You too? + measurable validation + 25x.

(long sleeve ((on sale)), tank, shorts, shoes wu/cd, shoes workout, bra)

You know when you don’t get enough sleep and then feel like you have the flu? That was me yesterday. Brooke and I have been up in the middle of the night every night, watching movies until she can fall back asleep. I didn’t realize until I was there running at the track that the lack of sleep had caught up with me, so I gave my best effort for the day and shortened the workout a bit.

3 x a mile @ 5:46, 5:57, 6:03 with .5 mile jogs in-between. It was windy during all of them but the rain really kicked in during the final 1600. I was very thankful for my emergency hat in the car.

We decided to have fun with the 200s at the end and have a staggered start. Lauren and I could not keep up with their 32-33 second splits for those put were happy with our 36-37s:).

The 2024 Boston Jacket! It looks so good…

I always look forward to the flavor of the week at the BYU track.

During the cool-down it was a complete hail storm. It was definitely one of those moments where I think I need to find new friends that aren’t into torturing themselves in the morning.

How we both felt after tee-ball practice:

It’s a parent-involved class and so I think I ran another mile chasing balls.

Everyone was feeling a little cabin fever in the afternoon.

And Brooke was feeling well enough to go to Costco!

“I’m so sick of ice cream.” -Brooke. Never did I think any of my children could say such a thing but it has happened.

Alyssa asked this question and I’d love to talk more about it today:

-I feel like Alyssa listed so many of the reasons that I fell for running and training for races. I loved the purpose that running gave me. It gave me goals that were much more motivating to me than my previous goals, which were primarily based on my weight. It got me outside more (besides family, being outside gives me my biggest joy), and having a buildup rather than doing the same things each week like I was on the elliptical was so exciting. I think that doing those long runs kind of shocked me because I never thought I could do something like that. And seeing my paces getting faster over the months was completely addicting. I also have come to the conclusion that my endorphins after a run are 25x any other workout than I have ever done which makes injuries especially hard. Let’s be honest, having that measurable validation that my watch shows me every day when I press ‘save’ will probably keep me hooked forever.

I would love to hear from anyone else who switched over to running and what their reasons were!

Any foods, drinks or treats that you are sick of?

-I would love to tell these to Brooke so she can feel others relating with her.

What are you looking forward to today?

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Such a great question.
For me, running long miles that I thought were “too” far, and training for distances that people would say are crazy or way too hard…. That’s what got me hooked on running. Plus, like you, being outside makes my whole body happy. And, over the years, running has been my therapy. Alone to think things through, process emotions, clear my mind.
Today I get to go with my son’s girlfriend to look at an apartment that they’re interested in. The complex doesn’t do tours on the weekends (very odd), and my son works until they close, so I get to go. I love house/apartment hunting.
Uuuggg…. Somehow I or the clinic, messed up Nala’s appointment yesterday, so she doesn’t have surgery until the 22nd. Very frustrating, but at least I ended up with a “free” day to get some things done. I even did a little shake-out/recovery run. Legs feel good, ready to think about what’s next .
Have a good day Janae.


Your reasons are beautiful. It really is so gratifying to complete a run that you once thought was too far. Okay, that is so weird that they don’t offer tours on the weekend?! You are going to have so much fun. I hope that she loves it! Bummer about Nala, that is so frustrating. SO happy you are feeling great after your half… I can’t wait to hear what is next. Thanks, Wendy!


Running – yes to what you both said and I just overall enjoy it more than anything else. And you can open your front door and begin, not having to drive somewhere is big for me. Also, that little surge of happiness at completing a longer run -love that!

Poor Brooke, I’m tired of oatmeal. Just been my go to breakfast for too many mornings. I’ve been craving crepes the last few days filled with fruit & yogurt sounds so good – I’ve got to get on that. I feel like I could eat a stack of them! hahaha

I’m looking forward to finishing up staining the fence black. This has been a chore, but it looks really nice. I will be so glad to be finishing, and not have black under my fingernails and splotches of stain on my legs.


I totally agree… the action is just more fun too! And leaving your front door is the easiest best thing. I really hope you get some crepes and I just told Brooke what you said about oatmeal and she said AMEN. I adore black fences. I am jealous and you are going to have to send me a pic. Have a wonderful day, Tracy!


Peanut M&Ms. I used to love them so much but a woman I worked with always had them at her desk and after so many years, I just got totally sick of them.


Andrew would be heartbroken to be sick of peanut M&Ms. I am so sorry you went through that. I hope you can at least eat the other varieties of M&Ms! Have a beautiful day, Allison.


Spanish tortillas. When I studied abroad in Seville, my señora made us one every single day. It’s been 20 years and I still can’t do it. We went back to Seville last summer and I got one once, just so the rest of the family could experience it, but that was it. I made the husband finish it…


HOW could you ever get sick of Spanish tortillas🤣 So cool that you did a study abroad there and that you could go back last summer. I’m already so ready to go back! Thanks Amy, I read your response to Brooke!


When I was pregnant with my son I ate a lot of baked potatoes and then got sick of them… that was 12 years ago! I’ll eat them now but it’s few and far between which is sad because baked potatoes are really, really good.

My kids have been into making homemade milkshakes – 1 cup ice cream (any flavor) and 1/4 cup milk in the blender. It’s still ice cream but maybe it’d be different enough for her to enjoy??? I prefer the frozen acai bowls I get from the grocery store.


Have you tried making Brooke an Orange Julius? Ice, orange juice, milk and blend. A nice cool treat that’s has a different twang to it


Running is the first exercise that I got into. I signed up for cross country before freshman year of high school. Funny that I love it so much more than I did back then. I enjoyed finishing runs, but for me at the time, it was for social reasons. Now I keep running bc of so many reasons! I love that I could do it anywhere! Inside on a treadmill, outside on my favorite route, a new park, exploring a new city… just need shoes! I also love seeing my progression both in speed as well as distance improve. It’s such a motivator when you can measure those types of goals. It also doesn’t always have to be hard. You can have an easy slow run, but could also push yourself for the days you want.
I hope that Brooke continues to feel better!!


me…I was into strength training….just weights, no cardio…though growing up always had bikes, always swam….but I just remember reading about a couple of body builders running for a warm up instead of the stationary lifecycle….I did that once…and then, well, a girl….we were waiting for our gym to open one morning, it was closed because someone had pulled the fire alarm, and she just dropped her gym bag, and just went for a run…I tried to catch up, and sucked…but well, um, I thought that was so cool..and that was it I was hooked…that was about 30 years ago


I am beyond sick of American Chinese take out and pizza (CRIES).
During the end of the pandemic, when we couldn’t go out anywhere, but restaurants were opening up again, as a treat, my family got into the habit of ordering Chinese food or pizza once a week. It was so nice to not have to cook one night, and at first it was great.
Fast forward two years, after it became habit, I am so sick of both foods I never want to eat them.
My husband loves both still, which blows my mind, and my kids do too, so despite my pleas to order literally ANYTHING ELSE we end up ordering one or both at least once a month, and I often make myself something else if I have the energy.
I think, when my kids are a bit bigger and less picky, I will not order either for years.
I feel like it’s important that I clarify my distaste for these extends specifically to the take out versions. I make home made pizza and love it (the toppings can be anything you want!) and I love going to Chinatown and getting real, authentic Chinese dishes. It’s the pink pork spare ribs and deep fried crab rangoons that I will literally eat cereal before putting anywhere near my mouth again. Lol.

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