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The Hungry Runner Girl

Running quotes I’m in LOVE with and Utah made me angry.

You know that if your day is starting out at a bakery, that it will most likely be a really great day. It’s kind of our tradition now to pick up a donut the mornings Knox comes home.  We didn’t mean to start this tradition but it just happened and I am the last person … Continue Reading

Life as a Blogger! Why I started, my tips and biggest recommendation!

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m talking all about something I have been doing daily for almost 6.5 years now!  This post is sponsored by Squarespace.  I have an amazing deal for the first 50 readers at the end of this post! I also can’t wait to tell you about something I have been wanting to do … Continue Reading

Tuesday Tangents!

We were going to go to the gym to get our run together this morning but Brooke had a playdate so we decided to hit up the river trail for our run instead.  When the weather is in the 50s and there is some great cloud cover, you kind of have to take it outside. … Continue Reading

Race week and I’m pretty excited about this!!!

Ten miles was just what my Monday needed.  I went with a St. Patrick’s Day theme because I thought the kids would think my socks were cool:)  I don’t think they noticed but that’s okay.  Never ever moving away from these mountains. First, a minor rewind to first thing in the morning.  Nothing like trampoline … Continue Reading

A picture every hour (why the hard makes the easy so great) and training last week (52 miles wahoo)!!

Happy President’s Day!  I hope that you are able to have a beautiful day and get in a good run!  I thought I would document our day yesterday in a picture (or two) per hour that we were awake:) The 7 o’clock hour (but this actually started in the 6 o’clock hour but below picture … Continue Reading

My legs are dead now, build up motivation and how to help plantar problems!

Saturday morning runs where the temperature is just perfect and you’ve got your running pal there to meet you for 12 miles = a good weekend morning.  Also, do you ever wake up on your own right before your alarm clock goes off?  That happened to me yesterday morning when the alarm went off even … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday + a major house fail.

5 miles w/ my running buddy to start the morning. Post-run nap (ps she ended up not loving the other dog bed that we had for her after a few days so we put it outside and she loves using it out there… back to the big soft pillow ones). Trying to put me in … Continue Reading