YOUR accomplishments, a trail run and PUMPKIN EVERYTHING.

Back together again and it feels so nice.  Josse is feeling so much better (her body was not happy on marathon day)  so we hit the trails for some sunshine (even though it was 40 degrees).

We kept it nice and slow but finished up with 6.3 miles.  This is my favorite season for running, that is for sure.  It is incredibly refreshing after a hot hot summer.

IMG 8983

We attempted a picture together and this was our best one.


My IT band reminded me it was there after the run so a little stretching and we were good to go.  The kids were playing 1,2,3 FREEZE!!!!

IMG 8994

And a heavenly sandwich for lunch!

IMG 9001

Andrew and I have started our hunt for the best pumpkin bread and we made two separate recipes the other night with the help of Brooke.


We made THIS healthy greek yogurt pumpkin bread and it was delicious!  Not as sweet as most pumpkin bread recipes that I am used to but it was really good.  It has coconut oil, oat flour, greek yogurt and all sorts of goodness in it.  Andrew also under cooked both of these a little bit because that is the best way to eat baked goods.


The second type we made was this—>  World’s Best Pumpkin Bread Recipe.  Also, incredibly good.  It was super soft and full of that pumpkin taste we are obsessed with.  We have about 50 more loaves to make before we make our final judgement on which pumpkin bread is the best.


One last pumpkin item to discuss, I need to make these with the kids asap!

IMG 8976


THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!! If you want to share your accomplishments send them to [email protected] !!  I will post them towards the end of each week so send them on in so we can celebrate YOU!

LISA!!!  “Today I ran my 7th half marathon.  I was sick all week, fever of 102.6 on Monday.  I adjusted my goal for 1:55.  Well I had no idea the course was so hilly.  I live in a very flat area so hills are not the norm for me.  I pushed myself and even though some hills got me and I needed some walk breaks (especially at mile 11).  I still made it onto the podium, for the first time ever! My official time was 2:01, good enough for third place.  Not a PR and not near my goal but I’m so proud of how I ran today.”


CLARK!!!  “A little back story. Last year I ran this very local race.  Indeed it’s so close to home I ran to the start line and ran home after for a total of 18.9 miles.  That was my longest run prior to my first marathon last October.  It also landed me with scary IT band issues about 20 days before marathon race time.  This year my IT band problems migrated to my other knee and showed up about 5 weeks ago.  I started going to a new physio and returned to my chiropractor.  Also bought a goofy knee strap just in time for race day.  None of the medical folks were particularly encouraging about running 13.1 on Sept 25 but they also knew I was going to the start line no matter what.  They urged caution.  I drove to the race this time.  Nevertheless, .2 miles into the race and I was going to stop.  My knee was hurting bad, but shortly after I found a good pace.  It was good to ease the pain, but also too fast for a negative split and too fast for a course that gets hilly and warmer in the latter half.  The massive hill at mile 7.5 forced me to slow to a fast stride walk and then the knee seized up tight.  It was hard to get moving again.  Somehow I got back up to a decent speed and gutted out the rest.  The end of the run is a hill sprint to the finish- evil – and that’t the face of pain… and a 2+ minute PR! Of course I struggled to walk the next 2-3 days and the docs are still working to get me back to normal.  But there’s this ten-miler on Oct 15th… (Don’t be like me… aka more determined than smart).”


SARAH!!!  “Last weekend I also had an important race- my first serious race after returning from my foot stress fracture (that happened in early June), thus two months after being allowed to run again.  I chose the Cologne Half Marathon (germany) as it appeared to be a very scenic course, making the race somewhat entertaining.  Furthermore, this is the city I met my now-husband for the first time.  And again, this location brought good luck to us:  I finished in 1:25:40 which is entirely satisfactory for me during this stage of training.  Besides also my husband ran a new PR.  I chose to wear my ‘be happy go running’ tank top afterwards to support the runners that competed in the full marathon later (see picture-I seemed to be charmed by my gained medal).  I saw many smiles along the way in return.”

IMG 20161002 WA0005


I hope you are having a beautiful day and I’ll see you in the morning!! xoxoxo


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I love doing taste tests. Buying or making a bunch of different versions of the same item and finding the best one.


I’m baking two types of cookies tomorrow : one m&m and the other is reese’s pieces. I decided to bake cookies for birthday party treat bags rather than buying bunches of candy and stupid toys. I get to taste test but send most of the calories home with the party guests. It seems like a win – win.


Love pumpkin anything!! Loving pumpkin cherios right now! Bread looks amazing!!


Hi Janae- where is your hooded pullover from? It’s a beautiful color!

and i can’t wait to see the results of the pumpkin bread! looks delicious!

Congrats on the marathon! And I’m glad Josse is feeling better!


HEY TIFFANY!!! I got that one at Gap Fit a few years ago… I love it! Thank you so much and I hope you are having a beautiful day!




It’s always really exciting to see someone you know or places you recognize, especially when you wouldn’t expect it.

I’m currently living in Cologne and immediately recognized the Dom! (That huge cathedral in the back of Sarah’s picture.) While I didn’t run in the marathon or half I did have my longest run ever with 10.5 miles. I even got to run on the course for the last quarter mile or so since they closed down the road in my neighborhood.

The Cologne Marathon (or Half) is definitely on my bucket list. This city is beautiful! Congrats Sarah!


Thanks, Allison!
As you already mastered 10.5 miles (17ish kilometers I guess), aiming for the half-marathon distance next year appears to be a great idea to keep motivated running throughout the winter :D “be happy – go running” is also applicable in your case ;)
I loved the course and all the people cheering at the runners all along the way.


Thanks for Sharing Technical information and importance of Blog..


I just made our pumpkin bread recipe into muffins and added mini-chocolate chips. It’s so easy!

And Sarah up there in accomplishments running a 1:25 half after a June stress fracture? Wow!!!! Cologne is one of my favorite cities-so beautiful and great city running!!!


Just saved both pumpkin recipes and I am 100% making them within the next few days ! #allthepumpkin


Your run looks like it was gorgeous! There’s nothing better than fall running.

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