essert” to snacks also…snackessert??


Do you mind if I copy your bessert and lessert terminology? It is perfect!


Copy away!! :)


After lunch I like to have something chocolatey like pudding or chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

Regret–I slept too late
Dont Regret–I needed the sleep lol

Favorite Cereal–LUCKY CHARMS!!!! Seriously the only thing I like better is cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears and marshmallows lol

Yeah my hair is always super duper crazy….it must be pulled back if its dry so I can sleep


Laura… you just made me crave pudding so bad ha. I am GLAD you got the extra sleep. I need to try your ice cream combo, that sounds like something I would LOVE


You totally should try it!! My favorite place to get it is at Cold Stone…it is amazing. One time the guy working behind the counter just looked at me with a raised eye brow and goes “Are you sure you arent like 5?” lol


My hair is always a mess after waking up. Our husbands are soooo lucky. GO us! ;)

I love that you got to hang out with a friend–it’s such a lovely way to unwind, have fun, and just laugh.

I usually have a piece of fruit after lunch, and some chocolate or granola/yogurt in the evenings!

I LOVE the all pink outfit.

I regret that I had a major headache today…and I hope it goes away before I teach Zumba tonight!! Gah!


I am SO sorry about your headache girl! I really want to come to one of your zumba classes before we move.


I do regret not getting more sleep last night.

I do not regret getting up early (with less than a desirable amount of sleep) to do my 17 mile long run anyway, because it was awesome. Now only if I could rock falling asleep like I do running….


I hope you get to bed early tonight:) WAY to run 17 miles this morning, you are INCREDIBLE!!! Way to start your week with a great run.


I definitely need more dessert in my life but am generally too lazy to go out and buy it! That being said, lunch dessert is the best dessert!

I regret: not getting more work done!
I don’t regret: spending time finally booking a SF trip for me and the boy!

And, I wear my hear in a ponytail or bun directly on top of my head to bed….it looks like bam bam, but that way i can sleep without a big lump under my head!


Put a little tea tree oil on your bug bite and it will stop itching and go away faster. On the other hand it will stink. But it’s worth it.


Haha, I love your pink running outfit! Your wedding-day hair is so cute! I love how long and curly it is!

No lunch dessert today–we don’t really have any desserts in our house right now! I might make some PB cookies tomorrow though!

I regret going outside today because it is deathly hot out and I don’t regret having Rice Krispie TREATS cereal for breakfast this morning!

Frosting both sides of the mini wheats is brilliant! You should write to them about this!

I have to have my hair pulled back at night too–no bangs or stray pieces can be touching my face!


I regret eating that donut hole. It wasn’t very good and clouded my positive feelings towards donuts. I don’t regret eating that hot dog at lunch. It was delicious! I don’t eat cereal because I’m lactose intolerant and not being able to drink normal milk with cereal just isn’t the same. My hair is very crazy in the morning. I have curly hair and so I shove it all above my head when I sleep so when I wake up I look like a lion, at least that’s what my husband says. :)


I regret not studying more for my test this weekend.
I don’t regret eating a huge bowl of spaghetti squash and broccoli topped with spaghetti sauce for lunch. So good :)
I really like the Peanut butter balls cereal from Whole Foods. It’s amazing!
Also I’m pretty sure my hair looks worse that yours if I sleep with is up haha


Oh no about the spider bite- those things are so itchy, and then you know you had a spider crawling on you, too!I love the running outfit and think the belly only adds to the greatness of it!
Regret for today- not getting more work done at work! Tomorrow is going to be a doozy!
Non-regret- taking the day off. My legs are smashed after a big workout weekend (and week).
We were just in Oregon and had the most amazing Total Raisin Bran. We don’t have it in Canada though :(


I regreat eating so much junk at my cousins homecoming and then we had a family birthday party. My family always has ay least 1,234 treats when we get toegether. I was still sick this morning & I thought I would puke if I ran so I had a date with Jillian instead and will run tonight.

