I will be teaching teenagers about the government, how to not drive like an idiot and the best way to get somebody out in doge ball all day followed by meeting with their parents all night.  I bet you can tell I am excited:)  I admit, I kind of am.

Thanks everyone for sending in your snacks!!

I got so many responses to our snack attack feature (I am still wanting more though…call me greedy) that I was only able to add the first few in this post.  I will be posting the rest over the next few afternoons!

I can’t wait to try these out!!  Hopefully these help you out if you are in a snack rut!

Kari @joggingwithfiction.blogspot.com I love that she sent a picture pre-blend.  That looks amazing!


“Here’s my favorite snack right before it’s mixed up into a delicious smoothie.  Ingredients: 1 whole banana, vanilla yogurt, frozen berries, orange juice.”


Jodi Higgins @ runjodirun.blogspot.com


Jodi’s Sometime Snack, “Isn’t it sinful?”

Yes, Jodi yes it is.  It hurts so good.


“Today it is breakfast but often it is a snack. Layer of low fat vanilla yogurt. Layer of sliced bananas, tiny layer of vanilla almond crunch granola. Repeat layers one more time and enjoy!”


“Honey crisp apple with single serve peanut butter.”


Lindsay @ cottercrunch.blogspot.com

Some of these are her own homemade recipes!  Um, yeah you amaze me!

2 ppb's.jpg

“The Primal Energy Bars with nuts, dried fruit, almond meal.”

banana seed cake 2.jpg

“Rice cakes with sunflower seed butter, honey and banana.”

fig and yogurt.jpg

“Rice cake with full fat greek yogurt, fig and honey.”


“Apple Carrot Bread made from coconut flour and almond meal.”

raw cupcakes.jpg

“Oh and I made raw cupcakes as well. I like nuts, can you tell?”



Stephanie @ stephilynne.blogspot.com

“So this isn’t my usual eat during the day snack.  This little baby is my ‘I’m craving something sweet’ or ‘faux-dessert’ type snack.”


“Basically it simulates a reese’s PB cup. I take a small spoonful of PB (always creamy) it’s usually a tablespoon or smaller. I then dip the spoon into a bag of chocolate chips and however many stick are how many I eat. Eat all contents off the spoon- yum! I love the combo, and a small little spoonful can satisfy my sweet cravings for days!”

Brilliant, Stephanie, Brilliant


I will end with Billy’s snack photo.


Hopefully I don’t have any angry parents tonight:)

See you after spin!!

What do you have going on today?

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hahaha so i just ate breakfast but i want these! lots of the same things i eat already but some have really cool twists to them


I love all these ideas!!! YUM!! Billy's is my favorite, just because of the technique he uses to eat them. haha!!!


I love all these ideas!!! YUM!! Billy's is my favorite, just because of the technique he uses to eat them. haha!!!


I love all these ideas!!! YUM!! Billy's is my favorite, just because of the technique he uses to eat them. haha!!!


Hehe, all of these photos are making me hungry. Especially the one with figs, NOM.

I'm very interested in your teachings about dodgeball. :) My day is not going to be nearly as fun. BOO.


these look freaking delicious!


Kari's smoothie is exactly how I start my smoothies! Orange/Strawberry/Banana is the best combo ever!
Love Billy's snack, some days you can't beat that!


Yum, those snacks looks amazing, I sometimes do something similar to the PB and chocolate chips, I mix a small amount of chocolate chips and walnuts – it's like a delish candy treat!


Billy knows how to do it – doesn't he?!

Off to find my doritos!


I took photos of my snackski last night!! I'm super excited to share mine with you :)


LOve all the snack ideas…. especially the pb and choc chips! Cant go wrong with that!

… Or Billy's idea. :)


Oooh Stephanie, great idea. Also love that smoothie! Good luck with the conferences!


Thanks for your comment on blog!! I will totally be checking yours out!! Love your snack ideas! PB is always good with me!!!


Yum! Those snacks look delicious!


Ha, ha–love Billy's shot! Those are some great ideas–thanks for rounding them up.


Loving the ideas :)

Now I am HUNGRY!


Thanks for the comment on my blog. And thanks for making me crave something sinful! :)


Just found your blog… Now I'm hungry.


Those all look seriously gourmet people!! Jeez!


The Apple Carrot Bread looks divine.


Hope you enjoyed PE today! I would have a hard time not getting into the action. I LOVE floor hockey too :))

The PB/Chocolate chips is a winner! lol


These are so funny- nice Doritos picture! I think I want a bite of each.


I'm loving reading all of your great snack ideas! Thanks so much for these posts! :)

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