1.  It was just Knox and me yesterday morning so my run was on the treadmill.  Eight miles and still rocking the tape to help me to stay away from the deck of the treadmill so I don’t sacrifice my form while I run.  Thanks to Knox for the picture.  One of my favorite tips for the treadmill is to pay around with the numbers… I was on my 3 minutes at conversation pace followed by 2 minutes at interval pace rotation (you can figure out your paces here).  The time flew by because I was switching up things all over the place.

2.  Yep.

Its fine i ran today

3.  The kids had another soccer game yesterday which was fun because we were able to see Brooke!  All of Brooke’s other side of the family was there and we all talk very easily.  I’ve always had the opinion that there is no reason to not be friendly, happy and nice to each other.  I’m very glad because it is so nice especially at events like yesterday.  Drama-free… hallelujah.  I don’t deal well with drama.  And most important, the best thing for the kids.

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4.  Look at her GO!

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5.  The car seat swap from one car to the other… might as well just carry the car seat with the child in it right?  PS Knox isn’t messing around with his soccer cleats.

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6.  I had a work lunch meeting yesterday afternoon at Tsunami and it was amazing.  They have the best sushi in Utah.  We split a bunch of rolls and then also a cucumber salad, edamame and some teriyaki chicken.  I adore sushi.

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7.  While I was out I came across Smurf treats for Knox.  He was too happy looking at the bag to look at the camera:)

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8.  He loves playing with my hair when we are watching something…

IMG 4439

9.  A little while later my parents called us up to join them for a double date.  We cannot say no to that.  Ever.

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10.  Knox makes sure everyone around him feels loved.

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11.  My parents were showing us all of their fitbit info… they are rocking it!  So active!!!

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12.  If you don’t have a drive-thru for delicious cookies near you, maybe think about starting one yourself in your city because you will make a lot of money from people like me.  They probably make a 99% profit off of these cookies but I don’t care, they are amazing.

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IMG 4438

14.  Brooke is having the time of her life with farm animals!

IMG 4429

15.  My ten favorite random running songs lately!

IMG 4428

1. YOUTH by Troye Sivan

2. Green Light by Lorde

3.  Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

4.  Hard Times by Paramore (I used to ALWAYS run to Paramore… good flashbacks with this new song:)

5.  Battle Symphony by Linkin Park  (SO SO SO GOOD)

6.  Waiting For The End by Linkin Park (I’ve always really loved running to Linkin Park)

7.  24K Magic by Bruno Mars (this has been a favorite for a while).

8.  Stay by Zedd & Alessia Cara

9.  Believer by Imagine Dragons

10. So Tied Up by Cold War Kids



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