Silentish Saturday…

7.3 miles in the snow done and done!

Beretta probably also ran 7 miles around in the backyard… she was so excited about the snow.

IMG 5422

Another run with Emilee and neither of us have slipped on ice this winter so that’s a huge success.

IMG 5418

Skye’s only smile yesterday…

IMG 5452

We were up with Skye most of Thursday night because she was sick and then yesterday we took her into the doctor and spent the rest of the day at home.   She tested negative for the flu and the doctor said it was just a virus.

IMG 5458

We got new carpet yesterday in half of our house.. I should have taken a better after picture ha.

IMG 5459

We ordered cookies.

IMG 5466

Fruity Pebbles cookie for the win.

IMG 5475

He decided to eat his cookie like cereal.

IMG 5474

Caught up on This Is Us.

IMG 5472

Really hoping that Skye is back to getting into things and running around the house today!  We have sure had a lot of sickness over here this winter!

IMG 5403

Time for an early and very cold run today!

IMG 5476


Tell me three things you are doing today?!

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Wishing good health to your family.
Three things I’m doing today…
1-3 My first born daughter is getting married today!


DIANE!! What an exciting day! I am so thrilled for your family:) CONGRATS!


Hope you are all feeling better! Today I plan on a treadmill run, some errands, and maybe some organizing. Hopefully at least 2 of those things get done! My biggest goal this weekend is just to read…it feels so cozy and refreshing! Have a great weekend, Janae!


I love that goal and I should join you in that. I hope you have a wonderful day Kristin!


Hoping little Miss Skye feels better soon!

1 Working 2 visiting my Momma 3 getting in my 12 miler (hoping yesterday’s ice has all melted)

Have a great weekend Janae


I hope the ice is melted and that your 12 miles are amazing. Thanks LC and you too!


Poor Skye. I caught the flu from my 2 year old yesterday. Not fun! Feeling human today though so I’m looking forward to eating again haha.

Fruity pebbles was my favourite cereal as a kid but they don’t sell it in Canada anymore (that I know of) so whenever I travel to the US I always buy a box and take it home with me in my suitcase lol!


Oh I hope your little Skye feels better soon!! My kids have been so sick this winter! We have basically been living at the pediatricians office. I really hope it stops soon! Have a great weekend, Janae!


Oh no, sure hope Skye is back to herself soon. We’ve also had sickness this winter, the kind that seems to linger. We are hunkering down inside as we are currently getting a snow/ice storm. So, getting grocery list and meal planning done, better bake some cookies because yours looked so good and getting random inside things checked off our to do list.


Janae, I hope Skye feels better soon!! I also hope you are enjoying your snowy runs! Glad to hear you guys haven’t slipped at all. I just wanted to drop a note saying I had my baby! She’s a beautiful little girl we named Amelia! I really enjoyed reading back through all your Skye pregnancy posts while we waited for her these past some-odd weeks. Now I better go nap since she’s sleeping! Cheers!


AHHH EMILY!! Congratulations and I absolutely love her name. So thrilled for you and I hope you are getting an amazing nap right now!


Poor Skye! Praying she gets better soon and no one else gets it. 3 things today: 10 miles on the treadmill! That ties for my longest treadmill run and I didn’t feel like I was going to lose my mind with boredom so I’m considering that a win! Errands and some cleaning rounds out the day. Yesterday we had a snow day and I fully embraced the laziness of staying inside so today I should probably get something done.


Poor Skye, I’m glad it wasn’t the flu. I haven’t caught up on This Is Us yet but I’m so excited to watch the new episodes. We are still in soccer tournament mode. Gymnastics is done and Kylie got her highest scores EVER. Third place overall.??????


AHHHH KYLIE!!! THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!!! So glad this Vegas trip worked out so well!!


I ran two miles today after having been sick since November 7, with almost three weeks in the hospital. I am so grateful to be back out there again after all this time. I am embarrassed to say that I am proud of that short distance, but I am. It’s the first step to getting back to full health.


Maureen. I am so terribly sorry about what you have been going through these last few months. You better be proud of that distance. I am so glad you are okay. PLEASE keep me updated with how you are doing!


The build for Tokyo continues with 32km on the plan for today, but it was -27C with the windchill. So I called it a success after 25Km and so thoroughly enjoyed my coffee and cinnamon roll afterwards with friends. Training thru the winter certainly has its challenges, but it builds mental toughness. So hoping Skye feels better today and is back to normal. Have a great weekend!


Poor Skye:(
3 things: penguins, moving today’s run to tomorrow (rain and wind!), and meeting my sister Tristabelle for her first wedding dress appointment!!


I have that same shirt from Athleta and wore it yesterday on my 12 mile run. The only part of my body that was cold were my hands. It was sooooo windy and cold. I do love my shirt though. I just need to get more hand warmers

Hope Skye is feeling better


We have had lots of sickness too. Ours seems to be on for 48 hours off for a week, on for 48 hours since December. I, cringworthy, started googling flu like symptoms because I could believe this was happening again……but then everyone around us has been in the same boat.
Hugs and hope she turns the corner.


Gute Besserung to Skye! I hope the rest of you stay well! (I’m a fan of Elderberry syrup…..)

I’m going to say the Fruity Pebbles cookies *sound* terrible but *look* delicious!!!

3 things were: my son made me breakfast in bed, went mountain biking, cleaned out the fridge.

Sending healing vibes to your cute family!


Your fearlessness of running in the snow is incredible. I’m living on the treadmill these days!

Where are those thick cookies from? They look incredible!!

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