Can you imagine my joy when CLAYTON YOUNG pulled up to the track just when we finished our cool-down?! I told him I am a stalker because I take pictures of him and Conner whenever I see them running around town, so it was time for a selfie together. I have to say, he was extremely nice and kept asking me questions when I just wanted to ask him every question under the sun. His wife and daughters were there to watch his workout, too. I cannot wait to see what he does in Paris!

The workout:

2 x 800m (3 min recovery jog), 400m (90 sec recovery jog), 400m (3 min recovery jog), 2 x 200m (90 sec recovery jog)

For the first 800, 400, 400 she had me do them in my trainers before switching over to my cheater shoes (what she calls them) which made the paces in the second set feel much easier. I think this will really help me on race day when the full race will be in carbon plated shoes.

My paces-> 2:51, 82, 80, 2:47, 78, 78, 35, 36. I think the 35-second 200m was my fastest ever… at 38! I’m really working on landing on my forefoot and powering up from there, and I felt a big difference yesterday.

I really lucked out because I was going to be doing this workout alone because the two women I came with had different workouts… but then a group of the guys we have trained with a lot magically showed up and had a very similar workout to the one I was doing, and so I only did my 200s alone. It was a track miracle.

For most of my intervals, the sprinklers were on full blast, resulting in a wall of water in my face each lap ha… I basically felt like I was doing the steeplechase.

PS the night before we had a huge storm which resulted in it being 40° F when we started our run and trees and branches all over the place.

We went to a cops and brats event… If I hear there is a free meal, I am there in minutes. Beck was so happy to meet a bunch of police officers.

I switched up my nails and love them so much.

We finished up the day with night games with the neighbors!

Summer wins.

We all stay up so much later in the summer.

Ummm since when did chocolate chips cost $7?!?

Ever worn track spikes?

-I want to try them someday for some reason.

Any price of a food item that has shocked you recently?

Are you a run-through or around the sprinklers kind of person during a run?

What Summer Olympic events (outside of running) are you most looking forward to?

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