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I don’t even know if I really explained here how this all came to be… Last Monday night (5/13), Brooke played in her soccer game and had an awesome game. The next day after school, she started complaining about her heel. I took her into urgent care to get an x-ray. I was worried the pain must have been from her going from being completely inactive during her tonsil recovery to 100% on the soccer field. Maybe she got a fracture? Brooke explained to the doctor that it felt like she had a knife going into her heel, and the X-rays came back clean, so the doctor thought it was plantar fasciitis. I ordered her some hokas, had her in Epsom salt baths, massaged her calves and feet, and we just went on thinking it was plantar (even though that is extremely rare in children… but so is what happened to her!).

Thursday morning, she woke up in screaming pain. Her foot, hand and hip were in so much pain that she wouldn’t let me near them. My insides told me something was really wrong; we needed to go in. I called my brother, who is the ER doctor, and he agreed that we needed to take her straight to the emergency room, and he told me she had an infection. The doctor in the ER told us that we needed to make an appointment with a rheumatologist or that this might be more of a psychosomatic issue because nothing was red or swollen, and she wasn’t really fevering yet… We told the doctor we weren’t leaving the hospital, so we needed to keep running tests. A bit later, Brooke’s fever spiked (105 with Tylenol), and the blood tests came back saying something was majorly wrong, and then we were admitted.

I’m so grateful we didn’t wait (I mean, believe me, I am kicking myself for not taking her in even sooner but I thought it was plantar), because I don’t know what would have happened if we did.

Just a few things from our day:

We got out and went to Andrew’s sporting goods store.

Burrito bowls are always a good idea.

I missed two of my scuba classes while in the hospital and my instructor let me make them up last night. It was just in a pool but it felt like one of the most relaxing things I have ever done.

I had written these Friday Favorites for last week, but our life exploded so I’ll post them this week now:

*I pinky promise I am not exaggerating when it comes to how amazing adidas running gear is these days. The Terrex Agravic Trail Running Shoes 2.0 has officially made the cut as my favorite trail shoe I’ve ever had. These shoes keep your feet in place without feeling any rocks underneath you on the trails. They are comfortable without feeling clunky. I’ve had a few trail shoes in the past that felt too bulky, which then caused me to trip or stub my toe on bigger rocks. These provide your foot plenty of protection and comfort while being light and agile. I will be wearing these all summer long on the trails.

Look at that rubber grip. You will not slide around in these on dry or wet ground. They also transfer well to the road if you ever include roads and trails in one run. If anyone tries them, let me know. I have some trail Strava segments I’m ready to demolish with these:). You can see all of the women’s trail running shoes here.

*My sunglasses! I’ve had these for a few years now, and every time I wear them on IG, I get questions about them, so I thought I would share them today. I have them in black and olive, and they have withstood the test of time. I am positive I have sat on them a dozen times and dropped them just as many times. They are very durable, and the frames are my #1.

*Studies show that there is not a better trail mix on the planet than this one from Target.

*I had to purchase this little duck rice mold when I saw it on Amazon, but I had no idea how much joy it would bring my children. 10/10.

*Ummmm, this stuff is really good. It sprays in so wonderfully, and you would never know you had any product in your hair besides the fact it makes your hair so smooth.

*Clayton Young has a YouTube channel now. Sometimes a run isn’t enough each day, I just need to watch people’s training too online. I am giddy for the Olympics to start.

Any fun weekend plans you are looking forward to?

Long run or race this weekend?

Is something super relaxing for you lately?

Please tell me one of your favorites in the last week or two?

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Don’t blame yourself, you did everything right by Brooke. I’m sure it’s hard not to look back and wish things had been caught sooner, but you were as proactive as you could have been.

my daughter has her preschool graduation today. She sang me some of the their performance piece about moving to a new school and my heart is already a puddle. I’m excited to celebrate her today though!


I have been behind on your blog because my phone has been showing “malware” whenever I try to visit. My phone deceives me!
I am so glad that Brooke is doing better! You did everything for her including taking her to the doctor at the first sign of discomfort. Does she miss the therapy dogs though? ha
I have a half marathon this weekend. Goal: be strong mentally!
This week’s favorite thing: (act surprised)
Stage 16 of Giro on Tuesday. Before the race there was a snowstorm at the start. Riders protested because of safety of riding down a mountain in heavy snow (cars couldn’t go on the road unless they had snow tires). Race was delayed. Riders were transported 2 hours away for the new start area. This was super stressful for all riders. Yet Tadej was still able to laugh and have fun with his team before the race. Now for the race-a young 20 year old was kilometers within the finish about to win his first professional race. Back in the peloton, Tadej asks his teammate if he wants to try to catch the breakaway rider and try to go for the win. Teammate says he doesn’t have the energy and suggested Tadej go for it. Tadej increases his speed and starts making ground on the young rider. Tadej easily wins the stage. Afterwards the young rider came to find Tadej right away. Tadej congratulates him and goes in for a hug. Young guy stops him and points to Tade’s special pink sunglasses. Tadej says “yes, take!” and gives them to him. But then Tadej decides, I’ll give you the special pink jersey off my back, too. He takes his leaders jersey off and gives it to the young rider who is now losing his mind. They hug and such. Later in an interview, Tadej says that he had met this young rider 4 years ago. Young rider was a fan at one of Tadej’s races and they even have a photo together from that day. I’m still trying to wrap my head around these events.
Blog post over, have a great weekend together at home!!


