Brought Back Memories + My Training Log

I left for my run when it was still dark outside… that hasn’t happened in a while:).   The friends I met for the run were more than worth it!

The early (for me ha… I’ve lost my discipline in the mornings) alarm was also worth it to have people to run on the trails with too.

It has been a very long time since my last trail run and it reminded me of how much I love them and how much my legs need them for training.  While I’m not out there knocking out  the same speed workouts I used to do right now, I think getting back on the trails will help me get back into training because all of the ups naturally make us faster.

IMG 5493

I haven’t climbed that many feet in a long time!  We did a total of 10 miles @ 9:17 average.

IMG 5500

My good friend is training for the same 50 miler that I did last year and using the same plan that I used… Her fuel and hydration vest brought back many memories.

IMG 5496

The rest of my day pretty much looked like this.  Skye was pretty miserable the entire day but by the evening she did keep down a little bit of food and had a few more smiles.

IMG 5541

Oh and I did eat a maple bar with my brother and his family that stopped by for a little bit!

IMG 5539

Here’s to hoping everyone wakes up healthy today!

IMG 5537


This is how last week looked for me:

Monday: 10 miles @ 8:13

Tuesday: 8 miles @ 8:20 on the treadmill

Wednesday: 8.09 @ 7:36 (with 2 miles of one minute fast, one minute easy)

Thursday: 8.06 @ 8:15 average

Friday: 7.36 miles @ 8:44 average

Saturday:  10.08 miles @ 9:17 average

Sunday: Off!

51.59 miles last week!


What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

What do you have going on today?

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Hardest run was Monday when I did an incline workout on the treadmill. I lifted right after it and I was SO tired. Monday’s are my busy day at work and since I workout at 5 am, I was wiped!! Friday I did 10 miles and that was the longest since my have marathon on 12/15. It was fun but we had high winds and it was in the 20s, so a little chilly at times. I have the CRZ thermal lined leggings and they do the job. They do run a little bigger then their other leggings. I really love distance, hate speed, but every time I hit a 10 miler I wish I had more to do!!

I know you own the CRZ long sleeve shirts, do you stick them in the dryer?


Incline workouts are TOUGH and you lifted afterwards? Yeah, I would have been dead! Back to double digits post marathon wahoo… way to get out there in those temperatures. I do stick mine in the dryer and they dry really well! I am seriously so amazed by all of the CRZ products. I hope you have had a great weekend!


I hope Skye feels better very soon. I hated it when my kids were sick . It is just so hard not being able to make it better. I honestly don’t want to alarm you and I am sure that you have considered this and maybe even have had her tested but her paleness looks a lot like my 3 year old when she had viral meningitis. Seemed like the flu but she just didn’t get better so after two days we took her in. Hope she is back up and running around today .


Oh sarah, thank you for reaching out! I bet that was SO so so scary! Luckily, Skye is eating and acting more like herself now but I can’t thank you enough for watching out for us. I hope you are having a great day and thanks again!


I am so glad she is better! I hope this is the last of the illness in your family this season. Seriously the worst thing ever when your kids are sick !


Can you link what running light vest or head light you use when you run so early and it’s still dark outside?! I’m in the market for a good one :-) happy Sunday!!


Hey Jessica! This is my favorite head lamp and I hope you love it too!

I hope you are having the most wonderful day!

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