Skye! 3.5 months!

I have another update for you about how things are going for Skye!

*I can’t think of anything more scary for me than attempting to cut Skye’s fingernails.  She just wiggles so much and I am so nervous about it so it is officially Andrew’s job.  My job is to clean her neck rolls each day though ha:)

IMG 3876

*She is still very interested in eating her entire hand and the binky is her worst enemy.

IMG 3849

*I don’t have a picture of this but one of my absolute FAVORITE things to see is Skye stretching.  When she first wakes up and stretches those arms up as high as she can… I just can’t get enough.

*She gets just a bit of attention from me and Andrew each day.

IMG 3793

*Skye’s mohawk doesn’t show every day like it used to because her hair has gotten a bit longer.  I miss it.

IMG 3383

*Andrew constantly has to be bouncing his leg when he is sitting down which has become one of Skye’s favorite things.  This habit of his has turned into a very beneficial thing for this little girl because she likes to be bounced.

*Skye has started to recognize her name (well, we think she does).  She will look towards us when we say her name and maybe that is coincidence or maybe she knows, I’m not sure.

*Look at that neck strength!!!

IMG 3906

*I’m still freezing about 5-10 ounces of milk most days.  I pump once each day when she wakes up in the middle of the night while she is eating.  SOOOOO at one of the baseball games we went to, I fed Skye in our seat and I was completely covered and there was no one on the other side of me but goodness gracious, I got some weird stares!  Everyone there was snacking on all sorts of food, why would they think Skye wouldn’t need some food;)

IMG 4232

*She has found her little voice and she is proud to show it off as often as possible.  The squeals, squawks, chirps, screeches, coos… she wants us to hear what she has to say.

*Still interested in every move that these two make:

IMG 3913

*Somehow her name just fits her perfectly (in our opinion).  We already can’t imagine her being named anything different.  She is 100% a Skye.

IMG 3785

*Skye has started to pay a bit of attention to Beretta.  She follows her with her eyes whenever Beretta is in the room!

IMG 3855

*Skye loves to hold on to her little blankets.  She grips them tight and moves her fingers along the fabric whenever one is near.  These blankets have reduced the amount of times per day she attempts pulling my hair out.

IMG 3893

*Skye saves all of her best spit-ups for when Andrew is holding her haha… I’m serious.  She always does this cute smile afterwards so it’s hard to not just start laughing hysterically when she does it.

IMG 3924

*She is quite confused about what is going on whenever she is Facetiming with somebody.

IMG 3889

*I just bought her first ever pair of jelly shoes so that is a big milestone for her.  Jelly shoes are equivalent to gold in Brooke’s mind so I bet Skye will love them too.

IMG 2940

*A lot of people told me they see a lot of Brooke when they saw this picture and I completely agree!

IMG 3718

*We took a step backwards as far as sleeping goes but it could be worse right:)  I’m not sure if it was from traveling or a sleep regression but we are back to her waking up 2-3 times a night.  My mom said she thinks it is because she is HUNGRY because she is growing so much right now and I have to agree… Each time she wakes up she acts as though she hasn’t eaten in days.  I have been really strict with my bedtime (ASLEEP BY 10) in order to get in a good chunk of sleep before she wakes up so I feel human the next day.  Hoping this phase ends shortly but she starts giggling when she sees me in the middle of the night so that makes it easier.

IMG 3696

*She has some blue eyes which I think is fitting considering her name:)

IMG 3612

*I learned with Brooke to switch up the side that I am carrying Skye on in her carseat or when I am holding her.  With Brooke I always held her on my left side and I swear (maybe it’s all in my head) it contributed to some imbalances I had and felt during my running.

IMG 3973

That’s what’s going on in Skye’s little world these days!  I can’t believe how fast it has all gone by but yet at the same time it feels like she has been with us for a very, very, long time.


Have a favorite stage/age of kids that you love the most?  

People with pets—>  how are your animals around kids?

Parents with more than one kid—>  do any of your kids look like each other?

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Trim fingernails when she’s asleep! They make baby nail clippers with a built in flashlight. It’s a game changer.


A built in flashlight on the baby nail clippers… I am going to buy these today. Thank you for the tip to do them at night! Have a wonderful day Haley!


Good for you for nursing in public, sorry about the stares! It boggles my mind that people aren’t more excepting of babies needing to eat. And I’m totally with you in the nail cutting, my husband is the official baby nail cutter too!


Oh thank you Lara!! I seriously was so confused… Skye was hungry, of course I’m going to feed her! Good to know I’m not alone in delegating this job haha! Have a great day Lara!


You are an amazing mom and those who stared at you should be ashamed of themselves. I’m sending you a high-five in spirit. :)


Thank you so much Melissa!! I just high-fived you back:) I hope you are having a beautiful Tuesday!


Skye is just gorgeous! My baby girl, Annie is 4 months old and I love following along with Skye’s updates. I hear you with the fingernail cutting and the neck roll cleaning – both nearly impossible! Also the sleep regression! Hopefully it passes quickly ?


