Our best attempt for a Sunday Selfie…  it was just a little bright outside.

IMG 0259

Yesterday was really nice because we left the house a total of one time.  Our Sunday tradition now includes making sweet potato fries and then cuddling up and watching a movie together.

This scene lasts just a few minutes:

IMG 0281

And then it quickly turns into this scene:

IMG 0284

We decided to have my parents over for dinner last night so we got busy preparing everything (okay, Andrew did most of it).

IMG 0296

Soup just feels right this time of year.  Andrew doubled this recipe for the chicken tortilla soup and we all loved it.  It will be a repeat recipe for us and we have enough leftovers for the next week.


The crew together at the table.  Andrew also made this salsa which was amazing and I made cornbread from a mix at Costco.  I worked hard.


Brooke is now in the stage where she will try pretty much everything.  It makes me very happy that she is so excited to try out new things and most of the times she really likes them.  It hasn’t always been like that but I’m loving this new stage.


As I’ve told you before… my dad is very allergic to eggs so Andrew made an eggless dessert for us.  He made this recipe but made his own whipped cream instead of using Cool Whip and it was also amazing.  Andrew has skills.


Just preparing ourselves now for the month of November and all of the pies surrounding Thanksgiving.


As soon as everything was cleared away Brooke immediately grabbed her homework (this is what she calls this big book of activities) and got to work.


Missing little Knox man over here (pic below from Saturday night)…. his Ghostbuster costume will be arriving today and I can’t wait.  Brooke requested to be Ariel so her red wig should make it here today too.

IMG 0256

I hit 40 miles (13 of those 40 with Andrew) last week which is my highest mileage since the marathon!  Many of those miles were on the dirt which I think makes the miles even easier on my body.   I have had a very different recovery for each marathon I have done.  Some I don’t run for 10 days after the marathon and some I don’t run for 4 days.  Some I am excited to get back to training again soon and some my brain wants nothing to do with a set running schedule again for months.  I’m just learning to not expect my body/brain to be one way or the other and to just play it by ear with how I am feeling after a marathon.  No training cycle or race is the same so the recovery definitely isn’t either.

IMG 0169


And we have a VLOG for you today:)  It’s another long one.. sorry about that.  We are talking about our goals right now, day in the life stuff, blending family (a hard part about it) and we need your ideas for San Francisco this weekend.  We are taking Brooke to see her dad and need some ideas of things to do there with Knox… usually I am kidless when I go there and need some ideas of fun stuff to do for him!


Oh and one last piece of information that you might not want to know but a few people have asked about.  Eyebrows.  I have now converted my sister over to doing this too so let’s see who else I can hook;)  I have had fake eyelashes for a few years now (I am not sure if I have any real ones left… kidding, kind of) but a few months ago had my girl start tinting my eyebrows at the same time.  (Remember how this is supposed to be a running blog?)  She just leaves the dye on there, wipes it off and waxes them and then trims them (I have a lot of eyebrows).  I do this every other month and eyelashes about once a month.

IMG 0094


Parents reading—>  What are your kids going to be for Halloween?

What was your favorite costume that you had for Halloween growing up?

What would you say your weekly average mileage is for running?  

Have any household goals that you are working on now?

1.  My dream date includes trail running in the mountains with Andrew followed by eating donuts.  The donuts portion did not occur (sadly, but I did get over it later on in the day) but the trail part did.  There is just something about being away from cars and business while running that makes trail … Continue Reading

It had been far too long since my last run on my treadmill—>  7 miles while watching THIS IS US.  Running while watching this show made it even better. Planks with Beretta. Partying with Knox before he left for the weekend. One of my go-to snacks:  heated up apple with cinnamon and almond butter. Working … Continue Reading

One last run on the Arizona dirt trails until the next time I am in town.  I held about an 8:06 average for an hour and that felt really comfortable.  I am taking that as a sign that the post-marathon recovery has gone well and that my body is starting to wake-up again. It only … Continue Reading

Arizona running (other than during the summer months) is one of my favorites. Near where we are staying they have miles and miles of canals with dirt and paved paths right next to them.  They are flat as can be, carless and make it easy to avoid getting lost because you just follow the canal. … Continue Reading

We’re back!  And with a spontaneous selfie: Just kidding.  Definitely not a spontaneous selfie where we all happen to look okay.  In fact I did my hair and makeup just to take this selfie:)  Luckily I had leftover hair from Sunday so that didn’t take as long.  Also styled both boys hair for this “spontaneous” … Continue Reading

Got in a 6-miler with Andrew today!!! We found a new spot to run—> flat and gorgeous. Have I ever mentioned to you that I really love Utah? Her hair is quite long at this point. We all took Beretta for a walk and then got busy on lunch.  Identical salads minus the whole beets … Continue Reading