Tuesday Tangents!

(pants, top, shoes, socks)

Just the two of us for most of the day! Please note the mac and cheese box in his hand.  Most days, he wants dinner foods for breakfast and he carried it around with him until I made it.

I started the morning with the girls for 10 miles @ 8:35 pace. I was wiped. Whenever I start adding in the long runs with big workouts in them (aka monster runs), it takes my body/brain a bit to adjust back to doing them.

It’s pretty amazing how a 10-minute arms class on the Peloton app can demolish my arms. I won’t be brushing my hair now for a few days.


Beck and I had a few errands to run, including getting him a new coat.  He had a few to choose from and this is the one he wanted.

IMG 9394

Let’s get chatting about some tangents because nothing else exciting happened yesterday.

*Beck is unhappy that we figured out a solution to him climbing out of the crib. I know he is three and should probably be in a kid’s bed (and the other three were at this point), BUT we cannot trust him wandering the house in the middle of the night. He is growing to love it after we explained to him how lucky he is to basically get to camp each night;) Andrew and I are feeling like humans again with sleep. Brooke also feels better because he loved to come in and snuggle into her bed too, ha.

*When your green smoothie reaches the very tippy top of your blender. So. Many. Nutrients.

*Now that winter is here, our daily laundry has gone up 564%!

IMG 9408

*Parker Valby took 16 seconds off of the NCAA record for the indoor 5000M… 4:48 per mile pace and 14:56!  I loved her run right into her teammate’s arms.

*Recipe for the perfect rainy afternoon because Beck is napping again due to his new arrangement.


I would love to hear a tangent or two!

Who is training for a race through the winter, and who is not?

Feelings on chocolate-covered cinnamon bears (you can be honest with me; I won’t be too hurt)?

What are you reading right now?

-I went to the bookstore, telling myself I would try a new author, and left with two books from two of my favorite authors- Taylor Jenkins Reid and Kristin Hannah.

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I would definitely try chocolate-covered cinnamon gummy bears, but I love all things cinnamon (why husband thinks that’s weird). I miss being able to get cinnamon gummy bears; I feel like they were around when I was a kid, but not so much anymore. I’m not training through winter for a race since baby is due in March, but I’m trying my best to stay active- the Peloton has really helped; it sounds so much more appealing lately to ride rather than run. I just started reading The People We Keep last night, but it’s too early to tell what I think. Just out o curiosity, what Kristin Hannah book did you get? Happy Tuesday, Janae!


You need to try them asap, they are way too good! I have never had a cinnamon gummy bear, sounds amazing. MARCH… that is coming up, and I am so happy for you guys! Thank goodness for the Peloton. Keep riding. I am currently reading Night Road. I’ll let you know what I think and you let me know what you think of yours:)


Tangent– I figured out which cookies I’m making for the cookie swap this Thursday: Alison Roman’s salted chocolate-chunk shortbread cookies.
No races but I am desperately out of shape and need to start running/ working out again so I think signing up for a half marathon in the spring will do the trick!
I’m not a big cinnamon candy fan, so chocolate-covered cinnamon bears don’t appeal to me, but I LOVE chocolate-covered gummy bears. Especially when I’ve kept them cold in the fridge!
Reading Demon Copperhead (and have been for manyyyy months… #threeunder3 ha!).


Courtney. Will you please let me know how they taste and maybe just fedex me one or two;). The description sounds amazing. Signing up for a race always helps me to get out the door for my runs. Thank you for reminding me of the goodness of chocolate-covered gummy bears. THREE UNDER 3… I’m not sure how you ever get a second to read!


I’m training for a race through the winter and I’m not sure why I do this every year… but I keep doing it anyways haha.

I just finishing reading In the Midst of Winter by Isabel Allende for book club. Now starting When Women Were Dragons.


WHY DO WE DO IT?! Haha but really, it probably helps us a lot with our happiness during the cold/dark months. What did you think of Midst of Winter? I will have to check it out. Happy Tuesday, Mariah!


Is that a new TJR book?? I love her books!
I don’t love gummy candy, but I do love chocolate.
Beck’s face in his camping crib…hahahaha!
Have a fun Tuesday. Can’t wait to see what food Beck carries all day!


I’m not sure it’s new but it is already so good. I will take all of your gummy candy… but really I just want your sourdough. I don’t even know where to begin with the starter and everything with sourdough. HELP! Hahah for breakfast today he had chicken nuggets! Happy Tuesday, Molly:)


No to chocolate cinnamon covered bears though I love both those things separately.

I have a half marathon coming up in Feb. I am definitely feeling uninspired lol

I am off for Christmas break in a couple weeks and I cannot wait. It has been chaotic lately!

Hope you have a great day Janae!


Keep enjoying the treats separately:) It really is so hard to feel inspired during the winter! Happy almost Christmas break, you deserve the break and maybe that will bring you some motivation to get some rest. Thanks Kristine, you too!


Don’t feel bad that Beck is still in his crib! I know a lot of pediatricians don’t recommend moving to a big bed until they are four years old, and that’s basically because most kids have no impulse control until then. My boy is 2.5 years and there is no way I’m moving him until then; he sleeps great now and I don’t want to mess with a good thing! Love the tent idea! Beck’s face is hilarious in that pic. Have a great day Janae!


This is all so good to hear. So glad your son sleeps so well, Beck did too until he could climb out but now that the tent is there… he sleeps great again. SLEEP IS EVERYTHING haha. Hope you all have a beautiful day, Courtney!


