Tangents, the regret, & less is more.

(shirt, shorts)

It snowed on us for a bit during the run so that was a fun May surprise.

I love my helix piercing but goodness gracious I regret it when my ears are cold because it hurtsssssss. I need to be smart and always wear an ear covering if it’s under 35°.

Brooke needed Yogurtland so I made that happen and of course joined her in the goodness.

Grocery store sushi makes me very happy and I might be the only one (besides Andrew) with this opinion (especially in a landlocked state ha).

Let’s cover the tangents for the day:

*How we felt after our 3 mile tempo that we told ourselves we would take conservatively before we started but didn’t take conservatively at all.

*She is closer to a pull-up than I am.

*Knox led cross-country the other day. He was so proud.

*Look at Brooke out in the real world for a few minutes! Turns out cotton candy is perfect post tonsil removal because it fully digests in your mouth.

*And this is picture is from when I really became addicted to running… My first marathon.  Before this marathon, I would run off and on, but never longer than a few miles.  It was this race and the training that lit the flame for me and made me want to run every day for the rest of my life.  Before this, spin classes and the elliptical were my usual aerobic activities, with some running thrown in randomly but once I had that marathon training plan telling me what to do each day with a square for me to check it off… I fell hard.

Well, that is a tangent from the tangent I really wanted to talk about. I saw this picture and wondered how, in the world, I survived 26.2 miles with my phone strapped on one arm and my headphone cords flying around the whole time. These days, I want the least amount of things touching me during a marathon.  

I would love to know, is there anything you used to wear or use for your training or racing that you couldn’t do now? 

Piercings… have any?

-3 on each year! I had one in each year until the beginning of my mid-life crisis that started recently and I’ve considered

Have a tangent for me?

I cannot get my blog to use different-colored fonts anymore, and it is making me very sad.

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The arm band to hold my phone and headphone cords…. How did we run like this??? Ha ha. I could never go back to that.
So glad to see Brooke out and about! Yay! Random thought, since you mentioned Yogurtland, all of the Yogurtlands have closed out here! I wonder why?
Taking our sweet Nala to get spayed (finally) today. Hoping everything goes well.
Have a great day Janae


HOW. DID. WE. DO. IT? And what about the tan lines haha… we think our sports bra one is bad. That is nuts! I didn’t know that! Maybe because of COVID and not doing your own toppings? Ours is still going strong here but I think they only stopped people from doing their own toppings for a little while. I hope everything goes perfectly for Nala! Happy recovering to the both of you. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Yay, Knox!
Where is your run top from? And what’s your current run sock preference?
Tadej tangent: yesterday was a sprinters stage. Nah, Tadej decided to out sprint the sprinters and was barely caught. I imagine he just shrugs his shoulders after these antics and his facial reaction saying “Gotta love me!”


Hello Molly! I love this top so so much–> https://shopstyle.it/l/cadJZ I reach for it often! I am currently switching between bombas, lululemon energy and adidas run socks. I can’t go wrong with any of them! Any that you love? I want to learn the ‘Gotta Love Me facial’ expression in a race, usually I just look dead. I get so excited for these updates. I hope you have a beautiful day, enjoy Tadej today!


I used to run with a CD player — I’d have to keep it level so the CD wouldn’t skip, so I would hold it in both hands. I also remember using a fanny pack before Spibelts and the like were invented.
That 2010 pic of you is adorable! I’m glad to hear Brooke is feeling better :)


OH MY GOODNESS. The CD player was so hard to run with but I just needed my Celine Dion so badly for the miles. I think those fanny packs are coming back:). Thank you friend, have a beautiful day!


Is the helix piercing new?
I have four in one ear, and three in the other. I had a conch piercing but sadly could just not get it to heal. Wanted to try switching it to a ring but when I removed it one day to clean it, there was a bump and the hole literally closed within like, a minute. Womp womp. I miss it.


Nikki! I had to take out my conch one too. I waited 9 months and one day could not take the pain anymore. I miss it too. The helix is about 6 months old and it really only hurts when it gets cold. So much easier than the conch. I hope you have a beautiful day!


I do not miss headphone cords!! They were so awful in humidity.

Piercings = zero!

We’ve only been to Yogurtland once since COVID. They wouldn’t let us put our own toppings on (which I believe is an exact science.) The kid behind the counter just dumped everything on top! Glad Brooke was feeling up to being out for a bit.


Amen to the cords in humidity! I will never go once. Hahaha I feel so deeply about that issue too… it is an exact science. We boycotted during COVID, too. Thanks, friend, have a beautiful day.


Seriously! I honestly don’t know how I ran with corded headphones and an iPod shuffle 🤯 especially since I wouldn’t even wear sleeves haha. After I started marathon training, I quit listening to anything on my run. Now it’s my zen place! The one and only time I have brought music was my 50 mile ultra, but that was NECESSARY for that long of a run!!

I’m so happy to hear that Brooke is starting to feel better 😊

Have a great day (I started to type weekend, which is weird but also maybe wishful thinking haha)!


Zen place… I love that so much! Ummm yeah, I fully agree that some music would be necessary during a 50 miler. My eyes went straight to weekend when I read that final sentence, I’m having wishful thinking too! Have a beautiful day, Annemarie!


I had a cartilage piercing that I took out when I was pregnant because I had the worst ear pain. I decided to put it back in years later (it had not closed up!) and discovered I was pregnant. So weird ;)


NO WAY. Okay, that is a crazy connection!


I used to have the biggest arm band too! Lol Things I don’t wear/buy any longer = shorts and tights without pockets! 🤣


RIGHT?! How did we survive so long without 4 pockets on each pair of shorts. I am impressed by us. Have a beautiful day, April!


I’m curious what exactly made you fall hard for running vs other cardio. It sounds like having a training plan was helpful for not thinking and just doing. But is it also the progression and improvement that you see? The goals you can set and accomplish? Does it feel more meaningful for you to run vs to just aimlessly work out? These are all things I’ve been thinking about when I see other people at the gym. I used to work out just for the sake of it, or to look good/feel good, but agree that races and goals give it so much more meaning! If you want to expand on this topic I’d love to hear more :)


Okay, such great questions! I would love to post about this more in tomorrow’s post. Thank you SO much!

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