Thank you + just some things…

Thank you for the last few days. I feel like you guys have been there with me through it all and I’m so grateful I could share Mer with you guys. She read my blog every day and loved being a part of it.

I have a few pictures to share from the last little while…

I had my last double-digit run before the marathon.

Saturday: 12 miles w/1-mile marathon pace effort (6:14), .5 mile float, 1-mile half marathon pace effort (5:50), .5 float, 1 mile 5k pace effort (5:34). The paces ended up being faster than I expected. Mentally, I feel exhausted but my body is actually very springy and energetic right now.

Monday: 7 @ 8:22

Tuesday: 6.5 w/ 2 miles @ marathon pace (6:17ish but I really don’t know what my pace will be on Saturday) + 4 x 30 sec.

The views, the friends, and the chats were exactly what I needed.

I am so grateful I got so much time with Erin (my cousin). She feels like a sister, and due to her moving away, I don’t get to see her nearly enough.

The carb load begins.

The school’s Fun Run that we are in charge of happened.

I’m so grateful for my in-laws coming to help. They were up at the crack of dawn to set up, my MIL ran the course with Skye and then they helped with clean-up. All-stars.

385 kids completed the 2.08 miles. The course runs along grass fields and on the roads too. We have the sweetest police officers who help and the best volunteers that made it go so smoothly.

The kids all did amazing!

Knox and his buddies sported bandanas.

Skye loved running with her grandma.

And she dumped water over her head afterward.

Our race rabbit woke up feeling sick and I don’t think I could have kept up with the winner (THE OVERALL WINNER WAS A FEMALE… she is on fire already) so Andrew led the race on his bike and did a great job.

And this woman. She is 80 years old. She came with me to set up the course and was there for 5 hours doing all of the things. She was jumping in and out of my car, setting up cones, and running things around… GOALS.

When you think you are taking a picture of your kid running by but in reality it’s pointed at yourself ha.

Beck did a little lap of the course too:)

And medals at an assembly afterward.

I love forcing kids to love running… I kid;). But I do hope it helps the little runners realize they can do hard things, feel part of an amazing community and enjoy what moving in the outdoors gives to us.

Would love an update of your life!

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Fun! A Prison Mike group of little boys. Hahahha I hope the dementors helped them run faster.
Congrats on doing such good for the community during a tough time for you!
Enjoy the bagels!


PRISON MIKE! Absolutely haha. Now I have to show Knox that episode together:). Thanks Molly, I definitely took a nap after!


Here’s something fun– my best friend texted me asking if I wanted to run a half marathon together in two weeks. I don’t know the last time I even ran one mile (haven’t been running since the twins were born…), but I said sure. So the last few days I’ve been getting out there. It may be slow, but it will happen! Sending you love, Janae. Can’t believe all you accomplished while still processing Mer’s death. You’re a force.


COURTNEY. This is the best news. Oh I am thrilled for you both and I want to hear all about it:). Thank you, I tried to change the date but they couldn’t so I did my best:). Hope you have a beautiful day!


You are such an inspiration to me. You helped me thru my first marathon (st george 2019), my 2nd marathon (ogden 2022), and my first 70.3 (half ironman st geoege). I’m hoping to possibly conquer a 140.6 (chatanooga) next september. I love reading your blog every morning. My biological grandpa (I was adopted at age 7) just passed away this week. I’m driving from Utah out to Indiana to be at his funeral saturday and to see my bio dad and aunts and uncles. I’m excited to see all of them but bummed I never got to hug my grandpa since I was little. Thank you for all of your stories and experiences, dedication to your sport and wisdom bits of advice I have learned from your blog. I have 7 children and a couple of ours are the same age so its fun for me to read about what your kids are doing as well. I’m sorry about your loss of Mer. Losing those we love is never easy. My adopted dad who raised me passed back in 2016 and that was difficult. Anyway just wanted to send you a note. Good luck in both your marathons in the next few weeks. I had heavily contemplated st george again this year but then a surgery happened and now a funeral so I’m glad I didn’t now. I’ll be cheering you on tho! Excited to see your travels. Good luck!


Jenny. Your comment made me tear up. Thank you for sharing this with me and taking the time out of your day to tell me this. I am so sorry about the loss of your biological grandpa. You must be processing through so many different emotions at this time. I wish so badly you got to hug him again too. I can’t imagine what you went through when you lost your adopted dad. You are so strong. Your seven kids are the luckiest to have you. I’m thinking of you and please keep me updated with your life. Thanks Jenny for brightening my morning!


What a great event and your mother-in-law is definitely a rock star running with Skye!

Les is one week from R2R so we did his last long hike yesterday – 13 miles with 3200′ of climbing and descending. Our legs are pretty trashed but he’s ready! He’s also getting more confident with his running and is talking about a half marathon ;)

My mother-in-law was my biggest cheerleader when it came to my blog. I was intimidated to have her read it since she was a published author of quite a few books, but she always had something kind to say. I know you’ll miss having Mer to talk to and share your blog with.


RIght?! She trained for it and did so well! WOW. That is an awesome hike, you two are goals too. I love how active you guys are. I loved reading that about your MIL. That is the kind of person I want to be. I LOVE your blog. It always makes me so hungry:). Hope your morning is off to a great start, Kathy!


Thinking of you, Janae! You have been BUSY! But all wonderful and positive things that Mer would have loved for you!


Hope you are holding your family close :). Thinking of you guys!

Our life update we took River to the pumpkin patch and she had a blast. She got too close to some baby chocks and nearly had a run in with the mama. I did my first run after dark in awhile last night..headlamp season and running out the stress.

Hope you have a good day and happy tapering Janae


Congrats on the Fun Run, 385 kids, that’s amazing!! And maybe it helped to have something else to pour your energy into.
And Skye ran 2.08 miles? I means it’s an awesome accomplishment for all the kids, but on those little legs? How fun she got to run with your MIL.

And I love the pic with the camera accidentally turned backward, it shows how big your love for your kids running is!!

Yay for your last double digit run, hope you can get some rest and soak up all the Mer memories and see the special ways she’s still smiling down on you!


The fun run!!! My most favorite day of the school year! I was in charge of the one at my kid’s school for years! I’m so happy, too, that you’ve had some bright spots during this hard time. And that you’ve had family around.
Quick life update…. our oldest son bought his 1st car the other day. Both boys are home and working. I don’t know if I mentioned that our youngest is taking a semester break. He actually has made a very good “grown up” decision to put his mental health first. The puppy is doing great and I think is potty trained (fingers crossed, ha ha). We’re all feeling pretty happy.
You all are still in my thoughts and prayers ❤️

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