I am so glad you loved my mom’s post yesterday!  My sister will be popping in tomorrow so make sure to check it out!  For now, I have 20 pictures to share with you from our first day in Hawaii!  I’ll be instagramming (I’m trying out those story things too;) a bunch over the next few days in case you miss me (actually, you are probably enjoying a little break from me ha;)

1.  The kids woke up at 5 a.m. (due to the time change) and got straight to playing with their cousins.  Once the sun was up, I went out for a run to the beach.  Running in new places is my favorite type of run.  The three H’s were present—>  hot, hilly and humid so I’m taking this week as the time to run easy and let the hills be my speed work:) I’ll just call it a cut-back week and next week I will resume the tempos etc but for now, just lots of exploring.

IMG 7021

2.  Probably the best view from a run to have:

IMG 7001

3.  Ya know, I don’t usually see roosters while I am out running around Utah.

IMG 6995

4.  An avocado tree in your backyard—>  could there be anything better to own?

IMG 6992

5.  She is big into styling my hair lately.

IMG 2763

6.  We were at the beach by 9 and ready to party… kid’s walking by a trash can below hence the nose thing.

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7.  We were taken to Lanikai Beach and oh my goodness, it was stunning there.  When I went to school in Hawaii, I was about 45 minutes away and never made it out to these beaches.  They are amazing.  Did I tell you about the time I went skydiving in Hawaii?  Yeah, I don’t have the guts to do that ever agin.

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8.  Water, build sand castle, water, repeat 4,000 times.

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9.  Hello.

IMG 7032

10.  Knox told the owner of these dogs that he was a ‘dog person’ and persisted in playing fetch with them for a while.

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11.  According to Brooke, goggles help you to build sand castles.

IMG 7023

12.  His little face.

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13.  I think the kids want to move here.

IMG 7148

14.  Yep.

Screen Shot 2017 01 17 at 8 48 24 PM

15.  I think she got some sand in this bite of her sandwich.  We will probably eat out a few times while we are here but with kids… it is so much easier (and cheaper) to just pack and cook most of our meals.  We had sandwiches, fruit, hard-boiled eggs (Brooke calls these scrambled eggs) and probably a little sand too.

IMG 7037

16. Andrew snorkeling and kids riding around on his back.

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17.  After six hours of the beach we went back to their house and snacked some more.  Andrew and his brother were going out to surf and Brooke wanted to go back to the beach because she can never get enough of that place.  So, Brooke and I joined them.

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18.  We built a pretty sweet ‘hot tub.’

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19.  It turned magically into a doggy bath a few minutes later.

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20.  And when the sun went down, I loved the little patches of light on the water.

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Went back, showered and we were ready for bed by 8 pm.  My body does not know how to change times.


Ever been to Hawaii?  What island?  What was your favorite part?  

Favorite vacation spot?

Humid where you are… how do you handle it while running?

What’s your workout today?

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