LOTS of Friday Favorites!!

Another day, another run.

I went with my sister and for our final mile we cruised!  6 miles total @ 9:05 average.   The other day, Carol said in the comments, “The humidity this summer has been the worst… BUT now that the weather is changing, I am hitting faster paces because of all those hot & humid runs!”  YES and yes.  We don’t have the humidity here but the hot runs we did in the summer are paying off with faster runs in the fall!

IMG 9946

The kids had grandma school and my niece left this on their board for them.

IMG 9916

Skye had another dentist appointment to check in on her front tooth that she bruised a few months ago.  Her tooth is all cleared now and back to normal.  PS our Pediatric dentist is so good that my nephew that turns 18 next month asked him if he could keep coming to him throughout college too.   He makes them all love going to the dentist.

IMG 9917

We then hit up the park for a few minutes…

IMG 9922

And had a lunch date before Andrew was off to a training for the rest of the day on open heart surgery recovery care.  We went to Marley’s and it was so so good.  They have fresh peach shakes right now… GO if you live in Utah.

IMG 9942

The rest of the day included the fun stuff like cleaning, laundry and hanging out on the couch so let’s just get right into my favorite things this week!

*We bought this board from a furniture store in our area (4 Chairs is my favorite store ever) and they had this on sale and I fell in love with it fast.  Time to think of all of the phrases I want to put in there for my kids to read over and over again.

IMG 9773

*I’ve posted about these rubber bands before but I’ve used them for a few months now and I’ll never stray from them.  Below is exactly how my hair came out of one of the rubber bands after a run and then shower… No lines from the rubber band and my hair stays put whenever I use them!

IMG 9629

*SO MANY FUN ideas of things to make for Halloween (yes, we are way too early with all of this;).  Let me know if you try any!

*This episode from Ali with Nicole Detling! Her first episode with Nicole Detling REALLY helped me in so many ways to reach a bunch of running goals in 2019 and this episode is just as incredible.

Screen Shot 2020 09 08 at 10 46 13 AM

*My favorite boots are back in use again.  I have had these for a long time now and wear them more than anything else during the cold months.  They pretty much go with anything and they are basically just fancier sneakers so your feet stay happy all day long.

IMG 1966

*These days I get the majority of our kid’s clothes at Cotton On Kids.  I love everything they have.  I’ve had a lot of questions on the girls sweatshirts lately so here is the Wild Child one and here is the Running The World one (it says GIRLS on the back).  They usually have some sort of sale going on too (like buy one get one 1/2 off).

IMG 9849IMG 9833

*I LOVED seeing a detailed post about what Jared Ward did for two weeks of his training for the upcoming London Marathon.  It’s so fascinating to me what these elites can do each week and it was fun for me to read about it because I know where all of the different areas he talked about running are.

IMG 9899


What was the highlight of your week so far?

How do you feel about the dentist?  Dread it or don’t mind it?

What shoes do you wear more than any of your other shoes?

Do you wear a watch for every run or do you ever run watchless?  Do you pay attention to your heart rate while you run?

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I like the dentist! Love the clean teeth feeling. But I’ve always had amazing dentists and hygienists- good people make all the difference!

Always wear my watch for runs! My watch was actually dead the other day, so I let it charge for 20 minutes before going out. I couldn’t bear the thought of running without my watch hahaha.


I totally agree… the right dentist and hygienists makes it so I don’t mind going. I’m with you, I would have let it charge too before heading out unless I didn’t have time then I would have used my phone somehow ha. Have a great day, Mariah!


I went to the dentist Tuesday evening. I always dread going. No cavities or issues so it was a positive experience. It was a little jarring to see the waiting room devoid of all chairs and furniture though. They have patients wait in their cars and they call or text when they’re ready for you. Just another reminder that we have to get used to our new normal. I wear my Sketchers GoWalk more than any of my other shoes. I’m all about comfort for my aging feet lol. Happy Friday to you and yours!


So glad that you had a great appointment without any problems. That’s how ours does it too, they just text us when it’s time to go in. COMFORT is everything! Thank you so much Kimberly and I hope you have a great day too!


Jared’s article was so interesting! I liked seeing what he does for strength training and also that he takes a day off every week. Exciting that we finally have a race coming up to root for our favorites again!


Right?! Isn’t it crazy that he can hit that mileage in 6 days of training? Wish we could all get together to watch! Have a beautiful day Jenny!


I have to say I had no experience with a pediatric dentist until we went to one when my daughter needed many teeth pulled to start her orthodontic treatment. I was amazed at how awesome not only the dentist was, but the entire staff! In talking to him I learned that you’re pretty much doubling the amount of time you to go school to be a pediatric dentist vs. a regular one – so much respect to all the pediatric dentists out there! They really love what they do.
Also, would Andrew be willing to do a post about his job and the various trainings/rotations he’s experienced? I am not in healthcare, so when I read your post I’m wondering “what goes into helping someone recover from open heart surgery?” I’m curious what he’s liked the best, did he end up liking a certain thing more than he thought he would, or vice versa? Healthcare is such a diverse field I always love hearing people’s stories about how & why they ended up choosing exactly what it is they do.


