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ONE YEAR and end of a chapter that is kind of breaking my heart.

Beck is one year in just a few days and I cannot believe it.  Let’s go over a few of the things that he is up to these days: *He loves to growl especially when he thinks I’m hugging him for too long. *Getting Beck dressed is a workout.  I have never tried to clothe … Continue Reading

10 Month Beck Update

Let’s talk about BECK!  He is ten months old in a few days and just getting more fun by the day. *When I take a shower, I have to leave the shower door open, ha.  Beck crawls around while I am showering, and if I close the door, he is NOT happy, so I leave … Continue Reading

Beck 6 Month Update + Any More Kids?

SIX MONTHS (plus a few weeks:)! I swear it was just yesterday when I was standing in my bathroom at 11:50 pm and my water broke!   Andrew was rushing me out the door and as stressed as could be when I just wanted to spend my time picking out a really comfortable outfit for … Continue Reading

Beck 4 Months & Postpartum Stuff…

Let’s get chatting about Beck and what is going on in his world currently! *Beck can roll from his back to his tummy but he doesn’t do it often. *I put a little gel in his hair yesterday and it really aged him. *Beck has stranger danger… or more he just wants to only be … Continue Reading

Beck 6 Week Update + Our Top 10 Items for Babies!

Beck is 6 weeks old this Wednesday! *I was very nervous about Andrew going back to work but it is somehow all working out (now to just add him going back to school too next month;).  A lot less things get done that are on the to-do list when Andrew is gone but we are … Continue Reading

Beck-> 3.5 Weeks + Postpartum Things

Beck’s pregnancy felt like it lasted 10 years and then the first 3.5 weeks of his life have gone by so quickly I cannot even believe it.  Although, the day I had mastitis may have actually been the longest day of my entire life ha. *Breastfeeding is going better than I could have imagined and … Continue Reading

A 38 Week Update–> I am a labor fanatic now…

Maybe this will be my last pregnancy update or maybe I’ll have a few more weeks of them!  Andrew wants me to ask you to continue to  hope for things to happen on Halloween;). PS my dad wanted me to be born on Valentines Day so so bad but I decided to come the day … Continue Reading