I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start!  My day so far started off with an early 5 mile run outside with Josse followed by a lifting session with my sister at the gym. Our only one-on-one time together is at the gym so when our schedules work out and we can go … Continue Reading

I’m just going to warn you that I have quite the headache as I’m writing this so if there are a bajillion grammar errors, please forgive me:) Spent the day with two of my three Valentines yesterday (we get Knox today and have him this weekend which we are all very excited about). Yesterday started … Continue Reading

Before we talk about Valentine’s Day stuff, let’s chat about the rest of yesterday. The three of us (we get Knox on Wednesday wahooo) went up to Salt Lake City to the City Creek shopping center. We have a feeling that if we just dress like it is spring and act like it is spring … Continue Reading

Our birthday run tradition continues!!! Started off at 22 degrees and warmed up a few degrees while we were out for our 9 miles. For the last 18 yearsish of running I have done the same routes over and over again but I’m trying to branch out to new places and I’m loving it. I … Continue Reading

31 today! Yesterday started off the same way as our usual Sundays do… being lazy and then finally getting ready and heading off for church.  Brooke wore headbands all of the time when she was younger and it was fun to bring one back yesterday. I guess we weren’t completely lazy Sunday morning.  The cake … Continue Reading

I hope your weekend has been a great one so far.  We started celebrating my birthday yesterday (I try to turn it into an event that lasts a few days;).  Andrew and I have been married a little over 7 months now and this is my first bday/valentines with him (if you do the math… … Continue Reading

Shorts + tank top + February = ? 5 miles @ 8:41 average pace. Snuggles with Knox before he left for the weekend. He is mastering the selfie. Went over to my parents’ house to help out over there. Sissy and her boys came over too. Andrew and I hadn’t had a chance to eat … Continue Reading