Friday Favorites!

(Tank, jacket, shorts, shoes)

I woke up to a friend texting me, warning me about black ice that she was hitting on her run, so I went straight to the gym.  8.15 miles @ 9:00 pace while watching Real Housewives of SLC, and yes, I’m embarrassed to admit that.

Another house update that I am thrilled about.  There used to be a microwave above the stove, but they put in a hood and vent yesterday.  PS I moved the microwave into our garage, and I think it is perfect in there.  Andrew argues that we need the microwave back inside somewhere.  I’m hoping to win this disagreement.

IMG 1824

They will come by to paint it tomorrow!

IMG 1836

The sun came out later in the afternoon, which meant we the kids wanted to ride skateboards and bikes.

IMG 1837

We are all so grateful that he found the Karaoke microphone;)

IMG 1806

Now for the favorites of the week.

*I’m not ready to go grey yet, but a lot of my hair is ha.  Now and then, I’ll pluck a random grey hair or two, but usually, I just use this stuff to get me through until my next hair appointment when I start getting big patches of grey.

To go along with this picture, I wear this vest in black or tan multiple times a week.

IMG 1598

*These roasted balsamic winter vegetables.  I’m drooling just looking at the picture.  They were so good and a new winter favorite.

IMG 1756

*My brother gave me this towel warmer for Christmas, which is a game changer for me.  I’m struggling with the weather this winter more than usual, and little things like this brighten my day.  The girls are obsessed with it and throw their clothes in before a shower to have a warm outfit to get into:)

IMG 1776

*My current #1 jeans are 30% off!  I have them in white and want them in the medium wash, too.  I went down one size and could have gone down another if I wanted less of a relaxed look, but I adore them.  They are so good and so comfortable.

IMG 1831


IMG 1833 


Who is listening to a book right now?  Which one?

Any fun weekend plans you are looking forward to?

Where do you like to get your jeans from?

Any favorites from the week?

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We got snow!! Lots of it. Going to turn to rain soon but we got close to 25 cm which shut down our city for the past 2 days 😆. Vancouverites cannot handle snow but it was very pretty and fun to run in.

The towel warmer sounds like a great idea! And so did the treadmill.

Weekend plans include running and playing in the mountains hopefully with the family. I signed up for a summer trail race in Oregon..summer road trip! I don’t really listen to books but I definitely have a stack of books I am trying to finish.

Have a great day Janae!


So much snow for you guys and kind of fun that the world stopped for 2 days! Ahhhh so excited for your Oregon trail race this summer! Keep me updated with your training! Thanks Kristine, you too!


Happy Friday!- I haven’t been able to see what you’re up to much lately, so I am happy to have returned on the right day to share this: we have a microwave in our garage too.:) It works great, and is right near the door so it’s still very convenient. The only issue is the temp. difference (cold air outside + warm, steamy food in the microwave) sometimes traps moisture in it, but if we either dry it out or clean it once in a while, that’s not a problem either. I love it in the garage!
Also, root touch-up spray is such an amazing invention.
We have had a busy week of swimming, robotics lego league events, a family get together, and crazy work projects – so I am thrilled for Saturday and Sunday both having no major plans. I need to find my aftershokz headphones, so I can get back to my audio books – I have about 20 books on my Audible that have yet to be read! The Maid looks like a good read – enjoy!


Sending your comment to Andrew now hahah. Microwaves in garages is the way to go! Ummm robotics Lego league? I need to get my kids in that! Enjoy your weekend Katie! So so good to hear from you and you will have to share your favorite listen with me after you get through all of those books!


I have a million things to respond with.
I have never watched Real Housewives only out of laziness. It seems like a lot (too much) going on for me to keep up with. HA
Those vegetables look amazing!
I love your kitchen backsplash!
The towel warmer reminds me of when Kramer was warming his clothes in Jerry’s oven.
The Maid has been on my book list forever and I haven’t opened it up!
Finally, does Beck take song requests?


