Good morning! I didn’t run yesterday and today I’ll go out for 2-3 miles. I’m considering wearing one adidas and one Nike today for half a mile to help me make my final decision on shoes for the race.

I am sick of carbohydrates which means I’ve done the carb load correctly.

We made it to the red dirt!

Everyone in our family is happier in St. George.

We went straight for a lizard search and then to the store to grab groceries because the restaurants are too busy during marathon weekend here.

I got to work getting things out and ready. This marathon really snuck up fast on me.

I can’t believe I get to do this again tomorrow (Lauren will be spectating this time but we will run it together next year):

I have some favorite things to share today:

*Mer gave me this ring of hers a few months ago and I don’t want to ever take it off. I’m going to wear it tomorrow for the race.

*I found a sweatshirt that feels just like my lululemon oversized sweatshirts. I’m in love with it and the price and they come in so many great colors.

*I’ve been wearing this shirt all of the time. I love it on its own and with a jacket.

*The only sheets I will ever buy again. I still can’t get over the price.

*The kids are loving these lunch box jokes and pass them around the table.

*It’s time to bring out my favorite skull sweatshirt from Amazon that I wear throughout October.


What are your weekend plans?

Any tips for me tomorrow?

Wear any jewelry when you run?

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Good luck in your race!!! Tomorrow is a run, then farmers market with my boyfriend, and dinner at night with a friend from out of town.


YAY! Marathon weekend! I wish you a sense of peace while running given all the emotions you’ve had the past few weeks.
This weekend is jam packed for me. LONG run tomorrow, travel to middle school cross country meet, an art show, spectate Chicago Marathon (!!!), medium run, family dinner, try to go to cookbook club.
Have a great weekend!!
PS my in-laws came into town last night. We are trying to nail down a family trip to Souther Utah next spring. I am so excited!


Good luck tmrw! Mer will be watching you and she will be so proud!


What a gorgeous ring! And such a special sweet Mer thing to have.
Yay for race weekend! Don’t forget to find the joy. And run the mile you’re in. You’re going to do amazing!!
Ok, the T-shirt is on sale, so I am copying you and order one for myself. Does it run true to size?
It’s going to be very hot again this weekend, so early morning runs for sure, then not doing a lot outside.
Today is my husband’s birthday! We’ll most likely go out for sushi tonight. And I think I will make a chocolate orange cheesecake for him (his favorite) after he leaves for school.
Enjoy your weekend, and go Rock the Run!!


your special Mer ring is so lovely – may you feel her love and spirit through it. Grabbing that skill sweatshirt – so fun. Hope you kill St George – wait that comes off hostile and weird – haha – you know what I mean. Enjoy!


Good luck tomorrow. Your ring is beautiful. Mer will be with you every step of the way!!
Loving those Amazon crews. I’m all about comfort this time of the year :)


Good luck tomorrow, I’m racing St. George too and an also sick of carbs. I had some strawberries with breakfast and felt like I was having the biggest treat with produce 😂😂
Love love the ring, how very special.


Happy Friday Janae! Have an amazing race tomorrow and have lots of fun! Mers ring is gorgeous.

It is Canadian Thanksgiving so an extra long weekend:). Not sure we will do turkey. Finding my road running legs after spending a summer on trails.


Good luck tomorrow!!! I didn’t wear jewelry until I got my ears double pierced, now I always have those in! I’m so sorry about Mer. What a special way to honor her with that ring. I was close with my grandma too but lost her when I was 16. What is the gray outfit you’re wearing in the first picture? It’s so cute, wondering if you have a link! Thanks!


Good luck tomorrow! I am running Chicago on Sunday and hope to come in about 4 hours 🙏🏼. I always wear a shirt dedicated to someone special. Chicago is dedicated to my daughter as Saturday is the anniversary of her passing. So happy to have my boys with me to celebrate this race.


Tip: Let the memories of Mer come along for the ride tomorrow.


My weekend plans involve fly to Utah tomorrow (From Alaska) to go visit our daughter that is in boarding school there. We’ll drive through St. George on Sunday morning. Any suggestions on a good coffee shop for us to hit on our way through?


GOOD LUCK!!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!


Have a great run! There’s no doubt that Mer will get you to the finish line safe and quickly. You definitely will have wings!


Wishing you luck on tomorrow! Before getting my ears double pierced, I never wore jewelry; today, I wear those all the time.

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