The race isn’t happening this weekend… We originally planned on driving the 3.5 hours south to make it to a half marathon expo yesterday (the race is this morning) but we didn’t go.   My family is going through some tough stuff right now (I’m always pretty open about my personal lows but can’t always share what everyone is going through) and when we got the phone call yesterday to be together, we went straight to be with everyone yesterday.  Family > running.  Always.  I really don’t have a lot to say today other than that but I have a few pictures from the day.

IMG 0475

No run yesterday but we were all pretty drained by the end of the day.

IMG 0527

Hung out sitting on the ground for most of the day.

IMG 0511

Yeah, that’s a lot of snow.

IMG 0442

Makes my heart melt:

IMG 0451

Three amazing snacks from the day:

1. Celery with pb (my dad even took off the celery strings:)

IMG 0441

2.  Pistachios.  These are so good.

IMG 0471

3.  By far the best chocolate at See’s Candy—>  marshmallow, chocolate and caramel.

IMG 0443

IMG 0452

That’s gorgeous:

IMG 0518

By the time we left we were ready for dinner.  Ate in the car, it was delicious.

IMG 0531

The main reason we go to Chic-fil-A… this sauce.

IMG 0532

Soccer starts soon so she is getting ready with her stretches.

IMG 0543

For those of you loving This Is Us, they made an apology for making us cry during every episode.

I’ll be back tomorrow morning.  Need a good sweat this morning and then the rest of the day with family.  I hope your weekend is a beautiful one!

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