I am not cut out for it. Too early?

(bra, shorts, shoes)

First, most of you sided with Brooke in calling it a see-saw, not a tetter-totter. She is so happy to have won.

Nine miles @ 9:00 with Lauren at the gym!

I am at the point where I am creeping up on that thin line in marathon training where your body is almost doing too much, and I’m not in the mood to slip on ice and have it put me over that line. The treadmill saved us.

I am so very thankful that I could get my big workout done on the roads on Tuesday before another storm.

Random tangent about these shoes… I would have never thought of trying Adidas out for running shoes. They sent them free to many people running Boston last year, which hooked me. They figured out the perfect marketing tool!

I came home and did a yoga class on the Peloton app (Ross is my #1 favorite instructor), and then I may have stayed in Savasna for too long.

The more miles I run, the more my flexibility and mobility suffer ha. I should be doing yoga multiple times a week.

My race shoes have arrived, and they are just so sleek. I’m lucky to get them for 50% off through a family member, and I’m so thankful. Remember when running shoes used to be like $80?!

Is it too soon to pack for Spain? We leave in 24 days!

It rained/snowed the entire day. Days like yesterday make me realize I am not cut for living in Norway or parts of Alaska or Finland. The lack of sunlight kills my mood. I don’t know if it is getting worse with age or because I’m not getting out in the snow to ski or run as much, but we will be snowbirds when the kids are older to St. George (even though it snowed there too)!

IMG 1801

Knox came home, which was a major highlight.

IMG 1790

The hardest part of cooking for me is coming up with an idea of what to make, so when Brooke requested bread with an olive oil and vinegar dip, I was thrilled.  She gave it 5 stars.

IMG 1800

And this crockpot gnocchi soup needs to be added to your meal plan.

IMG 1794

Beck even helped me make it.

I finished this yesterday while the kids had their friends over…. I loved it, but it isn’t one of my favorites from her.

IMG 1786


Do you feel like the weather affects your mood?

Do you ever do yoga?

What’s the weather like where you are?

Any snowbirds reading or future wannabe snowbirds?

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There’s a big difference in my mood when I can’t get outside. One of the reasons I work from home on Tuesday and Thursday is because those are running days and I need to run outside. When the days are short and it’s cold, I can wait until the sun comes up and it warms up a little and get my run in outside. We had a snow storm Monday into Tuesday and are expecting another one tomorrow. We haven’t had much snow the last few years so I know a lot of people are happy about it. I don’t like snow so I’m not one of them.
I know I should do yoga but I don’t. I do stretch after I run and when my watch buzzes, I get up from my desk and do a minute or two of mobility and walk until my watch buzzes that I’ve moved enough.
I remember the days of $80 running shoes. I used to run in the $100 Brooks Ravenna. Now it’s the $110 Launch or $140 Adrenaline. I watch for sales and have been pretty lucky to have purchased my last few pairs for less than $100 each. I guess that’s a win?!?!


Good call on making your work from home days also your running days! Stay warm this week, you guys have been hit hard. That is a huge win and I need to follow your lead with those sales. Have a great work from home day and run in the sunshine, Lee!


We are warming up this week finally, 19 degrees for a high today. It’s crazy how that feels warm after our -16 degree weather earlier in the week. Meet you in St George ;)
My message therapist has been telling me lately that my hip flexors are tight. I should probably do something about that.
Mood is best after a sunlight run but still better with a dark run. Running outdoors in winter is a game changer for winter blues.
Keep us posted on your next book!


Basically sports bra and shorts weather now! Name the day, and I’ll meet you in St. George. Jump on the Peloton app for some yoga with me. It really is such a game changer, I did the treadmill again together and I’m kicking myself now haha. I will… I’m almost overwhelmed by how many books there are that I want to read that it is making it hard to decide!


I have been on such a Kristin Hannah kick! I’ve read the nightingale, night road, between sisters, and just finished true colors (I recommend!). I hesitated on firefly lane because I’ve tried watching the Netflix series a few times and couldn’t get into it. Overall just love her writing!!


Off to get True Colors and Between Sisters! Feel free to skip Firefly Lane; I just couldn’t love the characters as much as I do in her other books. She really is such a good writer. I wish we could all get together for dinner to discuss her books. Have a great day, Sarah!


Hi Janae! Question on your race shoes (because I am trying to decide for myself). What made you go with thr Vaporfly vs the Alphafly?

I also didn’t live Firefly Lane (and I love Kristin Hannah!) The characters really annoyed me. There is a Netflix series based on it and I’m not even tempted to watch.

I’m so excited for you about racing in Spain!!!

Have a great day 😊😊😊


Hey Annemarie! So many of my friends love the Alphafly more than the Vapor but I feel like the Alpha are clunky. They kind of smack the ground for me. TULLY drove me crazy. What she did to Kate and confronting her on TV about her mothering… I couldn’t. Anyways, glad I’m not alone haha. I feel like I usually fall madly in love with Kristin Hannah’s characters but just couldn’t with them. Thank you and I hope you have a beautiful day.


I never read Firefly Lane but watched the netflix series and I 10000% recommend. You should give it a try.


I’ll have to try the show! I’m always on the hunt for a binge worthy show:). Hope you have a great day, Lisa!


