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The Hungry Runner Girl

Drop & GO Running Workout for YOU + Reunion + Sunday Stuff!

Let’s chat about Sunday. The day started off with blueberry waffles in bed because why not? Knox has perfected what we call the ‘evil eye’:) Post church lunch of carrots, grapes, leftover spaghetti and meatballs and part of Andrew’s nachos too:)  Basically a 6 course meal. For dinner the amazing Candice invited us over for … Continue Reading

15 Things to Talk About + My 10 Favorite Running Songs Right Now.

1.  It was just Knox and me yesterday morning so my run was on the treadmill.  Eight miles and still rocking the tape to help me to stay away from the deck of the treadmill so I don’t sacrifice my form while I run.  Thanks to Knox for the picture.  One of my favorite tips … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!!!

8 miles while listening to Up & Vanished (I’m weird and I really enjoy mystery podcasts like Serial… even if they freak me out). COLD ENOUGH FOR GLOVES!?!? Strength training is my favorite thing to multi-task… chest and glutes all at once. They were really happy to see me when I got home;) The sunglasses … Continue Reading

It’s time for us as runners to do this, we went to a party and YOUR running accomplishments!

The kids were ready to go play some soccer last night and score a bunch of goals when all of the sudden it started pouring rain when we got to the field.   We decided the change of plans in our evening called for some pasta instead. Brooke ordered some noodles and asked for some … Continue Reading

Sentence Per Picture!!

Thursday afternoon is here! The morning started out very cuddly… usually Brooke is up first but today she was all about sleeping in. She took a selfie while I was doing her hair. Ready to party. Eight mile run together in my favorite canyon in the world. Started running up here when I was 12 … Continue Reading

10 funny stories from our first year of knowing each other, this popped up and a puppy.

Good Morning!!! Running partners united!  It’s been a few weeks since our last run together and it was good to be back.  Josse has been dealing with some ankle problems lately so she took a bit of time off and is back in action.  Six miles total and a great conversation the whole way. Josse … Continue Reading

Loosen up that face, a new kind of marathon and maybe this will help me make decisions.

Just a normal Tuesday morning around our house yesterday. One of the many beauties about running… you can do it anywhere.  I had to drop off my car for some work yesterday so I just went out and ran 7 miles while my car was being worked on and then boom… my car was done … Continue Reading