Tangents and too excited about this new gear…

(Leggings, top, shoes)

A full rest day on Sunday helped me to feel alive on my Monday run.  Also, my ears were free for the first time in months because it was warm enough to leave them uncovered.

IMG 1963

I am Connor Mantz and Clayton Young’s biggest paparazzi.  I saw one of them running in a sauna suit.   Orlando is so soon.

IMG 1965

12.5 miles for the day, and I have a new watch! My reasons for trying a new watch are pretty pathetic—> I just like trying new pieces of gear;).  Do they do Garmin leasing?  Luckily, my previous watch sold very quickly!

I’ll write a review on it when I run with it more, but so far, my favorite parts about the watch are how lightweight it is (only 39 g)and how bright the screen is.

IMG 1982

Brooke wasn’t feeling good so the majority of the day was spent on the couch with her…. We watched A Walk to Remember and it still makes me sob all of these years later.

IMG 2011

And Beck rose to the occasion of getting things done around the house.

IMG 2019 2

Straight into tangents:

*My favorite sports bra ever is on major sale. I love the energy longline, and the ribbed detail makes me even happier.

*Just hydrating mid-long run with snow.  We were desperate. PS This friend of mine is an incredible runner.  Her whole family is!  Her brother was the FIRST person ever to break the 4-minute mile at the BYU indoor track recently.  The track is at elevation, plus it has tight turns (5 laps for a mile) and is incredibly hot.

IMG 1849

They are an amazing family!

*How was this memory ten years ago?  We were taking Brooke to her dad’s house and had a blast together doing every touristy thing San Francisco had to offer.

IMG 1841

*Tried and didn’t love.  It was easy to take in, but I did not like the flavor, and my stomach fell off after… Back to Maurten’s only.

IMG 1845

*I try not to arrive to runs early (like I did last Friday) because it gives me plenty of time to overthink what I’m about to do… I’d instead feel rushed and not think about the run until I’m running.  I shouldn’t have time to take selfies and talk to my camera before a long run.

IMG 1844

*We went through a muddy section on Friday, and due to the Vaporflys naturally being so light, it was wild how adding a bit of mud to the soles made each step feel so much heavier.  (Picture after I tried to clean them off in snow)

IMG 1858

*I should probably work on my posture while working after a 23 miler.  This one pooped me out.

IMG 1866


Have a tangent to share?

Any running fuel that you have tried and did not like?

Has a lot of sickness been going around in your area?

A movie that always makes you sob?

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A new watch is a big deal!! I actually bought my husband (a cyclist who does a bit of running) the Garmin fenix on your recommendation. I then got so envious of all the features that he bought me one :) We love it. I’ve been reading here for years and I noticed and was a little surprised that you stuck with the fenix for such a long time. That says a lot about the durability and lasting usefulness of the fenix, which I really like about it too. And to boot, I guess the older watch still has resale value! I plan to use this for many years! Have fun with the new tech!


OH YAY! This makes me so happy to read. It was my first time ever having a watch for 5 years straight, that is how much I loved it! Yep, the fenix sells so high still, keep enjoying it and it truly lasts FOREVER! Hope you and your husband get in a good ride and run today. Thanks Susie!


Pretty much every movie and book makes me cry…such a crybaby, haha.
I had a bad cold for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Years and I’m just having an off stomached thing that I’ve been dealing with for a few days. I’m thinking it might be a weird new PMS symptom…they are getting stranger as I go through peri-menopause.
Have a great day!


Corry. Can I just hug you for comment. I was legit thinking the same thing today too. My PMS is getting so much worse with each year and my stomach was so bad today and I was wondering if it was a new PMS thing or I’m catching what the kids have?! Who knows! Keep me updated and I hope you are feeling yourself asap. Thanks friend!


The picture of Beck with the dog food is so cute and funny!
Connor Mantz! It would be crazy if he didn’t make the team.
A Walk to Remember is so good and the soundtrack was great, too! Great momming with exposing Brooke to this!
And good pre-workout tactic! I read the reference of being like a racehorse. Racehorses cannot think for themselves/cannot doubt themselves. They just do what they are told to do and are capable of.


