TEN beautiful, sunshine filled (with way too much wind thrown in there), outdoor miles yesterday morning!  Isn’t it funny how much our perspectives change with mileage…. just last fall my ten milers were either part of a midweek run, my long run for the taper, or a cut-back week taper.  And the words—>  I JUST have 10 miles to do tomorrow came out of my mouth often.  And now as I’m building back up… ten miles is a big deal for me.  Depending on what we are training for or how intense we are training for something, our perspectives are all over the place on level of difficulty for different mileage/speed!

IMG 4664

Don’t mind my tangled headphones, I didn’t even notice them until I was looking at this picture:)

Back to the beginning of the morning, Brooke and I had some Kodiak Cakes for breakfast and I nearly jumped on the treadmill to do my run (Andrew was at the hospital all day yesterday) when I looked out the window and changed my mind.  We had a very rainy/cloudy week here.  The sun was out and I wanted to be out with it.  It was still a little bit cold but the sun was there:)  I called over Brooke’s favorite babysitter (she lives right next to us) and I took off while they had a blast playing American Girl dolls.

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The second I get home from a run and bring out my mat to stretch and do core, these two think that the mat is actually their new place to be.

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My dad has given me some serious motivation… the other day he flexed for us and I felt his shoulders and biceps and he is RIPPED.  He has been doing some sort of strength training (along with his daily walks) most days of the week.   He’s my motivation to get stronger right now.

IMG 4681

We then RUSHED off to Brooke’s soccer game only to realize that we were an hour early (I need to read schedules better) so we decided to go down the street for lunch instead.  Soup + chicken salad for me, chicken taco for Brooke.  It’s crazy how she is old enough to actually have conversations while we are eating about different things.  I swear just yesterday our lunches were focused on making sure the water didn’t get spilled, the food was eaten rather than dropped on the floor and that we made it home in time for nap time.  Life sure has changed.

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Brooke and Knox then had their soccer game and Knox’s mom brought the treats!

When Brooke and I were practicing before the game she said, “Mom, I’m good at this” after she would kick the ball:)  I think we all need to have a 4 year old’s confidence about our running and after our next run make sure to tell ourselves that we are good at this!  Brooke’s onto something… that positive self-talk sure does a lot.

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From there we changed really quick and took Brooke to a birthday party.  Brooke officially has more friends than me.

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Andrew got home from his day at the hospital.  Brooke went over to my mom’s house and we went on a date!  We were good at going weekly but somehow we got out of habit and need to make that a weekly thing again!

IMG 4700

Cubby’s for the perfect combination of a salad and french fries.

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And ice cream of course.  That graham cracker sauce is life.  We have both been cutting back on sugar (WHAT?!?!?!?… who are we?) so we didn’t finish these but they sure tasted good.

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Cinnamon roll topped with ice cream = Andrew’s heaven on earth.

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Then we stopped by my parent’s house to pick up Brooke.  She had more energy that all four of us adults had…  yet she probably had the busiest day of all of us;)

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And a picture of my sister and I that my mom sent.  I broke my front teeth while I was running. I fell and my front teeth hit the cement (I still fall while running, especially if I am trail running then it is guaranteed that I will fall).  I didn’t have front teeth for a very long time:)  Proof that I have worshipped my sister from the very begging…  I was giddy to be taking a picture with her;)

IMG 4692


Long run this weekend?  How has your perspective about long runs and different speeds changed over the years?

Had any bad falls while running?  What happened?  Anything injured or no?

Best thing that you have eaten this weekend so far?

What are you having for your Sunday breakfast?

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