I woke up and my knee was definitely not ready for running.  It still might be a few more days even though I’m really hoping my Monday will start with a run:)  I think there must be some sort of deep bruise in there but I can bend it completely and walk on it… just want it to be really ready for running.  So what does a runner that always does some sort of long run on a Saturday morning do when they aren’t running?  I really had to think about the answer to this question yesterday morning for some time;)

We go to the Farmer’s Market to walk around and get some fresh fruit or smoothies to munch on….

But then we got to the Farmer’s Market and realized it doesn’t start until next weekend.  Boo.

Next option, go grab some breakfast together.

We went to Black Bear Diner for our first time ever and for the first time on this blog (I think…) I didn’t love it (usually I go on and on about how much I love restaurants right?!).

IMG 6507

Andrew didn’t love it either.  BUT Brooke was so confused about why we didn’t like it because she said the pancakes were the best she has ever had.  We had to convince her to come home with us.

IMG 6510

We spent the rest of the morning getting chores done (Brooke was a big help) around the house and yard work too.

vIMG 6511

Brooke then had two birthday parties to attend… Our Saturday turned out to be nuts.

IMG 6516

Birthday party #1 was on her own and #2 was with us.

IMG 6521

I want a donut eating from a string competition at my 32nd bday party.

IMG 6553

From there we went straight to a meet-up with three of my greatest friends from high school. We do not see each other enough but whenever we do, we pick right back up from where we left off.

IMG 6567

We decided to have a salad bar so we each brought a few of our favorite salad bar toppings and boom… the perfect dinner.

IMG 6560

If I could just have a salad bar set up like this on my counter every day of my life, I would be very happy.  I definitely went back for more.

IMG 6561

From there we went over to my parent’s house… they had a big get-together for my brother that is in town for 23 hours.  My sister gave Brooke Curly’s old Elsa dress so be prepared to see this dress in pretty much 90% of Brooke’s photos from here on out.  We did the Elsa braid shortly after.  PS my mom still hasn’t seen Frozen.. I think she and Brooke need to sit down and watch that this week together.

IMG 6572

My mom pulled out this gorgeous dessert from Costco (yes, our family has an extreme fond connection to that large store).

IMG 6575

And for the other option she had ice cream sandwiches!  Andrew and I watched Passengers when we got home.  It was SO good.

IMG 6585

My nephew is rocking the 300m hurdles… look at him FLY!! I would be very afraid to try a hurdle judging by the fact that I can’t run on a sidewalk without falling lately.

IMG 6587

Have you seen this!?! Kilian Jornet ran/climbed up Mount Everest in JUST 26 hours (the fastest known time) w/no bottled oxygen or fixed ropes!  “Running is Kilian’s life.”


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