(Leggings, top, shoes)

10 miles @ 8:27 average followed by a hair appointment.  If I was a millionaire, I would pay for someone to wash my hair each time.  It just feels way too good.

IMG 2276

Just the same old same old for me but a fresh cut and color makes everything okay in my world;)

IMG 2321

The packing madness has begun.  We are going to be gone for about two weeks, and we luckily have a washing machine at our Airbnb, which is going to save us from packing the entire house.

IMG 2324

After school, we decided to pick up some food and have a picnic at a park… best end-of-January weather ever.

Andrew is out risking it on wet grass again…

Now for the tangents:

*Simple foods are my favorite foods.

IMG 2245

*This is the kind of winter I can handle.

IMG 2253

*I am a new member of a very exclusive book club.  It’s just me and my mom, ha.  We will discuss our books over lunch and this is our first one.

IMG 2244

*There will be some money won this weekend:

Screenshot 2024 01 28 at 10 42 57 AM

*This story.  John Boozing is incredible.

*My niece’s Strava caption….

IMG 2236 copy

Today’s first question is to answer Brooke’s homework question:

IMG 2167

When you travel, do you tend to stay in an Airbnb, hotel, or other?

Have a toxic running trait?  My niece will love reading these.

-My biggest one is definitely that I’m a liar.  I lie to my friends and myself about what I am planning on doing for the workout because if I told myself or them the truth, there is no way I would start it.

What is your run for today?

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I hope you and your mom love The Boys in the Boat! It is such a good book. My boyfriend and I saw the movie and loved it as well.


So far we are loving it! We will have to go see the movie too, happy you guys loved it. Have a wonderful day, Maureen!


I live in Sequim home of Joe Rantz….it’s a great read! Enjoy!


NO WAY! Oh that is so great, Twyla! I hope your day is a wonderful one!


Yay! Boys in the Boat! The beginning of the book is a lot of talk of Joe’s childhood which can seem daunting, it is ok to skim that if you need to do so to push through. I love the flashes to Nazi Germany that are sprinkled in. I think I was flagged by our government with how much “Nazi propaganda” I was Googling while reading this book.
Interesting prize purse compared to world majors. Who are your predictions for top 3?
I have 8 miles plus strides planned for today.
Good luck with the packing!


Devastating news to a runner: it’s marathon morning and they send out an email it’s cancelled due to weather.


YES!! Oh my goodness, tell me this hasn’t happened to you Sara!


That is exactly what my mom told me! Hahah time to clean up your google searches now. I want Connor, Clayton and Jared (of course ha) and Keira, Des and Emily! But not sure if these are all predictions or just my favorites?! Thanks Molly and I hope your run was a great one!


That book is amazing! I listened to the audiobook and really enjoyed it. So fun that you’re doing a book club with your mom :)

Can’t believe you’re already packing for Spain! So exciting!!


Yes, we are going to go to lunch and discuss our books kid free:). Thanks ML, hope your day is off to a great start!


I hope you love The Boys in the Boat – it’s one of my favorite books ever. I read it a long time ago and have been patiently waiting for the movie, but I have to say when I went & saw it, I was underwhelmed. The book is just that good. Had I not read the book and just seen the movie, I would’ve enjoyed it I think, but (as usual) the movie just can’t compete with the book. :)


I have heard that from another one of my friends that read the book and saw the movie. Yep, I feel like it’s pretty rare for them to ever compete. Happy Tuesday, Amanda!


Yay, packing has started! When do you guys leave again?
What a fun homework question. I would say that hearing a doctor tell you that you can’t run for xx weeks because you’re injured! That is devastating.
Heading out for a run in a bit, followed by some sort of strength workout.
Keep enjoying your not so cold and snowy winter.


We leave on 2/11! Uggg yep, that is very devastating news! Hope your run and strength were great, thanks Wendy!


I love that idea for a book club with your mom! I want to do that! Devastating news for a runner would be getting sick or getting injured right before a marathon.

My workout today was 6×1200. I was so tired when I woke up and almost didn’t do it but I’m so happy I did. I always feel like such a rockstar doing a track workouts, especially when its dark when you start and then the sun comes up by the end. Great way to start the day.

Also! I wore my Boston sweats! And haven’t actually taken them off much since I got them, ha. I appreciated everyone’s comments on whether to wear them or hold off. I decided that Boston this year for me is the whole training cycle and a state of mind. So if something happens and I can’t run, I still dedicated a lot of time and hard work to Boston 2024 and I will wear those sweats! This is also not my first marathon or Boston and I’m old so I’m not concerned about being a “poser” if I don’t finish (although I def would have been when I was younger).


DO IT! I can’t believe we waited this long for this. Yep. That would be the worst. Way to get in that workout, that is a hard one! I’m with you, track workouts make me feel so hardcore. You wore them, I am so glad you did. I love your reasonings and completely agree. Keep rocking that training, you are inspiring, Jenny!


