Just the normal rest day from running and church day with the peeps.  We definitely missed Brooke but I ended up hearing a little bit more at church than normal;)

His excited face about going to primary afterwards.

IMG 6869

Just the usual goodness for breakfast.  Kodiak cakes has a berry flavor syrup that I love too and the thermos is from Megan D.  Hot chocolate with waffles is a great idea.

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After church we got to work on a pineapple and everything else we could find in the fridge to eat!

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And then before we knew it, BROOKIE WAS HOME wahoooo!

IMG 6890

She brought home this Frozen cereal which is the current highlight of her life.  If there is any product with Frozen characters, no matter what it is, Brooke will love it.

IMG 6882

We drove up north to go have dinner with Andrew’s parents—>  stuffed bell peppers are delicious.

IMG 6892

The ice cream sandwiches came out next which took me back to my childhood.  These were a big deal to us back in the day.

IMG 6893

Knox was busy with his boy cousins and Brooke was busy with her girl cousins.

IMG 6908

She paid a little attention to me too;)

IMG 6910

And for an extra random note today—>  I came across this gem of my dad and I at a daddy-daughter date when I think I was 8.  Wearing my best friends necklace (Jamyn and Jenn had the other two pieces) and going through my awkward stage like it’s my job.  Sure love my dad.

IMG 6846


10 Songs for Running that I am currently listening to on repeat during my runs:

You Can’t Look Back by Taking Back Sunday (starts slow but then it gets so so good)!

Sing For The Moment by Eminem

Kamikaze by MØ

We Will Become Silhouettes by The Postal Service

No Roots by Alice Merton

Tunnels by Angels & Airwaves

Prequel by Totem City

You are the One by Shiny Toy Guns

Motorcycle Drive By by Third Eye Blind

A Faint Illusion by Tides of Man


As I have told you a million times, I don’t have a lot of motivation to lift weights.  I know it will help me to be a faster and stronger runner, it’s good for my body etc etc etc but I guess I would just rather be RUNNING.  Unless, my sister is doing it with me.  Then I love it.  I’m like a chameleon and when I have her there with me doing weights then all of the sudden I am all about the weight room.  We bought a pass to her gym instead of our old one so now I can meet her to lift a few times a week.  It’s fabulous.  We are both starting out smallish (she has to because of her back injuries and I’m not looking to be crazy sore during hard runs but I’m looking to increase strength slowly).  Here is one of the leg days that we did the other day that burned really nicely.  PS I am really sorry but I do not know the proper terms for everything.

For each set, repeat three times:

Set 1:

1 minute wall squat  (this hurt)

12 squats with 12 pulsing squats to end it off (with or without weights… we did without).

12 lunges on each side (i.e. right leg in front for 12 and then left leg in front for 12.. with or without weights)

Set 2:

Stability ball hamstring curls—>  12-15 reps  (pictures on how to do this below)

One-Legged Deadlift with weight—>  12 each side

Plie squats (your feet are a little bit wider apart with your feet 45 degrees out to the side) till it burns (this was usually about 30-60 seconds for us)

Set 3:

Calf raises—>  25

Abductor machine—>  12

Wall squat with bloodshot eyes = we lift crazy early to workout together:

IMG 6231

Stability ball hamstring curl!  Start with your heels on the ball with your arms to your side!  Contract your glutes and abs and lift your hips up!  Keep your body straight from neck to knees.  Bend your knees and draw the ball closer to you keeping your core tight!

IMG 6232

Your knees should point to the ceiling at the top!  Roll the ball away from you again to get back to the starting point.  Repeat 12-15 times!

IMG 6233

For the one-legged deadlift, hold your weight in both hands and keep the standing knee slightly bent.  Go down into a deadlift by bending at the hip and extend your free leg behind you for balance!

IMG 6235

Once you are parallel to the ground, then return back to the upright position!

IMG 6236

While my sister was doing calf raises on the step I was doing the thigh abductor machine:

IMG 6240


How do you come up with your strength workouts?  A class, a friend, the internet, you are just really good at coming up with them on your own?

Have a small running goal, workout goal or health goal you are working on this week?  Please share!

-My running goal this week is to get rid of the self doubt… workouts are bumping up lately and it is just a waste of energy doubting myself.  I am going to use that energy on the pavement and treadmill instead:)

What desserts remind you of childhood?

-Remember those little ice cream sundae cups that came with a little wooden spoon?

Would you rather strength train legs, upper body or core?

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