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12 Sunday Things & that is why your running can’t determine your self-worth.

Another Sunday in the books over at our house!  I hope you have had a great weekend and that you have a beautiful Memorial Day. I am so grateful for all of the men and women that serve our country now and in the past.  Memorial Day and everyday I’m especially grateful for those brave … Continue Reading

What does a runner do and HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!

I woke up and my knee was definitely not ready for running.  It still might be a few more days even though I’m really hoping my Monday will start with a run:)  I think there must be some sort of deep bruise in there but I can bend it completely and walk on it… just … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!!!

No running over here… my knee from my fall still wants nothing to do with running.  Yes, I’m already missing running and yes, I am beyond dramatic about a lot of things but especially running. GOOD MORNING ANDREW (his favorite way to wake up;) Instead of running I went to the gym to do approximately … Continue Reading

10 HIGHlights (after a lame lowlight) and YOUR Running Accomplishments!!

Well, my run started out fabulous.  I was grateful for my water bottle to keep me hydrated, the miles felt smooth, I felt strong and I was happy to be out in the fresh air. And then things got really windy and stormy… but I reminded myself over and over again that a headwind is … Continue Reading

Let’s talk about why we eat the way we eat + 230 Garmin Review!

While Andrew was out doing some errands he picked up one of my FAVORITE meals on the way home. Cupbop!  It is Korean bbq and the bowl comes with a potsticker, chicken, rice, veggies and noodles.  They have the best sauces ever to go on top and they are so ridiculously good.  I hope you … Continue Reading

6 words per picture!

Wednesday is my current speed day! 10 x 2 FAST, 1 minute recoveries and 7 miles total! She helped me with pushups afterwards. Went to go pick up Knox! I cannot stop eating cherries… heaven. Pancake with fruit for my breakfast. Just playing army dogs this morning. She calls this watch her garmin. This new … Continue Reading

How often should we do a hard effort (& a favorite quote for running) + our Date Night!

It’s that time of year when lying down on the sidewalk after a run happens often for me:)  I don’t do this during the winter because my goal in life after winter runs is to get to my hot shower as soon as possible.  For hot runs, I love to finish the miles and hit the … Continue Reading