When Chipotle puts a cup of guacamole on top of your burrito bowl… you know it is going to be a good meal.

It has been AGES since the last time I have been to Chipotle and it tastes so so so good.  Brown rice, chicken, loads of salsa, lettuce and so much guacamole.  Andrew and the kids love this place and somehow I had forgotten about it but after last night, I think we will be back more often.

IMG 3447

A stop for froyo (something else I haven’t had in forever… remember when I used to eat this almost every day?  Yeah…).  Andrew thought I was very strange for adding chocolate covered raisins to my froyo.  He does not like them, I love them.

IMG 3451

We had to do a few quick things for Christmas shopping but I couldn’t convince Andrew to get matching PJs with the kids.  Maybe next year.

IMG 3453

I did see these… they sound amazing.

IMG 3452

Oh and the other thing that we saw last night that made me happy was a house that had a ‘Ditto’ sign that pointed across the street to the neighbors house with a million Christmas lights ha.

IMG 3454

We were all tired by 7 pm (Brooke has been hitting the hay way earlier than normal).

IMG 3467

And in her nightly prayers she said, ‘thank you for Beretta’ twice ;)

IMG 3472

PS this is her surprised face that has been happening a lot lately.

IMG 3443

PPS this is my view whenever I am on my treadmill lately—>  Andrew studying Pharmacology.  We’ve had a few requests for Andrew on how nursing school is going, so here it is:

Hi everyone!!!  I am surprised how many readers are nurses.  You all rock.  So I have finished a few classes already in nursing school.  I am doing their accelerated Bachelors of Nursing degree and it has been busy.  I just finished a Nutrition, Med Dosage Calculation, Professional Leadership Course and a few others.  I am so excited to be in the health field.  I am currently studying and getting ready to take a test in Pharmacology.  It is a harder class but I like learning about the different drugs and the physiology behind it.  I especially like learning about hypertension and the drugs associated with it.  Many don’t know this about me but I was diagnosed with hypertension when I was 19.  I’ll have to share that story with you all sometime as no one in my family has any history of hypertension or heart problems.  I think I’ll do a post sometime about how it is running and exercising with a disease.  Anyways,  I’ll check in another time!  Have a great Tuesday!!

IMG 3473

I had to end this post by including the four year old’s headshots done by Lindsey.  I am beyond happy with how they turned out and I am pretty sure that Beretta’s photo looks like a book cover.

Baronfamily 0072

Baronfamily 0043

Baronfamily 0105

And just one together:)

Baronfamily 0099

This is especially random but I came across one of Andrew’s old plane tickets to Dubai in one of his books on Sunday.  He has been ALL OVER the world and now his job is to take me all over the world right?

IMG 3312

It reminded me of this beautiful picture he took when he was in Africa…  “After 4 nights on the Zambezi River I have had so many stories to tell.  One of the best is when I was the first one up in the morning.  I saw this elephant about 100 yards away and just stood and watched him.  I took pictures and he came closer and closer.  He walked about 15 feet from me when I started to get nervous.  Such beauty and strength.”

Pretty sure I would have run a 4 minute mile to get away from an elephant coming towards me but Andrew and I have a few differences;)

Screen Shot 2016 12 05 at 2 29 54 PM

The last little thing I wanted to talk about today is something Josse and I were talking about experiencing on our run yesterday morning… December and running.  Anyone else feel LOWWWWW motivation in December to train hard?  I still go out on most of my runs because I know that I will feel so much better afterwards if I get out and run and I know that if I start, it will feel good after I warm-up.  I do a little bit of speed each week to keep some fitness but my motivation level is low.  This week I’ll take three days off from running and my mileage is lower than normal so I’m just going to remind myself that it is GOOD/OKAY/NORMAL to have time each year where you just take a step back.  I ran one marathon and 1:26 1/2 marathon this last year so taking it back a notch in December is just what my body wanted right?  Maybe it is because December is such a busy month, the weather or just the need to go back a little easier before gearing up to train again in January.   Whatever the reason, I’m just going to go ahead and really enjoy it.


Traveled much?  Where are some of your favorite spots?

Do you eat at Chipotle often?  What is your order there?

Who else is in school right now?  What are you studying?  If you aren’t in school right now and you could go back… what would you study?

Anyone else feeling lower motivation this month or is there a time each year that you experience lower motivation to train hard?

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