I did not know that about their schooling… that is amazing. I am so thankful for them taking care of our kiddos. YES YES YES I will absolutely have him write a post about that. He would love to, thanks for the idea! Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Amanda.


I dread the dentist! Not because I don’t like the person I see, I really do, but I just have bad teeth. My old dentist (before I moved) just told me one time “Maureen, I see that you’re taking care of your teeth but you just don’t have good teeth”. It was a bummer to hear but at least I know it’s not something I’ve done right?!

Sperry’s loafers are a go to shoe for me! Not in the summer because sweaty feet ha but otherwise I wear them a lot! Love that they’re simple but almost elevate any outfit. Plus they are very comfortable so I can’t get enough.


Exactly… you did nothing wrong! You are not alone with that, me and a lot of my family members also experience that problem. I LOVED my Sperry’s, I need to find a new pair. Hope you have a beautiful Friday, Marueen!


LOVED that episode of Ali of the Run! I am taking a few days (hopefully not anymore :-)) off for a muscle strain, and it was so refreshing to hear her take on injury! I need new boots so I will have to check yours out–so cute!

My highlight is going back to school, even if it’s virtual–it’s been a good week and SO good to see my students!


Right? The way she explained putting your focus into the sport of recovering and getting better was so good. Keep me updated on your muscle strain and I hope you are back to 100% asap. YAY for having a good work of teaching, thank you so much for doing what you do. I cannot even imagine how much time and energy all of these changes have caused for you. Have a great weekend, Kristin!


The dentist is ok lol. I think I was traumatized because my mom used to be my dentist before she retired. I would get a lecture at every dentist visit lol.

I usually wear a watch but I don’t pay much attention to heart rate.

Yesterday my partner started work later than usual so I ran early in the morning and it was relatively nice and cooler before the scorching heat came out ha.

Honestly other than running shoes it has been flip flops lately.
But I splurged on a pair of John Fluevogs. I have never done that but they were made as a special edition named after our public health officer Dr Henry in Canada and they are beautiful . Waiting for the right occasion to wear them. And protecting them against puppy lol!

I am so glad your kids get grandma school and that you guys are getting cooler weather. Have a wonderful day Janae!


Hahaha I bet those lectures were not your favorites! So glad you got in a run yesterday in cooler temperatures. Oh I bet your shoes are amazing and let me know when you find the right occasion to wear them (good call keeping them out of reach from your puppy haha). Thanks Kristine, you too!


We love our dentist. The entire staff is fantastic. Definitely agree that the people make all the difference.
I pretty much live in flip flops. If I don’t have running shoes on, then I have on flip flops. Lucky for me, I can wear them almost year round.
Fridays have become the highlight of my week. I get to run with a small group of ladies. It is really fun to run and talk about everything.
This week too, I started back volunteering at my favorite organization. I’m glad their normal food pantries are operating again. So this will be my every Wednesday thing ?
Have a wonderful Friday!


One of the many amazing things about where you live–> flip flop weather year round! I am so glad you are back to being able to volunteer and I love that you meet with those girls every Friday to run. I love combining socializing and exercise at the same time. Thanks Wendy, you too!


I used to hate the dentist, and I thought I was just one of those people. Until, I changed dentists after 20 years, and realized all dentists are not created equal because this is like a whole new wonderful world. Perhaps, like anything it is just finding the right one for you!


I totally agree with you… the right dentist makes ALL of the difference. Have the best day Erica!!


Hi Janae! Your salad looked so good I thought it was an ad haha. I used to always run with a watch but now since quarantine and now wildfires when I do run I just want to focus on how nice it is I can run. I do just easy runs now so sometimes I ditch the watch so I can focus on just the feeling of running. Happy Friday!


I like the dentist because I’m laying down and not doing anything for a bit. That’s nice. It helps that I haven’t had cavities so I’m not having bad dentist reports either.


I loved hearing that Andrew is learning more about open heart surgery care – as a child I had an open heart surgery so this is a special area of medical care for me! Because of this I HATED the dentist as a child – I had to take medication to protect my heart from infection before going to dental appointments… still not my favorite thing :(

The highlight of my week was seeing new autumn varieties of apples come into the grocery store – it is my favorite fruit so fall is my favorite season!


The highlight of my week is your recommendation for those hair ties, haha. I have 2 left that are my favorite and boy am I guarding them with my life. I’ve been searching for something similar and the ones you use look awesome!

Before COVID I wore ballet flats (with arch support inserts) to work every day, but since we aren’t seeing clients in person I’ve been wearing sneakers (also with arch supports, old lady feet here). I have a couple pair of Dr. Scholl’s sneaks from several years ago and I just got some Cariuma’s (the IG ads totally got me) and they are super comfortable. I also keep a few pair of old running shoes around to wear around the house, for errands, etc. Basically trying to give as much love to my feet as possible!


Hey, Michelle. I have to wear inserts too. What ballet flats have you found that’ll work with your inserts? Thx!


Hi Brenda – I’ve had luck with the Born Julianne ballet flats. They may not make that style anymore but they might have something similar? It’s such a puzzle to find the right inserts for each different shoe. I have a wide toe box but narrow heel, so that might be why the inserts fit well for me, they help take up space in the heel. Good luck with your search!


Thx so much for taking time to reply. I’ll definitely look for them :-)

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