Beck’s face in the “tent” … Ha ha ha
I love both of those authors! I’m currently not reading anything because it’s just been so busy. I’m hoping to catch up on a couple of books after this week.
I can’t believe I have never tried chocolate cinnamon bears! I love cinnamon bears. I now have a mission to find some.
I also need to go get more power greens and bananas. I ran out, and I am thinking that is why I ended up with this cold. Lesson learned.
Have a great Tuesday.


Hahaha he was not happy about the tent in the beginning. Your week sounds crazy, I hope you are getting enough sleep. If you love cinnamon bears, these are next level. Hoping the power greens help us stay healthy all winter! Thanks Wendy, you too!


Beck’s face is the best! Great idea hyping it up as a ‘camping bed’ – who wouldn’t want to sleep in a tent in your bedroom?! My 2nd kiddo slept in her crib by choice until she was well beyond 3 – it just works for some kids/families!
I have never been great at running in the snow – I bet it’s something you get used to, but it is also soooo slow slogging through it! Some day I will definitely have to give it a more consistent trial.:)
Chocolate-covered cinnamon bears….I have never heard of such a candy & I think I need to try some. Perhaps I can find it online somewhere. They do sound good!
I am ‘reading’ an audio book while I clean the kitchen and prep lunches every night – it’s one of my favorite parts of the day, which is funny because dishes are not enjoyable.


Right?! The big kids keep saying they are jealous of him so I think that is helping too;). So good to hear about your 2nd too. Come visit me and I’ll take you on a snow run.. wouldn’t that be fun?! Yep, you definitely need to try the chocolate-covered cinnamon bears to eat while you listen/clean/prep. Whatever you can find to help, sounds like you are doing it right. Have a wonderful day, Katie!


I’m not training for anything this winter and thank goodness, because my 3 year old is requesting I sleep in his bed from 4-6AM every morning. My two guys are both in “big boy bed” and they share a room (their choice). I’m thankful the little one doesn’t wander our house, and honestly am not upset at the snuggle requests. His bed is really comfy and it’s nice to not feel obligated to run at 4am like I have been doing the past two winters.

You could try a sleep sack if you don’t think he would take it off overnight. But that baby cage seems like it may do the trick!

I have never had a chocolate cinnamon bear but really don’t like chocolate mint, so I can’t imagine I would like those (sorry!). To each their own, though — I have already demolished a can of Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle and it’s barely December :)

Beck looks so handsome in his new jacket!


You are so right, definitely not the time to be training! Those snuggles are everything so keep soaking them in. Hahah baby cage is exactly what it is. Ummm off to get this Jingle Jangle that you speak up. Thanks Stacey, I think so too:). Have a beautiful day!


I have decided to start doing some shorter distances again b/c I have plateued in the marathon, so something needs to change! I have a half on 12/16 and a 5k in Jan. I’ll prob register for one more half and one more 5k or 10k in Feb/Mar and then I am running a 5k two weeks before Boston. So we’ll see! I am excited to change it up, but I realized I can’t remember how to train (or run) a half anymore!

Cinnamon gummy bears sound amazing, never had them and I think I have to buy some. Dark chocolate though 😋

I live Kristin Hannah! Her books are impossible to put down. I am currently reading Six Years by Harlan Coben. I have read all of his books and he is one of my favorite authors.

Ok tangent time. Trader Joe’s seasonal find: Stollen crackers. I am addicted. Also, I love their graham crackers but they stop stocking them in winter (??) What is that about?? Anyway.

Have a great week, Janae!!


Annemarie, I think that is the key for when we plateau in the marathon and I plan to after Seville! You have to keep me updated on your races over the next few months (I’m jealous!). I really think you will love the cinnamon gummy bears!
I just read the summary of Six Years and it sounds like something I will love, I’m going to get it. I’m also going to pick up the Stollen Crackers. Ummm why would they stop the grahams… don’t they know runners need them year-round? Thanks, you too!


Do ever rewear running clothes without washing? Or am I the only one? Is that gross? In the winter that is more than hot sweaty summer runs.


Sometimes the vest or coat I skip the wash but somehow I still sweat SO much during my winter runs and so I have to wash it daily. If you can get away with it, I FULLY support you! Have a great day, Mary.


Oh I love that crib idea! I sent it to my sister! Sleep is just toooooo important. You have to do what works for you! Love it.


I hope it helps your sister… We are all drowning with him roaming around all night! Hope your day is a beautiful one, Georgia!


I can totally relate to the short arm workout. I was on the floor with my child the other day and decided I would try 10 reverse pushups. My arms were so sore when I lifted them the next day and I was worried there was something terribly wrong with me. Then I remembered my 20 second upper body workout :)
I am usually not a fan of sweet and chocolate together, but I did used to love the cinnamon bears as a kid. Also, have you tried Tru Fru? They are fresh freeze dried berries with either chocolate or yogurt white chocolate parfait and kept in the freezer. BEST thing I have had in awhile and Costco sold huge bags of them until just recently :( I love the crunchy sweet cold. Please try them!


Bahaha thank you for sharing that with me, typing is even hard for me after those dang 10 minutes. Not even sure I could do one reverse pushup so I am impressed. Tru Fru is so incredible. We love them so much. Thanks for reminding me to pick up more at Costco today! Have a great day, Geni!


I’ve never had chocolate cinnamon bears but I suspect I would like them. I wonder if eating a hershey’s kiss and a cinnamon altoid would taste similar……….

That books looks good! I’m reading The Paris Apartment and it’s better than I expected. The two books prior were The Maid and The Firekeepers Daughter. Both great!

Not training for anything specific-ie no events. We got a bunch of snow so I’ve been XC skiing.

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