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The Hungry Runner Girl

Fresh hair + some have you ever questions.

I will never get over how THESE shorts are basically identical to my lululemon hotty hot shorts BUT only $12.98!! I had my hair done… Having a trip planned is the motivation I need to schedule a hair appointment. It was time for color because my grays had taken over (I use this spray in … Continue Reading

Pure Joy. A Track Miracle.

Can you imagine my joy when CLAYTON YOUNG pulled up to the track just when we finished our cool-down?! I told him I am a stalker because I take pictures of him and Conner whenever I see them running around town, so it was time for a selfie together. I have to say, he was … Continue Reading

Tuesday Tangents + We Need an Outsider.

Knox said he was up to join me! It’s quite amazing how fresh my legs are feeling these days with the drop in mileage and all of the ice baths I’ve been doing. I needed an outsider to tell me to back off on my mileage and I am enjoying it so much. In my … Continue Reading

Most annoying thing about running and imagine opening your door and…

Shorts, tank, sunglasses I love getting my long run done on a Friday so that the weekend run can start later in the morning and include as many water and picture breaks as we want. I’ve dropped my mileage by about 20 miles per week and am now adding some cross-training. One of the most … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!

Gotta love getting the long run done before the weekend… We started extra early but it still got very hot. The goal was to have three miles at 6:40, 6:30, 6:20, and to finish up with faster than normal cd miles… a power run! Brooke left for the weekend and Knox left until Sunday. We … Continue Reading

My Summer Survival Guide!

(Shorts, tank) Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. I am sweating buckets each run, every child in the neighborhood is here grabbing snacks (my goal with our pantry), and we are out past my winter bedtime by a solid two hours because we are playing night games each night… These are the best … Continue Reading

Not sure why I am telling you this but maybe in case I’m not alone?

8 miles @ 8:29 average! It’s the time of year where we know each building’s water fountains and what time their doors open… Emilee joined me for a soak afterwards and the time went by so much faster than it did the day before. Skye showed me up by going for 11 minutes when I … Continue Reading