It is too much going on hahha but it gets me through treadmill miles and makes me think I’m doing okay in life 🤣. KRAMER. Thank you for taking me back to that episode! Ummm Aaron’s dinner for you last night looked amazing! Happy weekend, Molly and send the song requests over!


Ha, I thought that was Whitney from RHSLC in your pic from earlier in the week (maybe last week?). I should have guessed when I saw it. I’m totally obsessed with all the RH franchises. We’ve had to do inside runs in CO this past week, and I am now in Mississippi for a race and the forecast here is COLD and I do not think I am adequately prepared. Luckily, it’s only a 10k.


YOU knew it:). Cold in Mississippi?! I hope the temps end up being perfect for your 10k. Please let me know how it goes! Cheering for you and keep me updated with your favorite Real Housewives episodes haha.


Listening to The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter- so good!

Wish I had a towel warmer! I just do the redneck towel warmer, aka throw our in the dryer for 10 min to warm up lol.

And I workout from home and definitely have had real housewives on the TV a lot while I workout (usually NJ) – no shame! :P


I MUST LISTEN TO THAT. This is exactly what my friends and I have been talking about. We can’t be happy doing everything the easy way. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to download that now. Speaking of my towel warmer haha;). Thank you for helping me feel less guilt about housewives… it is something else. Happy weekend, Dominique!


Don’t be embarrassed to watch the RHOSLC – this season especially was so dramatic!! I watch Real Housewives to get me through any treadmill or elliptical workout :) Though I do call it my dirty little secret because I would be embarrassed if my kids knew the trash I was watching, so I guess I do get you! I just finished Lessons in Chemistry and it was terrible – so much Catholic church and male bashing. It had such potential too :(


SO. DRAMATIC. I don’t even understand how people can be so dramatic. SO embarrassed if my kids knew too and Andrew definitely judges me haha. I do not understand all of the hype with Lessons in Chemistry either! Hope your Friday is a gorgeous one, Colleen!


I love you back splash 😍! Would you share what kind it is?


So the previous company did the backsplash and we aren’t quite on talking terms haha;). But I’m going to ask my sister to find it! I’ll get back to you asap! Thanks Jackie and happy Friday!


I swear by Lucky Brand jeans–they’re consistently well-fitting. Sometimes I’ll get a pair hemmed if I can’t find the right length, or I may have the waist taken in a little, but they just tend to work really well for me.


I have always loved the Lucky Brand jeans I have had over the years too! They are fabulous! I hope you have a beautiful day, Cynthia!


I’m just a couple hours into Tear Me Apart by JT Ellison. The beginning is pretty gripping and a bit relatable as one of the main characters has an accident breaking her leg.
I also love the tile you chose for your backsplash!
Glad you had a safe run at the gym today!


Janelle! I seriously cannot believe all that you are going through right now. PS Andrew will be replying to your email! I’ll have to check that book out for Andrew too. Thank you so much and I hope your weekend goes well!


I highly recommend a microwave drawer! We have ours built into our island. It’s really convenient with kids.


A MICROWAVE DRAWER. That would solve all of our problems. Putting my sister on it. Thanks Michelle!


I just started that book two days ago and I love it! I had it on my Kindle for ages and couldn’t get excited about reading it despite the good reviews, but I am so glad I finally started it!


LET’S DISCUSS TOGETHER WHEN WE FINISH! So far I love it and it is making me want to be much more tidy haha;). Happy Friday, Katie!


I just finished reading The Boys in the Boat – super good! Not much of a book listener though I do love my kindle! I am totally going to try that spray for hiding my grays, thank you!


Ahhhh I have that one on my list! So glad you liked it! Have the best weekend, Tess!


that is a great book! Also, I just finished Before we were yours by Lisa Wingate, 12 hours of listening but I was hooked. Free through library app.


You gotta get the
Everpro Gray Away Instant Root Cover Up Spray or
Clairol Root Touch-Up Color Refreshing Spray, Temporary Root Spray Hair Color

You get 2/3 times as much for the same price and it’s just as good….


We have our microwave in our pantry. I love not having it in the kitchen. It’s an ugly appliance.

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