Tuesday Tangents + 1 More Life Lesson.

(shorts, bra, shoes)

I’m back.  I’m rather proud of myself for taking two weeks off.  I didn’t believe I would take two weeks off when I first came up with the goal, but jet lag made me feel horrible for the second week, which helped me accomplish this ha.

Eight miles @ 8:20 pace with three strides (30 seconds at about a 6:00ish pace) at the end, plus some strength training afterward.  

IMG 5007

Brooke went skiing with her dad for a few days and then got back on Sunday night.  They were right back to their sisterly ways right away:

Beck decided to nap (what!?), so it was just me, roasting veggies, eating chips with pineapple salsa, and listening to an audiobook (First Lie Wins).

PS This is currently my favorite seasoning for veggies.  It’s from Costco.

IMG 5025

Now for the tangents that spill out of me every Tuesday:

*It’s called compromise.  He is a mini Andrew.

IMG 5017

*There is nothing like a spray tan to help you cope with the fact that it is blizzarding here again.

IMG 4951

*My BIL wears his ‘volunteer’ shirt when working on our house because he acknowledges my sister is THE BOSS!

IMG 4926

*I can’t wait to see what the magician (my sister) does with this wall…

IMG 4957

*At least he is happy to be running in the snow.

IMG 4959

*Andrew grabbed these at Costco, and wow.  Just wow.  Please try them if you can.

IMG 5024

*I forgot one more life lesson that has been massive for us lately that we have learned from Andrew’s job.  I wouldn’t be able to survive one day in Andrew’s career, but thankfully, there are people like him who can so that organs can be placed to help others who need them.  But his job has taught us about how short life is.  The stories of how Andrew’s patients pass far too young and unexpectedly are heartbreaking.   It has taught us to live now.  Not when our house is paid off (I used to be SO beyond obsessed with putting every penny in savings or towards the house, but as you can tell now, haha, I have probably gone too far in the other direction), not when our kids are older, not when life slows down, not when Andrew retires etc. etc etc.  TODAY.  There is no promise of tomorrow, so we feel strongly these days to live life now.  I tell our kids, don’t expect an inheritance when we die because we are spending every dime we have on living life with you guys while we are here:).  Time together is everything!


Have any tangents today??

Ever do strides?  How often?

-I feel like I am hearing about them from more and more people doing really well with their racing, so I will try them more often.

Are there any Costco items I need to try that you love?

One book at a time or a few?

-I’m currently just reading one book but listening to 6 different books;)

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I am reading First Lie Wins right now too. It’s so good!


Right?!? I’m so eager to find out more and more about her…


Random question-but any chance you remember where the chair in the picture of your new wall is from? It’s so lovely!


Yes! We got it at Gatehouse in Orem, Ut! I can email them and ask them which exact one it is if you would like❤️ Have a beautiful day, Jennie.


I couldn’t agree with you more about life being short, and that didn’t resonate with me as much until I witnessed it first-hand. My husband passed away at the age of 53 from cancer and recently a good friend of mine was diagnosed with glioblastoma, which has been diagnosed as terminal. She’s 51.
I think it’s important to strike the right balance of pragmatism-you have to pay the bills and it’s a good idea to save for emergencies and hopefully avoid going into debt-and living your life to the fullest. I know there’s no one right answer for everyone, and not everyone will agree with you, but I share your philosophy. For example, I recently purchased a new car. My goal when I did was to keep the miles down. But, even though it’s only three miles to the grocery store, Wal Mart, and Home Depot, to do any other shopping is at least 20 miles in one direction and so are things like the vet my dogs go to. And, that doesn’t even account for recreational activities. I’m not even talking about things that cost money, but things like visiting a wonderful wildlife refuge that’s an hour away. I mean, do I only visit the refuge once (something that feeds my soul) and then go nowhere else for four weeks because I want to keep the miles down on my car? And they tend to rack up anyway. I travel 10 miles to work and back and then if I go out later to the store or the gym, that’s 15 miles in one day. Even though that’s a fairly low amount, it’s surprising how quickly they add up. Your kids will have these memories forever, much longer than they’ll have the material things you can buy them. You’re doing the right thing.


