Marathon Training Week #2!

(shorts, bra

After three days at the beach with four kids, I just couldn’t get myself up out of bed to do a long run on Saturday.

We were all toast so I did my long run on Sunday instead which was nice because  I was sitting most of Saturday (in the car) and got to skip the humidity.

Plus, it was good practice for a hot and dry race day in St. George.


I think this was probably my first long run/workout completely alone in over a year… not going to lie, it was much harder mentally without people in pain with me.

The other test of this workout was keeping track of it in my head (I should have programmed it in my watch ahead of time)…

I started with a 4.5 mile warm-up and ended with a 2.5 mile cool-down.  This workout made the miles fly by, try it!

Fartlek Ladder (in minutes)–> on,(easy) – 1,(1),2,(2),3,(3),4,(4),5,(5),4,(4),3,(3),2,(2),1,(1),2,(2),3,(3),2,(2),1(1).

You know you are a marathoner when the longer intervals are your favorite ones of the workout.


I had a bathroom break, bottle refill stop and a few stoplights:

She wanted to go out again.  I need to sign her up for the kid’s races they do in the fall in our area… she did a mile of run/walking yesterday.


These two missed some soccer practices while they were gone so they got out and ran a mile too.  I told them I’d pay them a dollar a mile this week so let’s see how this goes.

The best part of Saturday was spending time with Andrew’s grandparents, his aunts and uncle and cousins.  Andrew’s grandpa turns 89 next week and is going to go play a round of golf to go celebrate.  

They took us to their favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Cabos in Orange.  My shrimp fajitas were all I could have ever wanted and the kids were in heaven ordering drinks because we usually say no🤣

Other weekend highlights included Beck taking a much needed nap on Sunday (he went five days without a nap and he still neeeeeeeeeds naps), swimming and lizard catching (attempts… they are too fast for us).

Marathon training week #2 (aka week #2 of formal training but I had a solid base of miles with some shorter speed workouts leading up to it):

Monday: 9.18 miles with 1,286 ft of climbing on trails @ 9:11 average.

Tuesday:  13.08 miles @ 7:36 average.  4 x 3’, 2’, 1’ (minutes) with equal recoveries to the upcoming interval.  IE after the 3 minute interval we took a 2 minute recovery jog before starting the 2 minute speed interval.

Wednesday:  11.3 miles  @ 8:19 pace

Thursday:  6.4 miles @ 8:24 pace

Friday: 4 miles @ 8:29 pace

Saturday: off!

Sunday: Fartlek Ladder, on,(easy) – 1,(1),2,(2),3,(3),4,(4),5,(5),4,(4), 3,(3),2,(2),1,(1),2,(2),3,(3),2,(2), 1 (1). 16 miles total at 7:27 average.

60 miles for the week!


Give me some highlights from your weekend!

What is your goto order at a Mexican restaurant?

Do you prefer doing speed solo or with people?

Are you good at procrastinating your runs or getting right to them?

-When I am running alone and don’t have set in stone plans… I’m excellent at the procrastination.

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I love some chicken fajitas………….we always order without tomatoes & rice……..that way you get more chicken/peppers/onion in the skillet, and you get more beans on the plate:) I seriously could eat fajitas multiple times a week.

I am great at procrastinating my runs. Probably the best I know.

A highlight was a scavenger hunt run on Thursday (not quite the weekend, I know) where ON shoe reps were there and I tried out some new shoes. I liked them, but I am not sure if I liked them enough to pay full price. I did find a flag they hid though, and won a pretty cool water bottle.
Friday we went to a Lookouts game (our local minor league baseball team) and it’s the perfect way to spend a summer night! They won & there were fireworks!

I have my long run tomorrow (my saturday) and it’s going to be 91 degrees before humidity……….I actually canned my run yesterday because of 90 degree temp, 99 degree real-feel, and a dewpoint of 75! It was gross, and I usually love running in the summer weather, but that was too much!

Have a great week!


Good call on not running in 75 dew point with the temp in the 90’s. That is into danger levels for exercise.

