***Yesterday morning disappeared from me and I didn’t get out for my run until the afternoon.  My mom was in the area and said she would drop by and watch the kids while I got out for a few miles.  Perfection.  6 miles @ 7:55 average and a happy body.  I can think of about 20 different races that I went into with something aching or feeling too tight.  Not this time, hallelujah.

I also sported my Boston shirt for my run to help the marathon vibes continue to sink into my heart (it doesn’t make sense but just nod your head yes;).  For the 50th time over the last few days I’m going to tell you about how different this time feels.  I’m just excited.  I know I’ll hang out in the pain cave for a solid 8ish miles or so on Saturday but I can’t wait to get out and run it.  I wonder if I no longer have nerves after years of worrying obsessively over them—>  I must have run out of them or something (or I use all of my worry nerves now on worrying about my kids;).

Why worry about a race?  That sure isn’t going to make me run any faster but it does take out the fun of race week.  Plus, I think I’m a tad bit undertrained (compared to other years…) which is a whole lot better than getting to the starting line overtrained and exhausted.

Thoughts in my brain this week—>  The marathon is kind of the easy part of this whole thing when you think about all of the miles that go into it.  All of those days where you were tired and sore but you ran anyway.  All of the sacrifices to get in your long runs and other workouts.  The days where we run those speed workouts when going to iHop for pancakes sounds a lot more enjoyable in the beginning.

The race is the time you get to celebrate it all.

IMG 8130

***Found her asleep with approximately 400 toys with her, that must be comfortable.

IMG 8100

***Morning debate of who gets which bar and maybe someday I’ll learn to match my socks.

IMG 8103

***They came to me telling me they were pretending to be parents (while wearing my clothing).

IMG 8118

***My purple dress actually looked rather nice on her.

IMG 8119

***IT IS KNOX’S BDAY TODAY (Happy birthday buddy… we cannot wait to celebrate with you this week!!)  So we went for a pre bday treat of slurpees (they asked for a picture next to the one on the window).

IMG 8133

***Avocado toast snack… my body feels so much better when I get in good fats throughout the day (I think it has a lot of making up to do after all of the years of fat free everything weirdness that I put into it).

IMG 8152

***Knox left so Brooke was stuck with just me (now that she knows what it is like to have a cool brother around all of the time I think I might be a little bit more boring to her;)

IMG 8156

***Andrew’s post dentist smile.

IMG 8164

***Picked up some things for Knox’s room… going the rocket route.

IMG 8166

***Out doing errands for way too long = we were starving.

IMG 8178

****Dream team = Waldorf Salad and sweet potato fries.

IMG 8180

***The packing starts now for the marathon (the race is about a 4 hour drive from here).

IMG 8181

***Andrew is teaching Brooke how to put Ikea furniture together and she surpasses my skills with this already.

IMG 8189

***An intense reading of Little Red Riding Hood.

IMG 8198

***We decided to start the new tradition of eating the top of your wedding cake on your 2.73 month anniversary.

IMG 8205

***Frozen coconut cake goodness, it was actually really really good.

IMG 8207


What is your sentence for the day?

Favorite cake flavor (or is anybody reading NOT a cake person)?

Farthest you have traveled for a race?  How soon before the race did you get there?

What’s your workout looking like today?

-One last run with Josse before the race with just a few 1 minute intervals to get legs ready to go on Saturday.

Getting out of bed——> to all 4 people ready, fed and out the door——> church —>  all completed in 32 minutes.  Part of my breakfast was eaten in the car but I was pretty impressed that we were only a few minutes late;) After church we did the normal lazy stuff along with Andrew building … Continue Reading

1. LAST LONG RUN before the race. It felt pretty good too.  I did 10.1 miles @ an 8:04 average in the rain (well, it was lightly raining).  I really don’t know what is going on but I’m just feeling a lot of excitement about this marathon.  I usually go into marathons with enough anxiety … Continue Reading

Seven miles after taking a few days off from running produced even more endorphins than usual. Pretty shoes. Rewind to smoothies first thing—>  full of avocado and oatmeal. Keeping things interesting at Target. I found my costume. But seriously. Took my sister’s car and some of her kids on an adventure. Stopped by Andrew’s work … Continue Reading

They arrived.  A beautiful pair of purple Brooks Launch 3s made it just in time for me to put about 20 miles on them before race day.  That is my favorite way to do it.  I like my marathon shoes to feel fresh/new/bouncy but to also have them broken in just a touch.  A fun … Continue Reading

I have an incredible running bra to talk about  with you today (it does way more than just provide awesome support and comfort) along with a discount for you to try it out!  This post is sponsored by OMBra and I seriously am so excited about this—> the numbers geek inside of me is rejoicing … Continue Reading

HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE!! Andrew and I are both not feeling so hot (maybe my body is forcing me into taper and to really rest) so instead of the normal running and eating talk (cause that ain’t happening over here ha I (we… Andrew is answering them too) wanted to do a survey from JULIE’S BLOG. … Continue Reading