Eight easy miles this morning and with more miles and more speed work comes more foam rolling—>  my IT bands HATE the foam roller (ps IT Band injuries hurt soooooooo bad). Okay, so this one is a little bit longer than a sentence but when you are foam rolling, try rolling it down the muscle … Continue Reading

Yesterday’s workout went like this—>  1 mile w/u outside, 6 mile tempo at 6:49 average pace on the treadmill and 2 mile c/d outside.  I needed to be outside for a little bit to get in some fresh air. But needed my treadmill to run the fast part.  Yeah, not going to be running fast … Continue Reading

HAPPY TUESDAY!!! I got a tempo run (mainly because I like to call it Tempo Tuesday) in this morning and we will talk about that tomorrow morning.  Post tempo run endorphins are even higher for me than normal run endorphins.  For now, I just have a million tangents to share with you this Tuesday afternoon! … Continue Reading

I can’t even explain in words without using hand motions and very expressive facial expressions how amazing it felt to run outside in FORTY FIVE degree weather.  I didn’t even have to wear gloves.  Heck, I could have gotten away with running shorts.  It was just what I needed.  I went without a garmin and … Continue Reading

Thank. You. So. Much.  Your sweet comments both on the blog and Instagram yesterday meant the world to me (and my family).  The amount of support and help that you guys give to us is beyond incredible.  We read every single one and you guys really are the best. Update:  Brooke and I went to … Continue Reading

Our Saturday started off great and Brooke and I spent a lot of time together while Andrew was at the hospital for school all day. And then at around dinner time once Andrew was home we got a phone call that my dad had taken a big fall on the ice and hit his head … Continue Reading

First, and most importantly…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister.  This is a picture from a few years ago when we took a trip to San Francisco with my mom and we had the best time together.  I love her so much and feel free to wish her happy birthday today:) Non-silentish part:  Direct quote of … Continue Reading