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Biggest thing that helps me when I’m down on myself with motherhood.

The internet is a tricky world because it is so easy to show the highlights, but what about all of the lowlights?  Occasionally, I can find a way to pop one in, but rarely do I think about getting my camera out to capture the times I am being immature or have no idea what … Continue Reading

Friend to Friend—> On Internet Negativity.

I had a request a while back about doing a friend-to-friend post on internet negativity!  I thought I would share some of my thoughts on this topic and hopefully, you can’t relate too much on negativity in your life but since you are a human, I’m sure you deal with this kind of stuff too! … Continue Reading

Mental Illness by Bangs Friend

Well hello, it’s Bangs Friend again! Since my last post, we have all been through a lot. This pandemic has been hard to navigate and it’s especially hard for those who struggle with mental illness. There is a lot of stigma that comes with mental illness. Some people don’t understand it, and others deny that … Continue Reading

Friend to Friend–> The Hardest Part for ME to Overcome When Getting Remarried!

For me personally… the hardest part of getting married again was learning how in the world to be vulnerable. This is kind of a random topic to write about but it really was something that I struggled with in the first few years of marriage so maybe it is for others too!  I would love … Continue Reading

My Dad’s Cancer.

I’m sure both of my parents could write a few novels about what they have been through the last few years with my dad’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis.  They are the strongest people I know and have handled this trial with optimism, grit and determination.  This post is about my experience with what it has … Continue Reading

How Do You Measure a Year

I am very thankful that Tammie is sharing her story about her daughter and her family.  I have learned so much from her and she inspires me beyond belief.   Her strength is incredible.  You can read more from her on her amazing blog (The Write Path on the Journey of Grief and Hope) and reach … Continue Reading

Friend to Friend–> On Loneliness and Hopelessness.

I had a different topic picked out for this month’s friend to friend post until a reader emailed me a request for a post about loneliness and hopelessness.  I know there are so many people that are struggling with this right now so let’s talk. First, I am so incredibly sorry that you are experiencing … Continue Reading