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#20! Sevilla Maratón Recap!

I will never be able to top this birthday week and marathon #20 was officially my favorite. After I finished I kept thinking about how 25 year old me would be dying over yesterday’s result! I wanted a sub 3 so so badly in my 20s and I was able to do it at 38, … Continue Reading

Boston Marathon Recap!

(Shorts, top, shoes, socks, bottles) That was rough.  And this might be my longest post ever, but I have so many thoughts, so let’s start. We woke up at 5:25 am, I took a shower and got ready, and we were out the door at 6:10.  We walked over to Boston Commons, about a 10-minute … Continue Reading

BIG BEAR Marathon!!!

(Tank (similar but mine was old) shorts, shoes, bra, socks, ear warmer) Before we get into the race details, I thought I would share a few reasons why I wanted to run this marathon… (I felt like I had more in me after some time off after St. George and started the search): *It fell exactly … Continue Reading

Halloween Half Recap!

(Shoes, shirt, shorts, tank, socks, headband, stickers for our face) I dressed up as a party animal for my costume…. Or a cheetah with a party hat on.  My kids thought it was funny, but I’m not sure it made sense to anyone else (most people called me a unicorn;), and I’m grateful Lauren agreed to … Continue Reading

St. George Marathon Recap!

(Top, shorts, shoes, socks, glasses) Where do I even start with this one, ha?  Grab some snacks and your water (or beverage of choice) because this one will be long. First, you better believe I am insanely happy about a new pr on a net downhill course.  I feel so proud because I know I … Continue Reading

HOW? + Hobblecreek Race Recap!

(shoes, ((shoes before and after race that I’m obsessed with… FMTIB50 will get you 50% off)) top, shorts, socks, a bottle that I carried most of the way and kept dumping on myself) Before the race recap, I need to talk about the most important thing–> Brooke is officially double digits.  HOW? I don’t know how … Continue Reading

Deseret News 1/2 Recap!

(Bra, shorts, shoes, socks) The lessons in running and racing never stop!  It doesn’t matter how many races I do, I learn a bit more about myself at each one.  I love that about racing, even if the lessons are a bit painful. Andrew and I stayed up at the Marriott Hotel in SLC.   … Continue Reading