Now is the time to revamp!

Today, I am sharing a few of my favorite things from the adidas Mid Season Sale!  Everything is up to 50% off here, and I hope you have fun refreshing your wardrobe without breaking the bank for the run and the rest of your day.  The deals are amazing right now.  This post is sponsored #adidaspartner!

IMG 5359

My head-to-toe look (all on sale) —> Fastimpact Luxe Run High-Support Bra, Pacer Training High-Rise Shorts, Terrex Multi Light Fleece Full-Zip Jacket, Terrex Merino 200 Baselayer, Superlight Performance Socks, and Duramo Running Shoes!  <— Many of these items are made with recycled content wahoo!

IMG 5233

If you’ve known me for longer than one minute, you know I love a new workout outfit (or two or three).  There is something about going out on a run in something you feel comfortable, confident, and fast in while wearing.  Sometimes, it’s just the thing to get me up and out the door when sleeping in sounds so much easier.

IMG 5273

A little revamp of our running clothes drawers that have seen way too many miles can really freshen things up, and what better time to do this than when adidas is having a huge sale?

IMG 5329

Let us take a moment to talk about this bra because I cannot recommend it enough.  Nothing moves on the run with this bra, and the fabric takes any chance of chafing out of the picture.  The customization you get with the adjustable straps on the chest band in front is perfection.  You have so many options for the fit you need, which is huge for me because even the tiniest adjustment can change how my entire run feels.  The back of this bra does not have any clasps; instead, the straps wrap around the front, bringing an even weight distribution and a bounce-free run.

IMG 5332

I genuinely want these shorts in every color they have (10 different colors), and for only $21 each, I might have to.  The high and thick waistband wins and the colors are just too good.

The base layer and jacket are much warmer than expected for their weight, breathability, and flexibility.  Also, I would have for sure guessed they would be much more expensive than they are if I would have taken them out on a run without knowing the price beforehand.  PS I love the honeycomb detail of this jacket.

Last but not least, I wear adidas running shoes for most of my miles these days.  These beauties are just $35 with the sale right now.

Isn’t an all-white running shoe pretty?

IMG 5390

Have fun exploring the Mid Season Sale! It ends on 3/20/24, so head over now!

Tell me about your run or workout today!

How do you have your running clothes organized?  

-One drawer for tanks/bras, one for shorts, one for leggings, and one for long sleeves/jackets.  This leaves me with two more drawers for everything else in my life.  Running gear > the rest of life gear.

What color of running clothes/shoes do you find yourself wearing most often?  

What are you making for dinner tonight?

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Adjustable chest strap?? Ok, I’m intrigued!
I’m equal opportunity for most colors for running clothes. That would be a hard choice with so many options!
Today’s run is a tempo run!


The chest strap sold me. I need a few of these now. Go rock that tempo run today Lindsey gave you! You’ve got this!


I think it’s great that you have partnered with Adidas. I have never worn Adidas running shoes, how do you like them? And yes, that sports bra is intriguing to me as well.
Today is just a 5 mile run on the schedule. So I think I’m just sticking around the neighborhood.
My husband and I have bowling later this afternoon, so I think I’ll make crockpot chicken tacos. That way everything is done and ready when we get home.
Hope your Wednesday is great!


I love adidas running shoes! I’ve been running with the Adizero Adios Pro 3 for about a year now (they sent out a free pair to a lot of Boston runners last year which was incredible marketing because they absolutely hooked me) and these ones that I linked today feel like the trainer version to the speed shoe. So far, so good and I’ve also been wearing them just for every day life because the all white is so cute. BOWLING… umm you guys are so fun! Enjoy the tacos and thank you!


Today was a Peloton ride and strength.

I use this to store my leggings. I have a separate drawer for shorts, tanks, long sleeves, and socks & bras. Ha, this also leaves me with 2 drawers for everything else!

I wear a lot of black pants/shorts & I’m all over the place with tops but since one of my fav colors is purple, I probably have more of that than anything else.

My sis is cooking chile verde for us tonight and I’m bringing chips & guac. I made a rendition of your chicken pasta with spinach and cheese. I made it in one pot and used bone broth mozzarella balls. So good!


You are inspiring me to use mine again instead of being lazy and stuffing them all in the drawer. Who needs more drawers than that for the rest of life ha. I have been buying so much purple lately. I’m coming over for chile verde, that sounds so good. Ummm your rendition sounds amazing! Have a beautiful day, Marissa!


Nice, this sale is great timing for me. I am just getting back in to running after a long hiatus and my running clothes don’t fit very well anymore which makes me feel self conscious. So I think now is as good a time as any to do a little shopping. I hope you are well and have a great run. I ran my fastest mile ever yesterday which felt really good


YOU ARE BACK RUNNING AND YOU HAD YOUR FASTEST MILE EVER YESTERDAY. Cara, this is huge. I am so thrilled for you! Time to freshen up your running clothes, nothing bugs me more than clothes that don’t fit right. I swear it is all I think about on the run when they don’t work anymore. Happy shopping and keep me updated with your comeback.


Prob wear purple the most as it’s my favorite color! Don’t usually buy colored leggings but wanting to branch out from the black!

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