They arrived.  A beautiful pair of purple Brooks Launch 3s made it just in time for me to put about 20 miles on them before race day.  That is my favorite way to do it.  I like my marathon shoes to feel fresh/new/bouncy but to also have them broken in just a touch.  A fun … Continue Reading

I have an incredible running bra to talk about  with you today (it does way more than just provide awesome support and comfort) along with a discount for you to try it out!  This post is sponsored by OMBra and I seriously am so excited about this—> the numbers geek inside of me is rejoicing … Continue Reading

HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE!! Andrew and I are both not feeling so hot (maybe my body is forcing me into taper and to really rest) so instead of the normal running and eating talk (cause that ain’t happening over here ha I (we… Andrew is answering them too) wanted to do a survey from JULIE’S BLOG. … Continue Reading

My KeVita (win enough for three months!!!) giveaway is ending soon… don’t forget to enter it HERE! —————————————- Josse changed her mind about what our last little tune up speed workout would be before the race and we did 4 x 1 (with only the last one at a hard effort) instead.  Turns out because … Continue Reading

Sometimes all I need is a little dirt ( to run on for a bit to start the day off just right.  I was going to hit up the roads for my Monday morning but then I looked up into the mountains and saw all of the red and orange and I wanted to get … Continue Reading

A different kind of day over here… traded in running for hiking. Brooke knows that we are always in for an extra fun activity if Beretta comes in the car with us. We weren’t sure how these two were going to do but it turned out that we had to try to catch up with … Continue Reading

Good morning! I hope your Sunday is a good one and that you’ve had a great week of training.  Mine went a little something like this: Monday:  9 miles @ 7:54 average. Tuesday:  3 x 3 miles!!!  Short w/u (.15 miles) 3 x 3 (1st set: 6:52 average, 2nd set: 6:41 average, 3rd set: 6:45 … Continue Reading