Yet, I still had an after lunch dessert. I know. I learn my lessons so well. I had a swim/play date with friends and brought this:



My favorite cereal is Raisin Bran Crunch. It’s marketed like it is healthy, but really it has a ton of sugar in it. The front of the box makes it look healthy though, so I am just going to pretend like it is. That is how I roll and I don’t regret that ;)

Hey. Remember that one time when you met Jef one eff? Jealous. Maybe they will invite you to their wedding now ;)


You & your bff are adorable! Love that you are due so close to each other!! Maybe your kids will eventually be BFFs too :D
I’m on a HUGE cereal kick right now, although I’m always on a cereal kick…but now it’s in overdrive! :)
Regret about today: that I was so hungry I ate my lunch at 11am, pretty much right after my breakfast….so now I’m sitting here super hungry waiting for dinner to finish cooking. Eek! I don’t know what it is, but I have been SUPER hungry all day. Normally I eat like I did before pregnancy, but today has just been completely different! She’s a hungry little lady ;)
Don’t regret about today: eating one of the cinnamon sugar donuts in our office today. Delish!


I don’t regret sleeping in and I regret not going to the grocery store – we have no food in the house!
I LOVE frosted mini wheats!!
My hair is a nightmare of a mess when I wake up, whether I pull it back or not! Crazy.
Have a good night!!


I regret not working out but, I don’t regret the 7 loads of laundry I tallied up and the errands I ran after being gone for a week at the cabin!

Favorite cereal?? Gosh, I actually don’t have one.

Hair at night….just down and about…or I KNOW my hair would be a worse rats nest if I had it pulled back. ;-)


My hair is definitely a mess when I wake up. I’m just a hot mess all around when I’m sleeping. I wear a mouth guard (b/c I grind my teeth) and ear plugs … super sexy! ;)


You and your BFF are adorable…

I regret that my breakfast was all carbs-bread and fruit-it was good but I have been hungry all day since.
I usually don’t have a lunch dessert since my post workout recovery drink is a mocha…normally that satisfies my sweet tooth till dinner time,but…(see above breakfast)-I just had some wheat thins and nutella.

I like most cereal.From the super sweet(Cap’n Crunch) to the super healthy.Now I’m craving it!!


I have crazy curly morning hair no matter what!!! I actually had a breakfast lunch!! But a dessert lunch sounds good for tomorrow!


I do regret eating leftover plum galette for breakfast as it has led to a day of eating cake, basically.

I don’t regret popping in to see my lovely neighbour as we had a good chat and she needed it!


Why does that always happen, you start munching on something while looking for something to eat and then whatever your munching on is magically gone…dumb! I hate that! Like who took the rest, hahaha


No lunch dessert today, but I have ice cream now! Ben N Jerrys…yum!

Regrets: eating a too small breakfast. I should have eaten more.

Not-Regrets: uhhhh…do not regret eating delicious Whole Foods pizza for lunch. Do not regret coming home, and getting right in my pj’s to eat dinner, drink wine and watch comedy shows. Do not regret talking – to anyone and everyone – about yesterday, when I ran MY FIRST ULTRAMARATHON!

Seriously, cannot stop grinning about yesterday. I also got 3rd in my AG!


Dessert is fine at any time of the day, before or after a meal!

I regret not grocery shopping today. I need food! I don’t regret going for a run this morning, even though I slept later than I intended and thought for sure the heat would kill me.

Frosted mini wheats. Dry.

My hair is always nuts in the morning. Not sure what I do in my sleep, but it can’t be good.


Regret: Not getting lunch BEFORE my boss called me, and instead waiting until 4pm, and now I’m not hungry, but my fiance made delicious food.

No regrets: I do not regret going wedding ring shopping!


I don’t regret going for a bike ride at the beach. I regret not going to have sushi afterwards.


I usually wear my hair up when sleeping but my stylist said I shouldn’t. I also drool, lol. I regret not drinking more coffee today. I don’t regret eating more of that deep dish cookie pie from Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog that I made yesterday, lol. You should definitely get an updated pic of you and your bestie! :)


I don’t usually have lunch dessert, but today I visited my cousin and his wife, and I brought a homemade strawberry rhubarb pie for lunch dessert. It was sooo good!


I love lunch dessert! If I don’t have anything chocolately on hand, I find that I can make yogurt or fruit taste like dessert. :)
Regret: Not fitting in a work out!
Don’t Regret: Dipping my pizza in full fat ranch. :)


If you haven’t yet, you have to try STRAWBERRY frosted mini wheats sooo good. Although I probably shouldn’t tempt you to buy any food ;)


My hair is always so crazy when I wake up! I always look in the mirror and just laugh…
I regret not cleaning more of my room after work. I don’t regret volunteering, it always puts me in a great mood!
I’m craving frosted flakes!!!! Yum!!!


I don’t regret that I ate all the sweet potato fries at lunch.

I do regret that I didn’t stop at the store on the way home because now I have to go back out!

Rock the pink!!


