Friday Favorites!

I was very relieved when I woke up in the morning and got out of bed that nothing was injured.  When I was going to bed I was worried that overnight my knee would swell up big or something from my fall but it didn’t.

6.4 miles @ 8:15 pace in the desert.

And then we were off to breakfast.

I would like fried bread to be a part of my daily life morning routine.

Our Spring Break goal was to relax… Andrew is coming off some really tough work cases and this is just what he needed.

One of life’s greatest joys:

We finished the day off with a sunset hike.

Beck made it the whole way up on his own!

Now for some favorites this week:

*Knox got Kanoodle in his Easter basket and voted it his new favorite toy. He told me he could sit for hours and play with it as he tries to find new arrangements that work. I’m not going to lie, I can too.  Everyone that has come over since he got it has grabbed it to try it out.

IMG 6685

*I have one of these Bogg bags, and it is a game-changer for the summer.  I can fit everyone’s towels, snacks, pool toys, and snacks in mine (I have it in cream but love the purple below that I saw… and now they have cup holders)!  They fit so much in them, and I love that the bag keeps its shape so that it is easy to grab whatever you need out of it.

IMG 6751

*I had a Sumo Mandarin for the first time ever.  There isn’t a better citrus on the planet than these.

IMG 6676

*Is It Cake season 3 is out on Netflix, and it’s a show the whole family loves.

IMG 6760


Tell me your weekend plans!

What streaming services do you have?

Any less known fruits that you believe we all need to try?

Do you usually go for a sweet or savory type breakfast?

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We just started watching Loot on Apple TV! There are a lot of good original shows there, but not quite as much content as Netflix.

I usually go with sweet for breakfast. Oatmeal or toast with pb and apple slices.


So good to hear about your knee! I think I tapped/bang my knee a few times during a strength training workout recently because I have been getting random twinges of pain. Lame.
Ah, those views!! Let me know once you’re home or privately (safety first!) where this was at! I am so excited to be in the Utah/Arizona area soon!
No big weekend plans. I need to prepare for working 7 straight days and leaving for our trip after I leave work on day 7. Wish me luck! ha


I follow Candace Cameron Bure and she swears by Sumo oranges so when I finally saw them at the grocery store, I had to try one. One orange cost me $4.00, but it sure was worth every penny!!


Pummelo/pomelo!! It’s my favorite fruit! If you ever see one, buy it!! They’re a bit labor intensive to peel, but so worth it. :)


We have a baptism on Sunday!! Meaning I get to clean my house – I am actually excited to have an excuse to get this chaos/complete disaster zone in check.
New fruits take me a while to get used to (I think it’s a texture thing?), so I am boring and my favorite fruits are things like apples and bananas. Sumo mandarins is a very cool name for a citrus fruit!
So scary to read about your fall yesterday! We have a sinkhole (much smaller) that appeared on a nearby bike trail very randomly about a week or two ago. Glad you were ok! – and also, that’s amazing that you had almost no injuries. Usually you have to be a kid to get away injury-free from a major tumble like that! You must have kid-like reflexes/tumbling abilities!


I’m finding that I’m SUCH a breakfast person, but not necessarily just in the morning, I love breakfast food for any meal of the day, and while I love sweet and savory, for first breakfast of the day I think I prefer just a tad sweet. Also, are you staying at a cool hotel in st. george? I’d love to know the name (I can email you privately if you’d like). We have fam in st. g too, and I’m always looking for cool places to stay. Also, super glad you’re not injured, how scary!


Cosmic crisp apples are it!


OMG!…Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Flow Sports…..I think I’m getting rid of the Flow, which will mean I’ll miss this year’s Tour de France, the Tour de France Femme, and maybe Crave…maybe..I for some reason I’m watching Prime more and more, but…
Trying to deicde if running sick is okay….maybe tomorrow


and oh yeah, I’m putting together a YouTube video for my son, on how to do laundry and what a dryer is used for?

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