Maverick, How I love thee.

In bed at 9:05 last night.  Is it weird that I make Billy go to bed that early with me? Poor guy.

Workout this morning:

Stairs 5 Minutes

Pump 60 Minutes

Elliptical 15 Minutes.  Do you ever listen to others conversations at the gym?  I was next to two girls on the elliptical and I turned the TV on mute so I could listen to them. Hey, it’s their fault they were talking so loud.  Okay, I am just nosey.

Taught a spin class at night.

Pump kicked my trash this morning.  At first I was angry but then I laughed at my dramatic self and realized that not every workout has to be perfect.

It is okay to take 10 lbs off your bar every now and then.

It is okay to drop your ten pounders for fives after just one set of lateral raises.

It is more than okay to use your bodies momentum to finish your curls.

For lunch I had leftover soup and a spinach salad.

Afternoon snack included this baby- Perk of being a drivers ed teacher. I make the students do my errands and take me to get ice cream at Maveerick when we are out driving.


Dinner was quick and easy.  I haven’t been home for 15 hours.  It is time to hang with my main squeeze.


Romaine, spinach, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, red onion, tomato and tuna with salsa for the dressing.  Perfect.

P.S. No angry parents tonight.

Wednesday night spin playlist:

Dynamite, Taio Cruz——-Warm-up

California Gurls, Katy Pery——Isolations and sprints switch off. Crazy hard.

Only Girl, Rhiana—–Jumps, add tension every 30 seconds. Double time jumps for the chorus.

Fuego, Pitbull——-Seated sprints 30 seconds,

Please Don’t Go, Mike Posner——- Figure 8

Secrets,  One Republic——–Seated Hill climb, double time chorus.

Alive, P.O.D.———Out of the saddle hill climb

Dance, Dance, Fall Out Boy———- Sprints

Wall to Wall, Chris Brown——– Four corners, heavy tension.

Feeling this, Blink-182—— Fast, faster, fastest. 70%-100% maximum speed

The Time, Black-Eyed Peas——One leg in the pedal, one leg on middle part of bike.  Increase tension.  Focusing on building each legs strength

IN the Ayer, Flo-Rida——Squats off the bike.  Hold low for 30 seconds.

Day N’ Nite, Kid Cudi——-Dancing….I will include a video of this because it is too hard to explain

Infinity, Guru Josh———Combination of everything

Smash Into You, Beyonce —–Cooldown


Have you ever tried a spin class?  Like it, Love it or Hate it.

-I took my first spin class 4 years ago and I left half-way through.  Lets just say I grew to love it.

Are you an eavesdropper?

-Yes and yes.

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Love that spin play list! It sounds hard but oh so wonderful. I wish you were my spin instructor – ha! I am a total eavesdropper. I'm so nosey but at least I admit it, right? ;)


Hahaha I love that you make the kids run your errands. You have to multitask with your busy life, though, you know?

Salad with salsa…that was one of my questions. With all these salads I was wondering what you used as dressings, if anything at all.

Seriously, I'm so glad I stalk (STALK) this blog to get me motivated to kick some eating habits. I'm gross. Really, I'm so inspired by you and always look on here for snack ideas.


hey! thanks for stopping by my foodie blog. and for saying the photos are "beautiful" … you're way too nice. that's for sure! i realize they could be so much better but, i'm just trying to keep track of my favorite recipes.

to answer your question, yes, i'm in utah. i live in herriman. seems you're in utah county and that you're one busy woman!

i took up running during the summer of 2008. my 2010 resolution was to run a marathon even though i'd never even ran a 5k (and still haven't!). utah valley was the only marathon not full so i registered for it and trained like crazy. an awesome experience and now i love running. i love running/fitness/foodie blogs! such a great, supportive community. maybe one day i'll start writing about my workouts and such.

anyway, thanks for your comment.


I read this and cringed.As a grad studnet and postdoc, I never did anything quite like what you described (probably because cell phones were not ubiquitous), but I can think of more than a few times when my behavior might have signaled to a potential mentor, advisor, employer, etc, that I was not entirely serious or mature. Getting drunk and silly at a conference, engaging in catty girl chat within earshot of a faculty member or potential postdoc mentor, etc. I can even recall more than a few of my early faculty meetings where I forgot to turn off the silly switch. At some point I grew out of this, but it took both a reflective assessment of the range of consequences of such behavior (i.e. people not taking me seriously), and a conscious effort to change.I suspect this kind of behavior reflected some confidence that we “knowledge workers” would always be judged by scholarly productivity, the quality of our work, and the value others placed on our intelligence. I would not describe myself as overly confident, especially compared with so many of my colleagues, but until very recently I did share the scientist/academic conceit that formalities and etiquette don’t really matter that much as long as you do good work. Besides, being fun at parties or breaking the tension at faculty meetings with a funny comment were actually assets. And while I think both parts of that are generally true, one does have to consider what kind of professional image one wants to project.It is not so much a general issue, but rather a combination of personality and environment. We jokers get a lot of positive energy directed toward us, and that can be quite addictive and difficult to give up. The first Anon (4:46) slams it out of the park when distinguishing between academia and the market economy. There is far less external pressure to conform in academia-at least as experienced by young trainees.These days I give career advice to grad studnets and this includes encouraging them to think about the image that they are projecting in any professional situation. Because it does matter, and that is not a bad thing.


p.s. i've never tried a spin class. i don't have a gym membership but our city is opening a rec center in february. i'm so excited to back in the gym. i miss my classes. i'll have to add spin to the list.


I love your food! LOL


since you are also a spin instructor, do you participate in triathlon event too ???


LOVE IT! I'm so glad to hear you say that though because the first time I took one about a year and a half ago I thought it was crazy boring…


I'm totally an eavesdropper. I've become an expert on it being a teacher.


I love spin class, but I only do it when I'm XT-ing a lot, which means I'm injured. So I have kind of a love-hate thing going on with it :)

hahaha, eavsdropping is fun. sometimes I do it in restaurants when the tables are really close together.


I love spin class until I am in spin class then I always think "why did I come to this? My legs are burning and this is not fun." But it is good cross training so I keep going to class.


I totally eavesdrop at the gym, or anywhere really, I should probably stop, but you hear so much fun stuff!

I love spinning, I wish I had a little more time for it during training, I always go once a week, but would love to do 3 days a week!


I make my hubs go to bed early too especially if I promise he can have the remote… then I lie and take it back : )

I love spin but need to get back into it! I used to take it 3X a week. And I'm a total eavesdropper. Always. Especially at the gym : )


I'm the biggest nosey eavesdropper ever. People have such fascinating drama filled lives! One of my friends called once running almost an hour late and my repsonse was simply "thats fine, I'll wait, gotta go, I'm observing a really awkward first date and dont want to miss anything"

and spin… well I give it a shot every now adn then but it's not my thing!


love the playlist! and YES i am a big eavesdropper. i try to live vicariously through others hahah


I actually LOLed at you making the kids run your errands and get you icecream while they drive you around! HAHAHAHA! So funny!!


That cone — looks like heaven!!!!

Thanks for the songs!!


I am obsessed with everything on this blog, and you. I wanna be you.

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