Did you know that dew point, temperature and relative humidity are all mathematically related? (Sounds like you do)

90 degrees at 75 dewpoint is only 61% relative humidity. Which is why 75% humidity can actually be more pleasant than 61% humidity, temperature dependent.

Calculate Temperature, Dewpoint, or Relative Humidity


The fajitas look so good!

Highlights…we are currently on a road trip and I ran a 40 mile race at manning park on Saturday. I found some strong girls to run with and wildly expected my own expectations but realized at the end I had more left in me 🤣. I got to cheer in the final 120 mile runners ..who were out there for almost 48 hours !! This wasn’t the highlight part but the race had so much mandatory gear and the gear was the same weather you were running 40 miles or 120 (there were also 50 mile and 100km distances). I was so excited to take my pack off

We arrived in Kamloops yesterday afternoon and are making another stop somewhere before arriving in Jasper tomorrow.

Have a great day Janae!


This weekend was my last before school starts, so I was busy doing all the teacher stuff- starting year 15 as an educator (not sure how that happened so fast)! My go to at any Mexican place is steak and shrimp fajitas. I’m normally not a big steak person, but I love it in fajitas! And of course, ALL the chips and salsa! Love to see Skye so excited about running; she has such a good, healthy role model in you. :) Have a great week Janae! Happy Monday! :)


Emily! Year 15, wow. I hope you have the best class and year yet. The craziness at the start of the year… so much to do and so much excitement. I hope you get some steak fajitas. Thank you, that means a lot.


I’m with you..if I’m running with friends I know I have to show up but if I’m running alone, it’s easy to come up with excuses

This weekend we had a quick trip to my home town..a lot of driving for us, and yesterday we had 3 soccer games in the rain..I’m tired today

I love Mexican. I love fajitas, nachos, tacos

Ps- where is your adorable outfit (t shirt/shorts) set from?

Have a great week!


Thank you, Ashlea! Seriously those excuses just pile up so easily when we are on our own. Ummm yeah that sounds exhausting. Here are the links, I’m wearing it so much haha:


Enjoy being back in a low humidity area. Ha.
I too don’t know when marathon training officially started. I just rolled into it.
Highlight of the weekend…when my power came back on so I could shower before work after running 14 miles.
Good luck with vacation laundry today!


Bahaha look at us… just starting training out of nowhere. Power outage?! How come. Glad it got back on and hope your week is a beautiful one… off to do laundry!


So glad you had a good trip. And fun that you were able to spend some time with Andrew’s family. Did I ever tell you that my husband and I met in Orange? We both went to Chapman University and met my freshman year. We love old town Orange!
So, I think I broke my toe, not my favorite highlight from the weekend. I was taking the puppy outside at 2:45 am, missed a step, stumbled, then when I got up this morning I felt the pain. Oh well… Puppy-hood can be rough, ha.
Great job on getting your long run done solo! Have a good Monday!


A broken toe… NO! I am so so sorry. I hope it is feeling better asap. Those puppy weeks/months/years can be rough. I DIDN’T KNOW YOU GUYS MET THERE. I love it so much. So beautiful. Keep me updated with your toe!


Hi Janae! One way to not procrastinate the run for me is to look at the weather forecast and realize I only have a small window to run in if I want good weather! That usually works out well for me.
I love burrito bowls!
This weekend I went camping and the best part was sleeping in my hammock! It was great weather.
Have a great day!


We just back from California this weekend, but the exact opposite end of the state – way north! I looooove Southern California though, I wish I was running there right now! Shrimp fajitas for me too, I had the best ever in San Diego this past May. Mmm I’m drooling. I have never really run with people but I don’t mind going solo. Some day maybe I’ll find a group. I want to try the Saucony’s you posted about the other day!


I hope you guys had the best time in Northern California, it is so gorgeous up north. I hope you get those shrimp tacos again someday soon. Let me know if you try the Saucony’s and have a great night!


We had an awesome weekend – Mexican food from Cholo’s in Haleiwa, relaxed at our favorite beach park (mostly locals with families) saw giant sea turtles, finished with shave ice from Matsumoto’s. Yesterday we hiked Tantalus – crazy trails with amazing views!

My order at Cholo’s was a combo plate – chicken enchilada and shredded beef taco.

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