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We did her chest and back workout that you can find here! (Source) (Source) At the gym—>  other than the treadmills, what cardio machines do you use? Seen the new Beauty and the Beast movie?  Thoughts?  Done any renovations at your house?  What? Best part of your Thursday so far?

Where’s the spring in the step? +Boston shoes. +A core workout for Runners!

Tempo Tuesday started off great:) But then Josse and I started running ha:)  We had a blast the first two miles for our warm-up (we did those at a 9:10 average) and then the tempo started.  We talked the first two tempo miles which helped those miles to go by quickly and then I realized … Continue Reading

Is running a lonely sport? + Bloopers/outtakes from our life.

Just another swim lesson in the books.  The goggles were worn for the hour leading up to practice to help her to get into the zone and visualize success in the water.  She is already figuring out sports psychology at a very young age. Let’s start out at the beginning of the day.  Back to … Continue Reading

6 Words Per Picture!

*I swear they were just babies. *Cousins make the best of friends. *Feels good to be home again. *And my personal human alarm clock. *Always creative with their food eating. *If Rude Boys is near—>  GO! *Face lines= good night of sleeping. *Safe to say winter is over? *Nice way to be carried around. *This … Continue Reading

10 things I learned from camp + a workout + what to do about altitude!!!

I’M HOME!! After a weekend of running and talking about running I am feeling so motivated and inspired to get out there and work hard! PS the kids were clearly excited to see me when I got home;) Finally they woke up and were excited though.  Bad news though, Andrew has the flu, I dropped … Continue Reading

17 Highlights from ALTITUDE CAMP!!!

1.  We met in the hotel lobby at 7 a.m. to jump on some busses to head to the hills.  The altitude change hasn’t been too noticeable for me (we are only a few hundred feet higher than where I live) but I have definitely noticed the heat and dryness… it just makes you stronger … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday from Albuquerque with a bunch of runners!

The day usually starts with a run but a trip to the airport happened instead. Mornings. Snack time. Made it to the hotel! ALTITUDE CAMP WITH BROOKS!!! Lunch on the roof. And then a class about why altitude training is amazing…  I’ll share more on Monday about this. Hit up the track for a workout … Continue Reading