Workouts & Recipes

1.  A treadmill/strength workout!
2.  HRG Track Workout #1!
3.  Track Party Workout #2!
4.  Track Workout #3!
5.  My sister’s arm routine!
6.  15 minute tempo x 3 (tempo at 1/2 marathon to marathoace)!
7.  A post with EIGHT treadmill workout ideas!
8.  A FORM workout—>  you focus on different parts of your form during each quarter mile o run!
9. Step by step guide to my track workouts plus a 400/800 workout to try out!
10.  3-2-1 Speed Workout!
11.  Easy Pace—>  Steady State Pace—> Tempo Pace—> Interval Pace x 5 workout!>
12.  60 minute treadmill hill workout!
13.  3 SET running workout from my coach that I love and will be doing agaisoon!
14.  A lil’ Stride Workout! A stride workout at the end of sompeed!
15.  A hill workout from a lon ago!
16.  A 400m, 800m, 200m workout!
17 .  A REVIEW of every workout I have tried!

18.  A killer glute workout for runners!

19. Runner’s BACK workout!

20.  TWO killer treadmill workouts!

21.  Back and chest workout!

22.  LEG DAY workout!

23.  Drop & Go Running Workout!

24.  20 Interval Workouts for YOU!

25.  Tempo Intervals!

25. Strength workout for RUNNERS!

26.  Fast Finish Workout!

27.  Wave Tempo!



Let’s talk FOOD now!  Here are a few of my very favorite recipes!

*17 Salad Recipes <– All of my favorite salads in one post.

*Braided Bread

*Caramel Sticky Buns

*Cherry Dessert

*Chocolate Chip Cookies (my favorite ever) & Andrew’s Favorites

*Cinnamon Rolls

*Cowboy Caviar

*Crepes with White Garlic Sauce

*Date Bars

*Hot Chocolate Cookies

*Ice Cream Pie

*Mango Salsa

*Megan D’s Ridiculously Amazing Cookies

*My Mom’s Apricot Chicken!

*My Mom’s Lasagna

*My Mom’s Taco Soup

*My Mom’s Heavenly Enchiladas 

*PB No Bake Cookies (my favorite cookies)

*Popcorn (Cake Batter Popcorn, Samoa Popcorn and Muddy Buddy Popcorn)

*S’mores bars (these are THE best).

*Sweet Potato Nachos

*Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps w/Peanut Sauce

*Zucchini Cookies

*7 Layer Bars