I’m trying to get the HRG BABY page up and going again (technology is rough for me;) but I DO have a new post there! I’m talking about my 1st trimester experience, what helped me and how Andrew and I found out!  You can find it HERE!


Wednesday’s run (6 miles @ 9:20 average)  > Tuesday’s run (8 miles @ 8:40 average).   I think it had something to do with going much earlier in the morning!  I could not sleep yesterday morning so I waited patiently with my running shoes for a little bit of light to come out and I was out the door.  It might have only been 13 degrees cooler than Tuesday but it turns out that difference makes my run feel 65% better.

IMG 8502 2

I tried to get an artistic shot here but I’m not sure it turned out as cool as I was hoping:)

IMG 8481

I attempted a new-to-me route but hit a dead end which meant an out and back course… not a loop.  Okay, this is random but I was thinking about it yesterday… I have ONLY done point to point marathons.  Ever.   SLC, Utah Valley (2), Top of Utah, St. George (2), Boston, New York and Tucson.  I have never done a course that started and ended at the same place.  Is that weird?

IMG 8472

Brooke and I went to pick up Knox and we stopped for donuts afterwards.  I don’t know why I no longer dream about donuts but I don’t…

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I wanted chips instead.  I’ve heard often that sweet cravings = girl and savory cravings = boy… has that been true for any moms reading?  I remember loving way more savory/meat type things with Brooke but towards the end I started loving sweet things again.

IMG 8537

After donuts we went to my parent’s house for a bit to say goodbye to my nephew.  He is going on a 2 year mission to Texas for our church (Andrew went to Cincinnati for his mission when he was 19).  It is always hard to say goodbye!  When I was 7 and my oldest brother was leaving to do this, I wrapped my arms around his right leg and sat on his foot in the airport because I was not okay with him leaving.

IMG 8532

The kid’s faces whenever we listen to different songs on the Sing soundtrack.  They giggle so loud.


Day #2 of Subway in a row.  Sandwiches and I have been close for a while now and Subway has just made that easy this week.  Plus they don’t act weird/annoyed when I ask for extra pickles, extra mustard and extra green peppers.


The kid’s played at the splashpad for a while.  I’m really glad they had their goggles on for this event.


Our dinner last night was none other than a sweet potato with ground turkey on top, corn on the cob (extra butter and salt please:) and Brooke’s favorite… cantaloupe.

IMG 8545

I went to my Wednesday night activity with the teen girls in my area (I’m a leader for one of the groups:) and while I was gone, Andrew picked up more cereal.  We still have plenty of Frosted Mini Wheats but the additions of these made me ridiculously happy.  I might have mixed three cereals together last night.

IMG 8560

And I was in bed by 9 pm.  Fabulous.  My favorite.

IMG 8389


Something I think about a lot during my runs at this point is what I want to work on when I am running again after this pregnancy.  Right now my running is all about staying healthy (mentally and physically) and enjoying something I love to do.  It’s not about building fitness but I do think about what I’m going to do in the future to hit my running goals.

One thing I think a lot about are the FAKE LIMITS that I’ve set on myself in the past that have really held me back.  I don’t know why I do this.  Maybe it’s part of being human to learn to get past these, but I do.  It’s telling myself that running a marathon at a 6:49 pace is just not in my reach unless it is the PERFECT RACE DAY (which never happens)… I remember being so ready for Boston to go for Sub 3 but I think I put a limit on myself that it wasn’t possible in that wind.  Or putting up limits when I get to a starting line that there is no way I could place with the people I was up against.  Or thinking it will never be possible to get back into the shape I was in for my PR 1/2 marathon.  I think when I first started racing I was the opposite.  I was sure I was going to drop 21 minutes off of the time from my first marathon to my second marathon and come in under 3 hours (I finished in 3:08).  I made huge goals and didn’t let anything stop me from thinking that it was going to happen.  Age + not hitting my goals + scared of failure = made it so that I put more limits on myself and on my running.

(Just a cute picture of Brooke below after I got home from Boston:)

IMG 0884

But what’s the point of doing this?  There is zero point.  These limits are silly.  You hear/read about these people that drop an hour off of their marathon time from their first marathon (or other incredible running accomplishments) and sure there is some talent involved, major consistence and commitment with that but I also don’t think these people set limits for themselves and their running.  They don’t hold themselves back.

Creating these limits on our running and our potential is not going to get us anywhere.  Why not dream big with our running?  Why not see ourselves doing great things on race day or during our hard workouts?

Just something I’m going to work on come next February when I am cleared to run again and slowly begin my training.  I’m done setting fake limits on where I can take my running… join in with me (but you can do it sooner than February if you want:)

No more setting fake limits on ourselves!!!


PS don’t forget to check out my first trimester talk if you are interested!


What about your marathons or half-marathons??  Ever started at the same place the race ended? 

-Every marathon I have done involved a bus ride to the start!

What’s something that has held you back in your running over the years?

Where you live… What is the temperature right now during the HOTTEST part of the day?  What about the humidity %?

Moms reading… what about you?  Did salty cravings = boy and sweet cravings = a girl?

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