Our babies are so close in age… I love it! Keep me updated with how you and Annie (I love that name) are doing. Wish we could have play dates with our girls:)


Fun fact: almost all women hold babies on their left because the bonding section of our brains is on the right. So we are bonding! I do it too even though I’m left handed. Men only do with with their own babies. Most animals display this behavior as well. :)


Okay, that is SO interesting! I had no idea about this. I ALWAYS naturally go to holding her on my left, so cool. Thanks Katie and I hope you are having a great day!


Cutting nails was definitely something I relegated to my husband – at 9 years old, he still does my son’s. part if it is that I don’t use nail clippers – I use scissors, so I wasn’t good at using them.

I have a whole slide slow of comparison pictures between the 2 kids for the first year of their lives – some of them were deliberate, some of them not. But they don’t actually look very much alike anymore.

Sleep regression is the worst! I hope Skye’s passes quickly.


Thanks so much Jessey and I’m going to copy you… nail cutting will be a long term delegation haha! Oh I love that you had a slide show, I’m going to try that:) I hope the rest of your day is a great one.


The oldest looks exactly like me, the middle is a good mix but more me than Trevon, the last is all Trevon…kind of. My genes are pretty strong but he got mostly his dads genes.

Skye does look a lot like Brooke! But there are other things there too..


However long you consider the newborn stage, that was it. It is on the top of my “unforgettable moments in my life” list.
Thanks for the update. Loved reading it!


Oh try google how to carry a capsule! I was linking it on my arm like you, but there is a way to sort of wind your arm around and hold it by the side that I found revolutionary, ha! So much easier. She is so gorgeous


I was just thinking she needs to learn this move but didn’t know how to explain it. A teenager working at buy buy baby showed me when my son was about 2 week so old. Now at 5.5 months I can’t imagine having to carry his seat without that hold. They get heavy fast! It’s a game changer.


Looking this up now…. I think you guys are about to change my life and I can’t wait.


Yes! Trimming fingernails when they are asleep is the best trick!
I have 2 boys (now 17 and almost 14) and in their baby pictures, they look so much alike! They still do now, but now you can really see their differences.
We had a lab mix when the boys were tiny, and he was the BEST!! He always has to know where they were, was concerned when they cried, and would let them crawl all over him and sit on him! It was absolutely the sweetest!!
Enjoy these young stages… It goes crazy fast!!!


So much cuteness….I cannot take it!!! Her expressions and her little noises. I was hoping for some video when you mentioned in a previous post that she was starting to vocalize.
Have a great day!


Yes!!! Definitely keep switching sides when you carry her! I had terrible knee pain after my fourth baby and my PT told me it was because I had shortened my obliques on one side from only carrying babies on the right, which in turn tightened my IT bands and pulled on my knee. Thanks for reminding me to switch it up—my sixth is 18 months old and ALWAYS wants to be carried and of course I forget to switch him!

Also maybe this is gross but I would always bite my babies’ nails while i was nursing them (and then spit them out) ? because I was so scared of cutting them! I did clip one baby’s toe once and it bled so much and pretty much scarred me for life so I always did the nail-biting method when they were teeny tiny.


Totally feel you on the 4 moth sleep regression! My son Bobby was born Nov 17 and he’s been hitting it big time, went from sleeping through the night some nights to waking several times. I’m actualh sitting in my bed feeding him right now ;) Us mamas will get through it though! At least it does pass (I hope!).


My husbands job is cutting nails too after I accidentally snipped her finger :( she’s 1.5 now and it’s defintily getting harder and harder for her to let him cut her nails. when she is napping or sleeping is defintily the best and easiest time for all parties! :)


Trying doing her nails while nursing. And I used a file and would just file my boys’ nails while nursing. Easier than clipping baby nails.
My boys definitely look like brothers and I love it!! Their baby pics are pretty identical. My husband used to text me an old pic of one of them and make me guess which one. Haha.


Can little Skye get any cuter ! Oh my goodness. So glad everything is going so well. She’s a smiley little thing. I also hated the nail cutting. I’d try to do it while she slept, but I never ever liked doing that. Got her skin once and it made the whole process worse. Ugh.


Ahhh it makes me so mad that you got stares while BF! I’ve BF and/or pumped just about EVERYWHERE you can imagine (on a plane…like in the seat (covered with a blanket!), at a restaurant, in my car, on a park bench, in conference rooms while working away from the office, etc.) and it makes me so sad that people aren’t more accepting of this. We’re already doing such a HARD thing feeding our babies, the last thing we need is to feel judgment. Keep up the good work mama, I don’t even know you and I’m soooo proud of your breastfeeding success this time around :-)


She looks just like Brooke in EVERY picture!! :)


Why do people stare at nursing women in public?! UGH. I saw a woman nursing the other day in line at Starbucks, it was amazing. I wanted to congratulate her but then I figured that might be weird lol. I haven’t been in the position too often to need to nurse while out and about, but it’s definitely happened a handful of times. Babies gotta eat when they want to eat!

