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Sunday stuff, a LEG DAY WORKOUT w/ my sister and 10 running songs I am loving!

Just the normal rest day from running and church day with the peeps.  We definitely missed Brooke but I ended up hearing a little bit more at church than normal;) His excited face about going to primary afterwards. Just the usual goodness for breakfast.  Kodiak cakes has a berry flavor syrup that I love too … Continue Reading

Twelve, anniversary dinner and a training summary from last week!

Saturday morning started off with breakfast with Brooke (I bet you can guess what we had…) and then we took her to spend some time with her dad (we switch off between me taking Brooke to California and him flying here).  Andrew then was off to the hospital so I went out to run.  The … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday and that workout was REALLY HARD.

Met a friend at the gym to run next to… there was now way I was going to be able to talk during the fast parts but just having someone there always helps. I don’t know if it is because my body wants to do nothing on Fridays or if this workout was just really … Continue Reading

16 pictures since we last talked and our first run together.

1.  I had one of my favorite runs ever yesterday—>  I was planning on doing some speed on my treadmill but my brother (they are staying with us and are here from Kentucky) came upstairs in his running gear and asked me to go on a run.  Ummmm YES!!! I used to go to his … Continue Reading

A group run with my girls, a video and our favorite gear from Old Navy !

Last weekend I had an amazing opportunity to put together an event with some of my absolute favorite running partners.  We were able to get outside to enjoy some fresh air, get those endorphins and enjoy our usual random conversations.  We all loved starting off this New Year with a fun morning together to jumpstart … Continue Reading

Sentence Per Picture!!!

Eight easy miles this morning and with more miles and more speed work comes more foam rolling—>  my IT bands HATE the foam roller (ps IT Band injuries hurt soooooooo bad). Okay, so this one is a little bit longer than a sentence but when you are foam rolling, try rolling it down the muscle … Continue Reading

Kiss on the ear and we LOVE those improvements but what about the plateaus?!

Yesterday’s workout went like this—>  1 mile w/u outside, 6 mile tempo at 6:49 average pace on the treadmill and 2 mile c/d outside.  I needed to be outside for a little bit to get in some fresh air. But needed my treadmill to run the fast part.  Yeah, not going to be running fast … Continue Reading