Silentish Saturday!

(top, shoes)

5 miles @ 8:37 pace.

Knox is quite the builder… 1872 piece set.

It was a library kind of day.

I’d like to introduce you to the newest backseat driver.

Took the kids and some cousins to chic-fil-a.

My fireplace is done (just need to paint it) so I’m searching for bedding ideas.

IMG 0879

And then we went to go look at some lights before Andrew came home from work.

IMG 0885

Off for 18 miles!

Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Breakfast date with my boyfriend! Rare Saturday without a long run (our coach moved to tomorrow so we can end the year on a run together), so we decided to do something fun. Then a few errands and a chill night of puzzles and reading.


Oh I love that you are ending the year with a long run! Enjoy Mariah!


I want Skye’s library outfit!
18 miles will go great today! And if they don’t then you will benefit from learning a few things. :)
Today: I am about to go into the office, hopefully run in a little daylight after work and then fun things like make dinner.


Haha I do too… I usually let them choose their outfits but sometimes I have to buy them mini outfits of what I want:). You are so right about that with the long run… good luck today and I hope your dinner tonight is amazing!


Wow Knox! Awesome!
I got all of Christmas put away yesterday, phew! So now it’s cleaning time. I’m also getting back into meal planning to start the new year. I am also thinking about doing a 3 day cleanse, but those sort of intimidate me. But I would like to do a “re-set” for my body, just to kick off the year healthy.
I hope your long run was great! Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy New Year!


Congrats on getting everything put away, that is a good feeling! You are inspiring me to get back into meal planning… I need help. Good luck with the reset and I hope you do too, thanks Wendy!


How do those blocks in the titanic set Knox has compare to Lego building sets? My kids love Lego sets and also 1,000 plus pieces for Christmas but I saw that was a different kind of block than Lego and wondered how it compares.


Yes! It is definitely more advanced because the pieces are much smaller but he loves it (and we love how much cheaper they are haha). He needed the next level and these are perfect for him. I hope your kids love them too!


Are those the shoes you wear for most of your runs now? Need a new pair and intrigued!


I’ve been hearing about the Novablast everywhere lately! Do you like them? Do you mind if I ask how often you go through shoes? Do you purchase them yourself or are they sent to you? I’d love to try so many shoes but the prices are EEK. Though so are groceries hah. Happy New Year Janae and family!


Long run is the best way to and the year! Best wishes in New Year.

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