Friday Favorites!

(bra, shorts, shoes)

I keep forgetting to use my inhalers in the morning before a run, so Jenn told me to put them on my running shoes the night before, and that did the trick. It helped me to remember and breathe better because, weirdly, I’m having some allergies kick in again.

Time to get in more time on the dirt since I made an irrational decision to run another marathon. 10.53 miles @ 9:10 average with 1400 ft of climbing.

If you ever need a rollie pollie, ask Skye for one because she always has a few.

The girls and their friends organized a nature school for kids in the area. I guess this means they are craving to go back to school again.

Well, just when we thought we were in the home stretch and having a fridge indoors again, it’s going back, ha. It did not fit well in the space, so they are getting a smaller one now.

Our chicks have officially grown up, and we got our first egg from them yesterday.

We picked up some farm-fresh tomatoes and peaches and turned the tomatoes into pico the second we got home.

Finished up the evening with a soccer game.


I have just a few Friday Favorites for today:

*This Amazon top. My friend, Jess, has it in so many colors, and I have always thought it looked so good on her, so I copied her. It legit feels like a lululemon top. It has the best built-in bra (fewer layers make me happy), and the material feels so good against my skin. They have it in so many colors, and I have it in a size 6, which is what I wear in lululemon tops. I cannot recommend it enough. They also have a longer version here if you don’t want your stomach to show.

*This portable pocket fan is a life-saver. It is rechargeable and durable, and Brooke requires it to come with her to every soccer practice and game.

*By far the best popsicles on the planet and they are at Costco.

*Brooke chose these shoes out for her back-to-school shoes, and when they arrived, they didn’t fit her and fit me. I ordered the wrong size and learned that a 7M is a women’s 9… or a 6.5M is a women’s 8.5 etc. So your size – 2 is what your youth size shoe is. Youth shoes are cheaper, so this might be a thing for me now and I’ll just order all of my shoes in a Youth 9 now. I’m obsessed with them and can’t wait to match with Brooke when a pair her size arrives.

*I don’t have these, but I saw they are on sale, so I thought I would share HERE… I love Hoka, and the reviews are fabulous for the Zinal Trail! I’m ordering a pair myself!


Have any favorite things from the week?

Looking forward to anything this weekend?

Who else has chickens?  How often do you get eggs?

Mild, medium or hot salsa/pico?

-Mild or medium for me.

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Um, that was a very rational decision!! hahah
I think I will maybe read a book this weekend since I won’t be watching 16 hours of TV. I have a group long run on Sunday that should be enjoyable.
If we lived in the same time zone I would be trying to swap fresh bread for fresh eggs with you!
Have a fun weekend!


Molly, that would be way too perfect of a trade. We could also come eat dinner at your house every night because you make the prettiest meals. I am sure there is something else on tv that will be fun to watch for 16 hours… hahah what about shark week or the world cup? JK let me know what book you end up reading. Have the best time at the group long run!


What are Rollie Pollies?

My favorite thing from the week is getting more settled into my new job. There seems to be a lot of opportunities coming up–I just need to believe in myself and not let self doubt creep in!
I get to go up to our cabin for a quick overnight trip with my oldest. They have a huge blueberry arts festival this weekend and she has wanted to go for years.

I love your clothes recommendations–my wallet not so much, ha!

The kids have chickens at my soon-to-be ex’s house. We go and “steal” them. We get 3-4 eggs/day and have 4 hens. They eggs are getting bigger–they started laying about 2 weeks ago. The kids still get so excited to check the laying boxes.

Have a great Friday, Janae!


Hey Becky! They are those little potato bugs that roll up into ball. Skye has been obsessed with them for weeks. I am so thrilled about how your new job is going and yes… believe in yourself. There is so much up ahead for you, I want to hear all about you. The blueberry arts festival sounds like so much fun. Enjoy and I hope you get to keep stealing those eggs forever. The eggs just taste so much better.


Hi! Just a friendly word of caution from your resident massage therapist. Youth shoes aren’t always built for adult weights and can flare up issues like plantar fasciitis and bunions due to their lack of support. I’m not saying never…just pay really good attention to how your priceless feet are feeling!


I would have NEVER thought about this. Thank you so so much for this point. So far these ones are beyond comfortable but I’ll pay close attention. Ummm can I come have you work on me, please?!?!? Have a beautiful day, Sarah!


I don’t like my food very spicy, so I’m always team mild/medium!

Re: your allergies, have you talked to your doctor about getting allergy shots? I finally decided on it last fall and this allergy season has been so much easier for me. Granted, it’s a long process, but that time is going to pass anyway, so why not be feeling better at the end of it? Highly recommend!


Thank you so much for sharing, Cynthia! I am SO glad you got the shots and that they are helping. Yes, I am definitely going to get those. My doctor kind of wanted to first work on the asthma and then zone in on the allergies so I’m guessing I’ll start those in a month or two? So excited to have a better summer next year. I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Janae, I haven’t purchased any Hoka trail shoes for a few years. How do you think they compare in size to Brooks? If I wear a 10 in brooks do you think it’s a 10 in Hoka trail?


Hey Liza! I wear the same size across the board in all running shoes (size 10) except for Saucony, I go up a half size. SO I would get a 10 if I were you:). You’ll have to let me know what you think of them. Have a beautiful day!


Our church is hosting Vacation Bible School this weekend and I’ve been asked to bring Rice Krispies treats. I’m making half with Fruity Pebbles. Pretty sure the brightly colored ones will go first.

Medium cantina style (small chunks) for me and mild, chunky salsa for Les!

Just a little caution on youth shoes – they typically aren’t as supportive as adult shoes. If you notice your feet hurting, that would be the first thing to consider. I’m a youth size 2 or 3 and definitely know how much cheaper they are – but you get what you pay for!


I must make those… my kids would love them! I’m with Les with the mild/chunky salsa. Oh goooooooooood point. I will have to pay attention. Thanks so much, Kathy! Have a beautiful day!


What is it with fridge heights these days? My brother and I lost our fridges at about the same time last year, and both of us had to cut our cabinets to accommodate them! I hope you get yours in soon!


I love when tank tops have a built in bra! I will definitely be checking that one out! And perfect timing for you to share those Hoka trail shoes. I need a pair of actual trail shoes.
Skye’s face with the egg, so cute. How many eggs do you typically get from your chickens each week?
I am looking forward to a weekend full of lazy days at the pool. My husband has one more week before he’s back to school, so we are definitely going to all the summer stuff.
Have a great Friday Janae


I think running a marathon is a great, rational decision :-) I am also with Andrew on the kids thing. For what it’s worth, I vote that you enjoy the rest of your life for YOU and your existing beautiful family.:)

I am spending the summer on Cape Cod and my favorite thing was jumping in the ocean after an amazing elliptical, run/walk on treadmill, peloton, run/walk with dog workout this morning!! Then I got a massage! It was seriously one of the best mornings of my entire life.

Happy weekend to you and Andrew and the kiddos!

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