Karla. Thank you for sharing this with me. I cannot even imagine what you have been through. I want to give you a big hug. You are absolutely amazing.


That is definitely one of the best life lessons for sure!! We take tomorrows for granted sometimes, but tomorrow is not a given. And don’t forget to tell people that you love them too.
I am definitely a one book at a time person. My husband and I were listening to a book together, then I was reading a different book, and I kept mixing up the characters, ha ha.
My oldest is currently loving the southwestern chicken wraps from Costco. They’re over by the rotisserie chickens. And we all love the Coastal Berry trail mix.
Have a good Tuesday Janae


Oh that is so true with telling them that you love them! Bahah glad I’m not the only one that mixes up characters ha. I will definitely have to try those wraps, yum. We have that trail mix as we speak, so good. Thanks friend, you too!


Brooke is doing so many cool things. I am maybe a bit jealous!
I usually have strides programmed weekly, 8x 20 seconds. I feel like I need 20 seconds just to get my legs to be able to turn over faster.
I have 2 mental training books going right now but need a pleasure book started. It’s always hard to get started on a book but then quickly turns into “go ahead and try to pry this out of my hands!”
Tangent: I signed up for my fall marathon, too! Indy Monumental, I’ll see you again this year!


I’m jealous too… She is the only one that got to ski this weekend! Bahaha that’s why I went with 30 seconds yesterday… it takes a bit to get moving. Yep yep yep. I relate and then I wonder how I ever lived without the book.
THIS MAKES ME SO SO HAPPY! INDY!!!!!! Molly. I have a very good feeling about it again this year for you. Oh I am so tempted.


This life lesson is the most important one. We all take tomorrow or “later” for granted. My in-laws didn’t travel much (8 kids on a teacher and CNA salary) and always planned to travel when the kids were grown. They got one real vacation together and my MIL passed away 2 months later at 53. Years later we had a friend whose family carries a gene that basically guarantees they will get cancer. They found out when he was about 25ish. They took all the trips, and did all the things, because he knew that he wouldn’t have a “later”. He sadly passed away 10 years ago at 39. (2 of his triplets run for BYU). Those experiences taught us to find a balance between saving for later and living for today. Also, take ALL the pictures, it is all we have left when those loved ones are gone.


Oh Mindy. That is absolutely heartbreaking about your MIL. I love that your friend lived life large while he was here. So so so true about the pictures and videos. I think about how my kids will have my blog when I’m gone someday and that makes me happy for them. Hope you are having a wonderful day and thanks for sharing!


Ok so this is my own tangent but I had two friends (single men) travel to Tokyo to run the marathon. They were happy to do it – but complained about travel, time change, etc and I thought — but you didn’t even bring kids! Janae ran and brought 4 kids along!! No complaining boys :)

Just another reason to be proud of that race!


Mary, you are making me blush;). THANK YOU! No complaining boys hahaha. Hope you are having a beautiful day!


OOH your roasted veggies look so good – I need a nice large pan like that!
Costco – there are these organic take & bake sourdough loaves that are somehow shelf-stable (they’re vacuum packed & come in a box of 3), which are great to have on hand for when I forget to buy fresh bread to go with a meal that “needs” it. I am checking out our Costco for those Reese’s banana bites immediately! YUM!
Semi-related tangent – I agree with living life NOW, and I am so terrible at doing it. I definitely live in the future too often! I found this watch & while I have not bought one yet, I think of it really often: https://nowwatch.org/shop/
PS-loved your life lessons yesterday – so many good things to remember, especially “nature always helps” and the one about “the sun always comes up”. That’s such a good one. Thanks for sharing all of those.


Katie. HOW DO THEY DO IT? It is truly magic. We love that bread so much and I hope you find the Reese’s banana bites and report back to me. We are all bad at it but we can work on this together. Well, NOW I need that white watch. Those are so cool, I’ve never seen them before. Thanks Katie, that means a lot. I hope you are having a great morning so far!


it depends, sometimes a non-fiction, and a fiction at the same time…..
strides once in a blue moom…..
today’s all about watching super Tuesday results…..I know who’s going to win, hopefully it’s at least close in some places…I wonder what the Taylor Swift effect will be?

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