Mine is 9 months old right now, she’s entering the phase I’ve been dreading since birth… mobile but not verbal lol. It’s fun though, she crawls/scoots all over the house and we chase her, and she screams and laughs. It’s adorable. And aside from bad teething days, we’re in a pretty good sleeping routine. I’m sure I just jinxed it though! I’ve been reading your blog for YEARS so I seem to remember you had issues with Brooke sleeping through the night for a long time. I recommend getting the book Precious Little Sleep if you want tips on sleep training. She has a lot of different options to choose from and you can do whatever you’re comfortable with. She’s funny so it’s a light read, but also very informative. I implemented one of her techniques and I always say it was the best parenting decision I’ve made so far.


My kids are 10 now and I have to admit I miss the baby-stage so much because I love babies. However, I feel like every stage they go into has been a new favorite for me. There’s always something to experience with them. I love the “firsts”. Our dog didn’t really care for the twins growing up and maybe that’s changed since they’ve been feeding him for years now but he will follows them when they play and will cuddle with them on the couch and at nights sometimes. People (even strangers) tell us all the time that my daughter looks like me and my son looks like my husband. Have a great day, Janae!


Hi Janae! I’m so excited to finally be able to share with you that I’m pregnant!! I’m 14.5 weeks! :-)

I have a 2.5 year old daughter and 2 is a tough age. I miss her being 6-8 months. That was such a wonderful time for me with her!

We have a cat and he puts up with SO much from our daughter. Hopefully he will love the new baby just as much!


AHHHH HUGE CONGRATS TORRIE!! I am so so happy for you:) Keep me updated on everything and your daughter is going to love being a big sis!


Aw, so sweet! Her noises are the cutest thing ever. It’s funny that the nail clippers with babies is a thing! I never knew that! It’s such a big deal with puppies, haha, it took me over a year to be able to cut my own dogs nails myself. Every post I’m just so happy for you guys :) :) :)


Hi! Skye is a cutie! Those cheeks!

My girlfriend gave me a tip when I was pregnant about trimming baby nails: use an automatic baby nail file. This thing is a game changer—so fast and you literally cannot hurt or cut the babe, since the pad is so soft. It’s my go to gift for all my mama friends!


So BIG! Skye is so BIG and so cute and found her voice. Thanks for the video. I love the game changers here too – wrap around hold. So many things are different with parenting today, like breastfeeding. Sharing caring responsibilities with the father seems old school now. Then again, there are probably mothers out there who choose to do it all themselves – it’s their natural choice. For reference, did you sister breastfeed her kids at a PRO baseball game, or the equivalent? For one thing, the game crowd probably wasn’t local, so there were a lot of cultural differences. For example, men who attend Superbowls reportedly engage in a lot of activities natural to them; and they’re not natural to local events. It’s why they go to the Superbowl. Those looks/ stares are natural given the circumstances. Some of those people, maybe a lot, attended games with their fathers when they were 8-15 yo and it had a certain feel not including breastfeeding. Pro baseball has been around a while. So, you were natural, Skye was natural and so were they. Everybody’s natural there. Have a great day, Janae!


Not sure what you are saying here,but breastfeeding is about as natural as it gets. We go to local events and big sport events and get this.


What part don’t you get?


People outside of our family say all three boys look indistinguishable from each other (except size for the youngest one). However…although I admit the baby/toddler pictures for #1 and #3 look very similar (and mostly like their dad), to anyone inside the family, #2 looks different (dark vs light eyes, dark vs light skin, different head/face/eye shape) and much more like me. #1 and #2 are the same size now, skinny and pushing towards 6’1″, and HATE being called twins. Ha, ha. :)



Not everyone can pull off the natural look. For some, it’s not their look. It’s why there are a variety of styles.

“There is no crying in BASEBALL!” by most everyone’s favorite, Tom Hanks.

You’re welcome.


I wonder if it was a young crowd and they aren’t parents yet??!! Can’t imagine anyone not getting that the baby needs to eat. Whenever we see a breastfeeding Mama my husband and I totally get it! Baby is hungry. I breastfed all mine around 18 months each.
Don’t let it get to ya. It’s SO much easier to just cover and feed than pump or hide in the car! Keep at it, you got this, stares and all.

Btw love all the pics!


Hi Janae:

I am a very long time reader and I just wanted to say she is SO PRECIOUS AND ADORABLE. I love your beautiful family. You make it all look so easy juggling everything and everyone seems so happy together. It makes my heart burst with joy for all of you.

Have a great day and Happy Easter!


I feel you on the sleep regression! My 4 mo old started waking up every 2 hours this week! Definitely harder on Mom then baby!! Fingers crossed both babies decide sleep is best soon!


Skye’s little squeals are too precious. And sometimes I like to pretend that all people are kind and good, so I will just assume that they were staring at you because you’re so beautiful, both inside and out ;)

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