Silentish Saturday!

(Tank, shorts, shoes, bra)

6 miles @ 8:32 average

I love it when our roses come to life again for one last hurrah before it gets cold.

Skye got to have grandma day at school… I wanted to come too😭

First time having a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of mac and cheese. Some days you can truly not have enough cheese.

Our favorite hobby.

They had the best time together.

Hot chocolate season is here.

He came home after a rough day at work… Andrew sees some extremely hard cases.

He came outside with his head lamp ready for night games.

It’s-It with the neighbors.

22 here I come. Nell said yesterday in the comments—> “Robin Arzon says in some of her Peloton classes: “Feelings off, power on!” I’m using this for my mantra today.

Tell me three things you have going on today!

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3 things…..well the 3 biggest, 60 mile training ride, 3 mile run, and 9 holes of golf with the guy….I will sleep good tonight. This is the last big training weekend before 70.3 on the 30th!


60 MILE TRAINING RIDE?! Katrina. That is amazing along with your run and 9 holes! You are on fire and I want to hear all about your 70.3! GOALS.


I hope your 22 miler went well! Almost time to taper!

We have two soccer games for the kiddos today and then game night with friends, it’s nice to get back to routine after being gone so long.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow, we are going to the mountains for one last alpine lake paddle and to see if the leaves are changing color. I wonder if we will have an epic snow year again (we are in Colorado) have you heard if UT is supposed to get a lot again this year?

Also really looking forward to getting back into consistent running after a long break!


Thank you! The taper has finally arrived. I want to hear all about your Europe trip. Enjoy getting back to routine! And that lake paddle sounds DREAMY! I have heard that it is predicted to have another similar winter so I’m looking into treadmills haha. We can do this, Beth;). Happy weekend!


I feel for Andrew with the tough cases! Hugs to him.
Yay, Beck’s lip looks completely healed. And such a fun day for Skye and your mom.
3 things this weekend… Finish cleaning the house (it’s such a chore with a puppy, ha), finish getting the fall decor out, and hopefully a couple of good long walks with my hubby and Nala.
I hope your long run goes great today! And yes, I love that quote from Robin.
Have a great weekend Janae 😊


Thank you, Wendy! And you are so right, his lip is back to itself again. Oh I bet the puppy has added a bit more work in many areas haha. But just the cutest thing ever:). Enjoy the decorating and I keep thinking about those trees… broken heart. Thanks Wendy, you too!


3 things – bike ride, yoga, a quick trip to the grocery store.

You were talking about running in the dark earlier this week. Would you mind posting some tips for being seen? I was on my bike this morning and it was still dark out. I had on multiple lights and a reflective jacket. A runner was running towards me in the bike lane, in all black, and somehow didn’t even notice me until I yelled, “hey!” I was forced into a traffic lane (thankfully there were no cars there.) I appreciate that she was running facing traffic, but I think she was doing something with her phone because she didn’t seem to realize I was there. One more tip if you are running in the bike lane – treat cyclists like cars, let them have the outside of the lane, don’t put them up against the curb.

Hope your long run was epic!


I needed to know that tip! Oh, that is scary! Honestly, I don’t even think like that because when I’m running in the dark, I try to be on the river bath which has specific bike/running lanes and no cars. I need to bring this up in a post to see what people think! I hope your day is a wonderful one, thanks Kathy!


I can only image what Andrew sees at work. It’s so sad to see young moms being carted off for organ harvest. But then knowing that multiple people are getting a new lease on life. All. The. Emotions.
Today: Run (check). Work (currently). Following stage 20 of La Vuelta. Alexa, please play Earth Wind & Fire “Sepp-tember.”
Wishing you a good run following by hours in the hot tub!


Exactly. I want him to be able to see more of the people that are benefiting from the donations because he is only seeing the victims and I don’t know how he handles it emotionally! Bahah how did you know I was just about to jump in the hot tub🤣 I am predictable. Enjoy stage 20 and the rest of your weekend! Thanks molly!


13 mile long run, breakfast with friends, and watching my nieces soccer games!


Sounds like a beautiful morning! I hope your nieces have a great game! They are so lucky to have their aunt there cheering.


I’m running Snow Canyon half in November! My parents live in Arizona so we are driving to ST. George for 5 days. I need all the restaurant recommendations plus tips for the race please!! I’m coming from Wisconsin where it’s only humidity and very few hills!! I’m so excited!!


What shorts are those? Can you link them!! They look comfy


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