Six eyes for a morning 7.25 mile running selfie. Jackets that act like a big turtleneck during your run and headbands that cover your ears perfectly make me very happy… can somebody teach me how to do a ponytail? I love coming home to one of her art projects that she made for me while … Continue Reading

Brooke wanted a squishy face picture when I went to take our Sunday selfie.  I don’t think we could have gotten any closer. Not a bad way to get carried out to the car after church. She kills me. Don’t mind all of the stuff on our counter and my heels on the coffee table. … Continue Reading

1.  Andrew and Brooke came out to find me while I was out for my run and took the picture below. Yesterday was one of those lucky runs where you have an annoying headwind on the way out and then when you turn around you feel like you fly all of the way home because … Continue Reading

This counts as an ice bath right? 5.75 miles with Candice and Megan D (she is running again ahhhhh)! Beautiful surroundings and 28 degrees doesn’t feel bad when the sun is shining (and you are wearing 4 layers). A day out with Brookers to let her run around somewhere indoors. One of my best friends … Continue Reading

We found Santa. While they were a tad bit nervous when they first saw him (below Knox can see him through the window of the Santa house), they warmed up quickly. They didn’t want to leave him.  Knox told him that he wanted tools and Brooke told him that she wanted everything in the American … Continue Reading

Happy Thursday!!! Today’s sponsored post is from Pinhole Press.  I’ve got a great discount for you (these are perfect for Christmas gifts)!  I’ve also got our family pictures to share with you which I’m really excited about! ——————————————————————————– I think one of the things that runs through my brain (and Andrew’s too) approximately 15 hours each … Continue Reading

Why wait until nighttime to put on your new Christmas pajamas? I kept that jacket up over my face while running 8 miles @ 8:12 average in 21 degree weather—>  whenever I started complaining in my head about the cold I reminded myself that I GET to run and that is pretty lucky no matter … Continue Reading