Knox’s bday party, another fall tradition & SUCH a good idea for a race!

Another tradition in the books—>  SUNDANCE.  But first, let’s start talking about the run of course.

Since school started I have been getting in my runs before school/kids but yesterday I left after they had been awake for a while.

IMG 7935

They hung out and ate pancakes (he made them dog pancakes) with Andrew and I hit the roads!  Usually I start on the treadmill and end outside once it is light but yesterday I got my full run in outside and it felt amazing.

IMG 6212

Finished up the week with 41 miles and some pancakes that Andrew had ready for me when I got home (Bisquick pancakes too… he knows the way to my heart).

IMG 7989

From there it was time to go to Knox’s bday party!  We asked him what he wanted to do for his party and he told us he wanted to go play laser tag, the arcade and a cake from Harmon’s.

IMG 7994

My sister’s little boys are getting so big!

IMG 7996

IMG 8003

The laser tag was by far Knox’s favorite part!

IMG 8010

They also let the birthday boy spin the wheel and he hit the 1000 tickets mark which made him pretty happy too!

IMG 8014

Pizza, soda and cake… Knox’s dream.

IMG 8019

After the party we decided to go up to Sundance to hit another fall tradition of ours before all of the leaves are gone up there (and the snow starts falling).

IMG 8022

I’m not the biggest fan of pizza at this point in life so Andrew and I grabbed some sandwiches first.

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The deli sandwiches at Sundance are amazing if you are ever there.  This was the harvest chicken and I want to buy 30 loaves of the bread that they use for this sandwich.

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Just relaxing and taking it easy:

IMG 8025

We then went to stand in the line for the chair lift and the kids played tag for a while.

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They are obsessed with anything Halloween related!

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We took the chair lift up the mountain!  I’m telling ya, come visit Utah sometime.

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After the chair lift we headed back home!

IMG 8028

We got home at 4:50 pm and besides writing this post and eating dinner, I was on the couch:)  I try to get out and do things during the day with the kids but night is reserved for absolutely nothing at all and I love it like that.

PS dinner was one that everyone loved…  smoothies (with the superfood greens, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, pb and milk).

IMG 8049

And egg sandwiches!

IMG 8051

Good luck everyone tomorrow!  I LOVED LOVED LOVED this idea from Cathy that her and her run group do at the end of the marathon.  What an amazing idea!

Screen Shot 2017 10 07 at 5 02 21 PM

I hope your Sunday is an amazing one!  Fill me in on how you are doing today!!!!

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What a fun tradition!

Today is a hill run, church, lunch for my father in law’s bday, naps, meal prepping, and church choir for the kids tonight.


Well, that sounds like the perfect day! And you are inspiring me to do a hill run:) Enjoy Marissa!


Today my 12 year old daughter and I are volunteering in our church nursery! I love that she does this with me. It’s been two weeks without running? I sprained my foot running a half marathon.


Oh I love that you do that with your daughter Erin. I am SO SO SORRY about your sprained foot during the half marathon… PLEASE keep me updated with how you are doing!


Utah seriously seems beautiful any time of the year according to the pictures you post! I really need to plan a trip. I don’t even have to taste the bread that Sundance used on the sandwiches to know it’s amazing. What an amazing tradition that Cathy’s running group has! I love it! I’m glad Knox had a great birthday party.

Have a great Sunday :)


Come on out and I’ll take you to Sundance! I hope your Sunday is a beautiful one Maureen!


Utah is so beautiful – you’ve convinced me that I need to visit there sometime!!

Sounds like Knox had the best birthday :)

Today my fiance and I are going to my sister’s spin class, then we’re all going to Canobie Lake Park to act like little kids for the day ;)

Have a great Sunday, Janae!


I’m telling you, come and visit us! I hope you had a blast at the spin class (you are motivating me to go back to one) and at the lake park… that sounds perfect! Thanks Marina!


Janae, we are always in the same place!! We went to see the leaves yesterday too but instead of the chair lift we just drove the alpine loop so we didn’t see you of course.


We were going to drive the alpine loop too… it was so gorgeous up there! Glad you had a great day Jenny!


Sundance looks gorgeous – I would love to visit Utah some day. Today my husband and I are going out to lunch with my mom and step pops on the waterfront. Just stopped raining – lucky us! Your watch caught my eye – what kind is it?


I’m spending the day flying home from a weekend of two weddings! I’ve been experiencing some tendinitis in my right leg so I haven’t run since Thursday and don’t know when I’ll feel ready to again, which is frustrating, but hopefully later this week I’ll be good to go again.


I hope Knox had a great birthday! Looks like it was a ton of fun.


Ran the Chicago Marathon this morning and BOSTON QUALIFIED!!! 3:27:53 and my 10th marathon :) I’m not gonna be able to walk for a few days but I don’t even care. Happiest girl in the world!


AHHHHHH I AM SO BEYOND HAPPY FOR YOU ARTHI!!! I have been thinking about you today! CONGRATS!! Thank you so much for letting me know how it went! RECOVER WELL!!!!


Thank you so much, Janae!! Definitely putting the running shoes away for a while and sticking to the pool :)


Utah looks so beautiful and absolutely perfect this time of year!! I need to make a trip out there with my family ?
Happy Birthday again to Knox! Looks like the perfect way to celebrate!


Love that watch. What kind is it? Just got back to running consistently again after over a year off. Reading your blog is always inspriring!


I went to Portland to cheer for one of my best running friends while she ran the Portland Marathon. I had a blast cheering for everyone and watching them laugh at my sign. :D


I need to get up to Sundance. So gorgeous! My dad and I went on a hike yesterday and I just can’t help but be so grateful to live in such a gorgeous place. We are so lucky!!
By the way, that Fall tradition I mentioned a few days ago is called Red Barn. It’s South of Payson somewhere…helpful I know…but it’s so cute. The kids would love it. You get to pick your own pumpkin, go on a hay ride, play games and they have the yummiest Apple cider donuts. Girl, they are TO DIE FOR!!! Go. You won’t regret it.


Oh my gosh, I LOVE that gift card idea! Totally using that for my upcoming races! Thank you for the share!


My husband and I are actually in Utah right now. We came out here for our fifth anniversary to hike Zion NP. Had a great time. Leaving Monday morning to fly back to Miami. Loved it here. We will definitely be back.


Wooo you have a Suunto watch now! Is it the wrist HRM one? How do you like it??

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