My toxic running trait is wearing shoes too long because I’m cheap and don’t want to buy new ones. But then when I do buy new ones, all my little aches and pains disappear and I wonder why I didn’t buy new shoes sooner. I’ve been running since I was a kid and am now in my 40s, so I’m not sure I’ll ever learn!
I’m so excited for the Olympic trials marathon!
Have a great day, Janae! Nice to see Beretta :)


Hahah I wish I had this problem, I would have so much more money! Hahah but no, I have definitely experienced this too. Wish we could all watch together! Thanks Stacey, you too:)


I think devastating news for a runner is finding out that it’s super windy on your race day. Running in wind is the worst, especially the colder it is.


That would be so devastating!! Brooke will be adding this to her homework. Have the best day, Allison! And I hope this never happens to you:)


So exciting that Seville is so close!! Are all the kids going!? I can’t wait for all the pictures!


Yes! The whole crew wahoooooooo! Have a beautiful day, Torrie:)


My toxic running trait is thinking that every single pinch, twinge, sting, pull, etc is an injury and running to PT! My PT loves it, my husband and bank account do not :) On that note, any injury is devastating to a runner.

Easy miles for me today.

We stayed at an airbnb in Italy this past summer that did not have a washer or dryer – we hand washed clothes in the tub and tried to air dry them. Unfortunately we didn’t have great AC either and it was literally in the 100s while we were there – I lost two sports bras to mold! They just couldn’t dry out! So glad you have a washer!!

Happy Tuesday, Janae!


Bahaha but better that way than running on injuries that you shouldn’t run on?! Oh wow… that is so interesting about your sports bras, I haven’t ever had to think about that! We are so lucky to have washers and dryers! Thanks Rachel and I hope your easy miles were great today:)


Devastating news for a runner – “you will never run again.” Yes, injuries are tough, but knowing I’ll be able to run again at some point keeps me on track with therapy and cross training. But to have no hope, that would be devastating.

We usually rent from VRBO and I love having a kitchen and washer/dryer for longer trips.

My toxic running trait is lying to Les. “We’ll take it easy, go at your pace.” And then I don’t. But he has the same toxic cycling trait! “There are no more hills,” means I’m going to be dying in the next 15 minutes.

Les wanted to go trail running this morning, so we did about 2.5 miles. It was gorgeous out!


Oh, Kathy. That would be so incredibly hard. I cannot even imagine! Yes to the kitchen/laundry. Total game changer! Hahah at least you both have the same trait. Way to go on the trails today and I hope your day is a great one!


A broken bone or a bad fall would be terrible news for a runner!

When traveling with the family or staying for a bit, I like an Airbnb so we can cook; otherwise, if it’s a quick trip or just me and my husband, I prefer a hotel.

I definitely gas light myself with things like “I love early morning runs and running in the dark!” and “Speed work is my favorite!” Haha.

Today’s run was steady/1/2 marathon pace. I thought I had one more steady at the end, and I was shocked to realize I was actually done with speed (the best news!).


Boys in the Boat is such a good book. I think it should be required reading for middle or high school. I think the story is a prime example of determination and grit. After reading the book my mom and I went to Seattle and went to the boat house and the shell hanging in the dining hall at the crew center near UofW. It was geeky cool to me.

That homework question is hilarious-I’m curious what Brooke came up with and did you feel called out? haha. There are so many things to answer, the devastation possibilities are endless. The main one would be being told you can never run a step again. Less devastating, but would feel devastating at the time would be something like favorite shoes eliminated, an ice storm on the day of a key run, the ingredients of the one gel/hydration you tolerate is changed, a dozen extra traffic signals with long lights being added to your city/town route, best running friend moving (okay, so that’s pretty high on the list)…..


wonder about the prizes? a friend finished 3rd place at Ironman Flordia a few years back, but not a sponsored pro, so the pro behind her got the glory and the cash…I’ve stayed at so many awesome Air B&Bs, and not having to deal with room service, having my own kitchen so worth, but may fave spot in Vancouver they’ve instituted so many things when it comes to short term rentals, so not as many as there used to be, and more expensive too.
Lie?…..maybe a fib here and there….my racing appitite is usuall bigger than the reality..I sign up for everything, I’ve signed up for more than one race on the same day….


Love Boys in the Boat! Definitely check out the documentary on PBS, really helpful companion.

I had a cold during Berlin in September. It was not ideal at all.

Good Luck with your upcoming race :)


Most devastating news for a runner: Emma Bates situation. Being so fit and likely a US team front runner, and then stepping on a pothole in a race and subsequently missing the Olympic Trials.
Toxic Trait: leaving for a run 5 minutes ahead of schedule and thinking that gives me time to run an extra mile, even though my current mile time is nearly double that, and being late for work as a result. I do this at least weekly – sorry, not sorry.
Boys in the Boat movie was SO GOOD, I need to read the book now. I didn’t realize it was a book until the older lady next to us at the theater loudly (and adorably) whisper-yelled to her husband “I think I read this book”
Current read – Beartown by Fredrick Backman, it was good, kind if heavy. Review of Magic Hour – it was really good, maybe hard to read with a 6 year old, but not as heavy as I expected it to be.


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