My stepson had this exact same thing (about 20 years ago) when he was 13. The infection was also in his heel and seemingly came out of nowhere. He was in Primary Children’s for several days and then continued with IV antibiotics through a shunt and home health for another month. He recovered completely, but it was a long process. ((Hugs)) to Brooke.


Reading that they almost dismissed her for “psychosomatic” pain makes me see red – how many girls and women has that happened to? It also happened to my father last year. I hope that doctor apologized or was reprimanded by the department – that could have been a very serious situation, obviously. Thankfully you pushed! Thank you for posting this to help other women and moms.

Scuba diving sounds like the perfect way to take your mind off things. Have a great weekend!!


Ah so glad you are all back home and really there is no fierce advocate for your kids health than mom! Glad you insisted on not leaving the hospital.

We had a relaxing long weekend last weekend..which feels like forever ago lol. We escaped to a cozy little cabin in the sunshine wifi no TV. It was such a great little getaway to celebrate Jason’s belated birthday and our one year wedding anniversary coming up this Monday. And River was so tired out after she slept for 2 days!

Plan is for a long trail run this weekend. Looking forward to it. And relaxing after with the family.

Hope Brooke’s recovery is smooth and that you guys have a great weekend Janae!


You are a great mom!
My long run this weekend is labeled “as long as you need it to be”. Craving one of those long slow grinds.


So happy to see you guys are back at home, and Brooke’s doing well enough to be at home too – what a crazy, chaotic, scary experience for you all!! Especially the beginning part where you had no idea what was wrong! I hope she continues to improve and get back to her usual self, day by day, so she can get back on the soccer field again.
Duck Rice Molds, so cool!! Never thought I would shape rice, but I am willing to try weird things to encourage my kiddos to try different foods. I actually think I have a heart (or maybe bunny?) shaped one of these in my garage, that we use for snow..
I have not finalized weekend plans – might buy some new/more mulch, might go to a grad party 2 hrs away, might visit our family farm on Monday, probably will make as much food as possible so I don’t have to cook next week! Looks like a nice weekend!
A Favorite: I got some Reese’s frozen banana bites (Costco). I was bummed that my fam didn’t find them super exciting treats, but I just realized this means I get the whole bag to myself. :) Might be a good post-run treat?


I’m so glad and relieved to hear Brooke is healing and doing better, what a horrific scary event. *And the girl who breezed through the pain of a tonsillectomy sure isn’t imagining the pain in her heel, leg & hand! You were so right to stay and continue getting her care.

I’m off to watch Clayton’ youtube!


I am so glad you listened to your gut! Here’s to a nice, relaxing weekend for your family!! I love the ducky mold!

I just got a new road bike so my husband and I are meeting up with a friend to do 30 miles tomorrow morning. I did 34 miles over two days last weekend and did okay so fingers crossed it goes well!


I had a very similar infection when I was young (11 y.o.) and the doctors in my area had never seen it before. Therefore, they had no idea how to treat me, and the infection ended up taking a strong hold in my hip and lungs. It was not properly treated early enough, so it ended with two surgeries and 30 days in the hospital, plus antibiotics for 3 months following. Fortunately, I am a healthy, active (triathlete/runner) adult with only one complication from years ago. A bee sting wound got infected once and I was back on the antibiotics. All this to say, I am SO, SO glad that Brooke was properly advocated for and treated by her family and health care team!


When it comes to health, we have to trust our instincts. Doctors do the best they can (and are awesome!) but nobody knows our bodies like we do. Great job being Brooke’s advocate.

Fun weekend for us – tomorrow is our 33rd wedding anniversary! We are taking Amtrak to Santa Barbara for the day (so much more relaxing than driving.) The only thing we have planned so far is where we’re going for breakfast. Then on Sunday we are celebrating our amazing pastor’s wife – she turns 70.


Curious did they ever test her blood glucose or A1C. I am the Mom to a T1 diabetic and this type of infection is more common in diabetics. It’s rare, it’s likely not but it’s such a simple and easy thing to do a quick finger stick for a BG number.
A year ago we went through a hospital stay when my daughter was first diagnosed and in DKA. She was a very sick kid for a bit. I was prepared to go to battle for her to get answers the day she was diagnosed but her pediatrician listened to my concerns and sent us immediately to the ER. They triaged us as priority with in 10 minutes and an hour later we were in the ICU ( went to a step down room the next day). Everyone was beyond amazing.


thank you Geometry Dash

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