Just some things from the last few days (and I’ll post about Disney on Monday…. turns out Disneyland with kids makes us exhausted).

They have studied every inch of their Disneyland maps.

IMG 3877

Hotels are heaven to them.

DSC00231 2

Their favorite part of the hotel was the phones.

IMG 3588

I’m okay seeing palm trees and zero snow.




I found a gas station that had a Yogurtland inside so of course I had to try it.  Utah gas stations need this ASAP.

IMG 3535

The second they get to their great-grandma’s house they go straight to the toy room (after hugs).

IMG 3886

FaceTiming Beretta.

IMG 4110

A Christmas party.

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Funfetti cake will always remind me of our wedding cake… and when Andrew got a bunch of it on my face:)

IMG 3892

Thank you park for having two slides right by each other so there were zero arguments about who gets to go first.


This is from Andrew’s phone because he had his in his pocket during the entire Disney day—>  that is a lot of steps.

IMG 3854

My feet don’t care if I run that many steps but walking that many steps = swollen ankle.

IMG 3888

I don’t know who is more tired…. me and Andrew or the kids.

IMG 3905

It was a successful day.

IMG 3784

My sister sent this one on over to me:

IMG 3883


What are three things you have going on today?

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