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Over 1,000 miles together.

I estimated how many miles me and little ________ have ran together and it is over 1,000.  I already feel like we are best friends and she already knows how to deal with my craziness quite nicely. 35.5 weeks: -My ribs keep wondering when in the world she is ever going to drop a little. … Continue Reading

I regret:

A few things I do and do not regret about today. I regret: 1.  That I can’t stop itching my spider bite on my shoulder and because of that it is getting bigger by the minute. 2.  Eating all of my fruit salad at 2 a.m. while standing at the fridge.  I ate it so … Continue Reading


The winner of the Brooks PureProject Shoes is…. Email me so that we can get you your amazing shoes!

8 ways to make yourself love running even more.

Dinner last night was REALLY delicious but I am not going to lie, it was a little too quiet.  My nieces and nephew were not at dinner and I missed their little personalities so much.  Okay, I have to stop talking about it otherwise the tears will stain my keyboard (even though it is already … Continue Reading