Silentish Saturday!

(Pants, top, shoes, hat)

Winter showed up.

IMG 1179

6.67 miles @ 8:53 average.

IMG 1190

Spent Beck’s nap time researching Seville.

IMG 1193

He has this book memorized and reads it to everyone.

IMG 1197


IMG 1203

The joy that snow days bring them.

IMG 1202

Andrew too…

IMG 1209

Their heaven.

BBQ pizza (I cooked three nights in a row… I’m shocked)

IMG 1219

Heaven = all 6 of us on the couch.

Off for 20!


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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8 miles with my training group! Plus all the stretching after. Then it’s supposed to snow today on the east coast, so a chill day in with puzzles, books, and baking! Have a great Saturday!


You are motivating me to go stretch now! Enjoy your snow dayh, we are all getting hit hard right now. You too, Mariah!


Love it when everyone is home and piles on the couch! The best!
Go get that 20 miler done!
Have a great weekend Janae


Thanks Wendy! Hope you have a great weekend too and time by your fire!


I love the photo of Andrew holding Beck by the snow suit!
We woke up to snow here as well! Our park district is quick to remove snow from the rec path. And did I buy this house because of the close proximity to the path? Well it definitely wasn’t on the con list. ha
Today is cleaning, cooking, prepping all day for Monday’s feast but I also decided to make a 6 hour pozole today as well. Now off to make a schedule for myself to get all this done!
Can’t wait to hear about the 20 miles!


Hahah he was loving being carried around like that. Happy snow day. Thank you for answering my question, that is so nice. I really need to make my way over for Monday night. Don’t tell my running friends what you do for your running friends;). Good luck and thanks Molly!


I lived in Seville for 6 months and loved it!! You have to visit Plaza de Espana, Royal Alcatraz de Seville and La Giralda! I would recommend spending time to go into Royal Alcatraz de Seville. Have the best time!!


No way. I bet that was an incredible experience. Adding these to my list, thank you so much. Thank you and I hope you have a beautiful weekend, Caitlin!


Would you mind sharing where your credenza came from? I love it!! Good luck with your run!


Hello! I bought it at Gatehouse. They still have it there but sadly not online! Hope you are having the most beautiful day!


today is being at home day after a busy week
I can run tomorrow…..
so lots of house stuff …. and watching something on YouTube about minimalism…..has me wondering, how many shoes do I need?


I hope you have the best run tomorrow and get done all of the things you need to do! Do not get rid of any running shoes, though!

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