Love having lunch dessert, but I usually restrain myself. Don’t regret my delicious dinner of turkey burgers, but do regret not doing more housework today…..that’s a pretty normal regret. Ha ha!
You sleep with a headband…..your crazy! ;) Let down and loose is where it’s at.


I regret only bringing an apple for my lunch work break, I defiantly needed more food after my workout today. I don’t regret trying the new LUNA PROTEIN BAR, tastes like a candy bar!!!

I don’t usually eat cereal….I LOVE TOAST!!!!

BOTH!! ACtually depends on if I’m hating my hair that day haha

Come check out my blog :) http://runningsprinkles.blogspot.com


My hair is usually pretty interesting in the morning. Especially if I showered the night before and didn’t wash it because then its in a giant mass on top of my head!

Today I regret Not putting more meatballs in with my pasta for my lunch and I do not regret how I ran the 5K. Fall and everything. I still did well and I pushed through after I fell!

Dessert is great for lunch and dinner. Someone brought in chocolates today. Amazingly delicious chocolates and I had 2. I’m so happy there was still half a box left when I went home for the day so I can have some tomorrow!


Um, Janae, I think I may have you beat on the morning hair! Can you say AFRO CIRCUS?!?!?! Minus the rainbow colcor, of course! And that’s because I sleep with it piled up on time of my head otherwise I think my curly mess would take up the whole bed. The hair has a mind of its own. LOL!!

Regret – not going for one last run on campus while I was visiting my college town this weekend.

Don’t regret – eating and drinking everything in sight this weekend, coca-cola and wine included! My excuse? It was my family reunion and hey, it only happens once a year, right?!


My favorite cereal right now is Chocolate Cheerios. I think I may have to go have a bowl now!


I am totally into honey nut cheerioes these days. But your frosted mini wheats are making me drool and I am going to need to get some ASAP.

I usually wake up with with a big old rats nest on the back of my head. Super attractive!


Lunch dessert that i also had 5 minutes within eating:
The mini frosted mini wheats with the same milk ratio as you.
No lie.


I love frosted mini wheats so much that I don’t buy them. If I did, I would eat the whole box and feel sick all in one go. I also adore Capt’n Crunch w/crunch berries. They are made in our city, and sometimes downtown smells like crunch berries. Kinda hard to walk into the Y to work out when it smells like cereal outside.

Oh–what else? Coco Puffs, Lucky Charms, Count Chocula. I could go on and on!


favorite cereal is all of the ones I have in my cupboard, mixed in one bowl. I thought everyone did that?!


I am suddenly craving a big bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with ice cold milk- mmm! As weird (and ironic) as it sounds, I love to mix it with Bran Flakes- otherwise it’s a bit too sweet…even for me!


Today’s Regret: Falling asleep 10 minutes before the end of bachelor pad, then waking up at 5:30AM to watch the last 10 minutes, why is that show 2 hours long????
Don’t Regret: Sleeping in my sports bra and running tank top, so I’d run for 30 minutes this morning, of course after I finished watching bachelor pad…. oh and wasting time for the past hour before Olivia wakes up (oh the joy of Olivia sleeping from 7:30-7:30am; highly recommend consistent schedule when your baby girl gets to be about 10 weeks old! I skimmed the book 12 weeks to 12 hours sleep – email me for details)
Favorite cereal: Special K fruit and yogurt and Rice krispies treats cereal
Hair: Ponytail, I keep telling myself that I am getting my hair healthy by not using the blow dry this summer…but really just being lazy!


Lunch dessert is a necessity.

That picture of fruits really makes me want to go raid my fridge. I spend to much on produce this week!


My best friend and I are due a month apart too! Sadly, she lives 12 hours away from me now, so our catch-up time is reserved for the phone. :(


I use to sleep with my hair pulled up but then heard it breaks your hair?.. Favorite cereal right now, Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Gives me a stomach ache later, but that sugary goodness is amazing.

What I don’t regret about today? Starting over my running training with Day 1 of my Couch.2.5K app and sprinting at each run cycle. I have gotten so out of shape not running regularly, and I’m tryin to jump back in and learn to run straight miles instead of having frequent walk breaks.

What I do regret? Getting ugly with the lady at the DMV. It wasn’t her fault I didn’t call ahead before going to find out other things had to be taken care of before I could pick up my car tag. Boo.


Lately I got some Frosted Brown Sugar Mini Wheats off of my parents and I forgot how much I like them. Yum!


I pull mine back, I can’t stand it in my face

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