I swear him and Clayton are the only ones that can officially make the team, right? I’m so confused by all of the new rules and I listened to a podcast where Scott Fauble was saying he has stopped trying to even understand all of the new rules haha. Oh, the soundtrack… it’s all I listened to for a year straight! I love that, we just go out and get it done, reminds me of a tagline I might have heard once or twice… just do it?! Happy Tuesday, Molly!


It’s so cool that you have a few elite professional runners in your area! I would probably be very fan girlie, ha ha. Yes, the Olympic trials are so close. Can’t wait to see how everyone does.
Yay for a new watch. I’m thinking it may be time for me to get one too. I have a Fenix, but don’t remember which model.
Poor Brooke. We’ve had a cold/flu bug going around here. I woke up with a cold on Saturday, still feeling not quite like myself yet. So far though, I’m the only one in our family who got it.
Hope you all stay healthy once Brooke is better.
Have a good day!


I love when we get to see them out on a run, and I admit that I make my friends turn around sometimes to chase after them haha. Ten days! Booo about your cold and I hope you get feeling better fast and that everyone else continues to miss it. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Oh a new watch, how fun! I’ve had my Garmin for 3 years and this makes me want an upgrade.

Lots of sickness going on around here, so trying to stay as hydrated and healthy as possible. The humidifier has been helping too, this cold, dry weather makes me cough more.


Thank you! I mean, if you can do the upgrade, I’m sure having fun with it! I recommend it! Good call on the humidifier, putting one in our rooms today. Thanks, Mariah. Have the most beautiful day and stay healthy!


‘Little Women’ makes me cry every time I watch it, regardless if it is the 1990’s version or the Greta Gerwig one. Beth dying gets me every. single. time!
Congrats on the new watch, the screen is indeed very bright, I love it.
Enjoy your day!


BETH. DYING. I will never be able to work through that and I am just like you, cry every single time. Thank you, you too Annelies!


tangent– today is Enso’s THIRD BIRTHDAY! My oldest is three and that feels unreal. I went into work two hours late to spend some extra one-on-one time with him. We went ice skating, played on the playground, walked, and got doughnuts. It felt soooo special :) and of course stuff at home, like covering his bedroom in balloons and making him a big plate of fruit with a candle for breakfast ha.

So much sickness in our area. Sick household, sick patients, sick coworkers– let’s just all get healthy stat!

Have a wonderful day!!!


How is Enso already three? They say the days are long and the years are short… it is so incredibly true. I love that you got in some extra time just the two of you. That relationship is so beautiful. Skye would have loved that plate of fruit with a candle. STAT! I’m hoping that we are getting it out of the way for Spain and we are all as healthy as can be next month. Thanks Courtney, you too!


I just got that same watch, too! So far I’m loving it!

Movies that make me cry, 5 Feet Apart. I cannot keep it together. Saw it the first time on an airplane and I think the person next to me thought something was terribly wrong with me. I also starting watch The Choice while running on the treadmill and was choking back tears this morning.


Watch buddies! You’ll have to let me know what your favorite features are with it over the next few weeks. I haven’t seen 5 Feet Apart or The Choice, putting them on my list now! There is something about running and crying at the same time that is extra therapeutic. Have the best day, Rachel!


I also have the Garmin 265 and love it. Love how bright the screen is and it’s so light. Steel Magnolias is my movie if I just need to good cry with some laughs mixed in.


It’s so easy to see your pace on this watch, I love the bright screen. I have never seen that one, adding it to my list. Thanks, Jacinta and I hope you have a great day!


Hey! This has nothing to do with running but can you link your bar stools at your work computer :)


oh man….there’s some I wanted to work….there’s a gel like thing with maple syrup, I thought would be good..but nah.
often….I know some have watched the doc about about the NYC marathon, and founder Fred Lebow crossing that finish line….no mater how often I see that, every time…


My husband just got the Fenix and has been geeking out on all of the data 🤣every morning we talk about his sleep score lol. The workout stats are incredible! I think it’s time for me to upgrade from my cheap Fitbit. Have a great evening!!

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