Silentish Saturday!

It’s my niece’s first official race:

Every race expo needs donut samples…

and personalized bobble heads.

Over it.


New cleats!

Why did we do Costco on a Friday night?

Sam’s Club pizza crust, Costco pesto + mozzarella + rotisserie chicken = dinner in minutes.

Found this picture next to my computer.


I think I’ll go with the Vaporfly 3s…

They are ready to go too!


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Love the family race vibes! Can’t wait to hear how the race went!
V tough shoe decisions!
Today I have ran and watered the garden. My only thing to cross off my to-do list is finish my 8 hour work day. Then I hope to read and relax.


I hope work flies by and you will have to let me know what you are reading! Also, did you decide what to make for run club?


I love the picture Brooke drew for you!!
Can’t wait to see how everyone does at the race this morning!!! Have a great weekend Janae.


It melts my heart! Thanks so much, Wendy! Enjoy your weekend!


Good luck in the race!! Hope everyone has fun!

Today I did a 6 mile run with friends and have breakfast after. This afternoon going to a local festival! They shut down a street downtown so you can walk in the streets, there are lots of vendors and music. Should be fun!


Thank you so much, Mariah! It was a great morning. Your day sounds absolutely perfect. I want to fly over to come with you to the festival. ENJOY!


Hi Janae! I slept in, going to see about riding my bike this weekend and just being outside as much as I can!
Hope the race went well!! Can’t wait to hear about it. Have an awesome weekend!


You have so many pretty running shoes. How are you storing them all? I’ve got some racks in my closet but I struggle to keep them organized – it’s so much easier to throw them on the closet floor and shut the door. A photo of how you store all your running shoes would be awesome!


The kids’ flat racer photo is SO ADORABLE!!!!!


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