Hi Janae!
I am a long time reader. Thank you for all of your posts!
My area just experienced cold temperatures and ice. I was victim of the ice. I didn’t think it was slippery out because we just had dry snow. Unfortunately I fell and broke my ankle. I had surgery with in 24 hours because my fractures were displaced and looming weather conditions made it uncertain that I would be able to get back to the hospital. I don’t feel like the doctors that I saw communicated clearly about my injury and seemed to suggest that physical therapy would dictate how much use I am able to gain in the future. While I understand people heal differently and the scope of my injury impacted more than just the bones of my foot I was hoping to hear a stronger investment and commitment to my recovery.
I know you and Andrew have had injury related setbacks. I was wondering if you could share more on how to find heath care that aligns your desire to be active? Also any tips on how to stay busy and positive when you’re non-weight bearing on one leg?
Thanks a bunch!


Hello Janelle! Thank you for being my friend over the years. Oh friend, that sounds absolutely miserable. I am so so sorry this happened to you. I feel like we have cheated the system because of my brother being a doctor and so willing to help us all of the time. I wish everyone had that opportunity. I’m going to have Andrew write back to you about his tips when he was in this position. It is so hard and he had so many low days. You aren’t alone. Expect a reply from him soon. Please keep me updated with how you are doing, I’m always here to chat. Sending love.


I’m not sure if it’s weather affecting my mood or weather hindering my workouts which affect my moods!

I do yoga 2-3 times a week. I started doing extra balance work (lots of standing on one leg) as I’ve gotten older. My bones are healthy, but I don’t want to fall and test them ;)

We have a bright blue sky this morning. It was 43 when I got up, but I think it’s suppose to hit 70. I’ve been outside everyday this week and my mood is great!


True true true… being flexible with my workouts is not my favorite thing;) I was just talking to one of my running partners about this… that is so important, Kathy! 70! Oh I am going to come stay at your house:)


Why is it in the winter I am more of a homebody, but definitely do less housework?
I will need to start convincing my hubby now that we will be snowbirds.


Sometimes I think you are in my brain. We are so similar. Yep, you guys need to plan on the St. George winter thing with us… can you even imagine how fun that would be?


Hi Janae, so happy you mentioned my country Finland! I started reading your posts over ten almost thirteen years ago while living in Canada for a while. In southern Finland we have a lot of snow right now. Roads are cleared and I could say that running is quite easy. No slippery at all. Sometimes running shoes with spikes are useful.
Darkness is another thing and it definitely affects on my mood and motivation to go out for a run. But we are going towards the spring and sunlight! That helps a lot.
Enjoy your weekend!


FINLAND! Oh Minna, I am so grateful you commented! You are absolutely so hardcore. I complain about a day of less light and a little snow compared to you. You inspire me. So happy you are moving towards spring now, you deserve it. Keep in touch and I hope you have a wonderful day, Minna!


You should give Firefly Lane a watch. It’s so good.

Do you have one of those winter sun lamps? I make my boyfriend use one as he has a hard time with grey winter days.

I’m so excited for you to run Seville!

Ps~ it’s teeter totter for me, kids say see-saw and it makes them laugh when I say teeter totter!


Teeter totter just sounds so much cooler;). Hahaha deal, I’m going to give it a watch AND get one of those lamps. So many friends of mine love them. Thanks Kelly, have the best day!


the weather? I like seasons…..it chilly here now, but sunny, the sidewalks and trails aren’t too bad..and last night’s group run under the moon and stars was awesome..
I know that some weather changes affect my sleep, so maybe my mood
I’m not really a snow bird, my parents used to drag us to Hawaii and Mexico every Christmas….it was okay, but me…I’m happy with the west coast of Canada…mountains ocean and it seems like everyone there is active, and so many choices


I 1000% support hitting the treadmill instead of the ice when your race is this close! I remember a friend invited me to do a really beautiful trail run in the Desolation Wilderness about 2 weeks out from a race. I’m usually the one pushing for adventures like this, but the trail is super rocky and technical and I was like, nope, not risking 18 weeks of training for a twisted ankle!

Those race shoes are SLEEK! Love it. And I just have to close my eyes to the price of shoes. I belong to my running store’s club, so I get 15% off. Which of course makes be buy 3 times as many shoes, so not sure that runner math is working out…

And now you’re convincing me to do some Peloton yoga this week. I always learn something from Ross. But really all their yoga teachers are so good!


You are going to kill your marathon!!

Weather definitely affects my mood, but it’s more about the darkness than the temp I think.

I should probably do more yoga, and I agree that Ross is awesome!

This week’s highs are mostly in the 60s (tomorrow is 67) and it hasn’t snowed since 1999. Ha! I do have to watch out for water and ice on the colder mornings though. Our city is not made for rain or snow.

My sister lives in Ontario and they have a house in FL. I would be the same way!


I’ve known people who pack as soon as they book their flight. So not too early, in my opinion. I can’t wait for your race in Sevilla. It’s an amazing place.


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Have you done any of the Peloton yoga for runners classes? I’ve been doing yoga regularly after my runs for about a year and holy cow, it has made a HUGE difference for me. I’ve also started doing 2 of the 60-minute strength classes every week and all the little nagging aches and pains that usually kick in post-run are totally gone. I used to do the strength for runners classes but I have found the 60-minute classes to be a better injury prevention tool.


I have not tried any of those, but now I will! Rachael, that is huge. Strength training is SO good for us. Way to get those in and I need to try one of the 60 minute classes (I’m scared haha). Hope your day is a great one!


This topic is so relevant right now, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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