Friday Favorites + Leaving on a Jet Plane.

(shorts, shoes, tank)

10.3 miles @ 7:50 pace.

I started my Friday off with my friend Kassi for a run. She won the Utah Valley Marathon last month, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.  It’s so fun to run together because Brooke and her oldest daughter are good friends, so we get to talk about their friendship too:)

And then it was a typical day with the kids.

Working hard to get better at painting nails because these girls have high expectations;)

Nobody loves edamame more than this dude.

There were some goodbyes yesterday because…

We are off to Kauai! The stars aligned, and everything fell into place for me and Andrew to get away for a few days. We needed to take Brooke out to her dad’s house, and Andrew had some time off from work, so we decided to add another stop after dropping her off:). We cannot wait.

Andrew has been to Maui several times, and I did a semester of college on Oahu, but neither of us has been to Kauai, so this will be an adventure.

Quick flashback to my Oahu days:


Time for some favorite things from the week!

*The sandals I didn’t know I needed. Never have my feet felt more comfortable in a pair of sandals in my entire life. They aren’t Andrew’s favorite ha, but I want to live in them now.

*#AD: I’m not sure I could ever live without Core Power.  I look forward to this moment during the last few miles of every single run.  I noticed a big difference in my recovery once I started drinking this, and it helped me to get back out there the next day and do what I love to do. 

PS This isn’t just for runners, everyone that works out needs to recover, and I find this to be the most delicious and easiest way to do so.  

Get it HERE!

*Kelly recommended this podcast to me after I talked about Scamanda. I chose to listen to it over going to sleep, which is saying something for me…

*I swear I have tried 100 different types of spandex over the years and take this matter very seriously. Nothing is worse than a pair that rides up or doesn’t have a great waistband or pockets. I think this pair from Adidas hits every standard of perfect running shorts. I ordered true to size, and I’m ordering another pair too. The 5″ length is perfect, not too short or long. They didn’t move at all during my 15 miler.  I’m so impressed with what you get out of these for $40.  I’m going to wear these for my next marathon.

PS Don’t mind the dirt on the side of them from my run:)

Have any favorite things lately?

Has anyone ever been to Kauai?  Tell me everything!

Any trips for you coming up?

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So glad you are liking Believe in Magic! Also, we just did the Incline yesterday (I shared about it in a comment a while ago on your blog) in Manitou Springs, CO. Soooo fun! I think your big kids could maybe do it with lots of breaks. Heck…my teenagers and I needed lots of breaks! Ha! Have so much fun in Hawaii!


I am so excited for you guys for your trip!
We went to Kauai and Maui for our honeymoon 18 years ago – we were only on Kauai for 4 nights, much of which were spent jet lagged (coming from the east coast)
But the good news is we are going back for 11 nights later this summer. 7 nights up North (which we only quickly drove through one afternoon) and then 4 nights down south. We couldn’t afford the Hyatt with the kids (we stayed there previously) but we are getting some spa time in.

Have a wonderful time!


Kauai is absolutely incredible!!! One of our favorite places to visit. Okay, so: foodwise – get the shaved ice, everywhere. Go to Tidepools for a nice romantic dinner. Island Craves Kauai has great donuts. Bubba Burger has great burgers and a nice vibe. Nana’s Snack Shack has delicious smoothie bowls!! There is a Canyon Trail hike, takes about 2-2.5 hours, but it’s a beautiful hike and you get to see Waipoo Falls which is like 800 ft tall. The Kauai ATV tours are amazing and will take you to the best places (you will get dirty so wear shorts / tank). Do not miss the Spouting Horn blowhole!! So cool!! Take a helicopter tour with Island Helicopters – they take you to see all the waterfalls, and you get to land at the Jurassic Park waterfall (spoiler alert: they play the best accompanying music while you’re flying). Tunnels Beach is our favorite…lastly if you have time, get a day pass to use the pool/beach at Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club. If you have time, go to the farmers market – they have the best macadamia nut cookies and smoothies. (Sorry, I wrote a book here, lol). HAVE FUN! RELAX!!!


I’ve never been to Hawaii but want to go so bad! I hope you and Andrew have the best, most relaxing time.
Also, PS—the Bobby pinned hair poof in your old Hawaii pic!!!! Can we bring those back?! Every pic from 2004-2008 I have one of those. 😂😂
I binged Scamanda and loved it. Have you listened to something was wrong? It reminded me of that…


I’m so jealous of your trip!! We went to oahu , kauai and maui for our honeymoon and it was so amazing. We have always planned to go back for our 10 year anniversary, which is next year. We are going to take our kids and I think will only do Kauai because it was my favorite. Have so much fun!!

Do you have a link to those adidas shorts? I’m always on the lookout for some good shorts with side pockets.


Thanks for catching that! It’s here:

So good to hear you loved Kauai so much! Excited for you guys to go back, thank you!


I’ve never been to Hawaii but its on my bucket list!! I hope you and Andrew have the best time
I LOVE those ugg sandals!!!


I went to Kauai last year and loved it! I cannot recommend doing a boat trip to the Na Pali coast enough! One of the best things I’ve ever done, ever. We did a zodiac raft tour with Kauai Sea Tours which included some snorkeling and landing on a secluded beach if the ocean allowed. So many dolphins!

I also loved Tunnels Beach. We parked at Haena Beach and walked over as Tunnels parking is limited. I recommend getting there in the morning. Hanalei is beautiful. Poipu Beach had turtles at sunset but I found the beach really crowded compared to the north shore beaches. Waimea Canyon was a cool trip. Best restaurants were Porkys in Waimea for a casual bite and Eating House 1849 for a nice dinner.


People hit some of the big ones above, but def. do a boat tour. We did ours with and can’t recommend them enough! Depends on which side of the island you are on though (i.e. what’s closest). This company was very professional, well organized, worth it. We did their afternoon tour.

Waimea Canyon (as other mentioned) is AMAZING. We went into Koke’e statepark (which is the very end of the drive) and did the Awa’awapuhi Trail hike which was challenging, beautiful and not very crowded.’

Def, def, like 100% bring hiking shoes or shoes you don’t mind trashing. I did not appreciate the amount of rain and mud there would be on the trails- I pair of my running shoes stayed over there.

Oh and traffic. Because there is just one main road and one lane bridges in some places it can get nuts. I would recommend looking at maps real quick before you head places to account for it.

Have a blast!


Oh Kauai is so magical! Be sure to walk around Hanalei Bay – cutest little town! And get lots of shave ice :) we loved the wishing well in Hanalei – great smoothies and shave ice. Also in Hanalei is this incredible restaurant Ama – a must-do if you can get in, the views are unreal. You truly cannot go wrong anywhere though. Have so much fun!


Amy did a good job promoting all the Kauai hot spots. Now I know where not to go when I return there! Thanks Ames!


Might have to try those shorts!! I love the baselines by Senita, but always looking for good summer options.

My favorite is making rice Krispie treats for cookouts. I hadn’t made them in years, but they were a huge hit at a 4th of July cookout!


We just got back from Kauai this week! It was my third trip there but first with our kids. So fun! Definitely check out Java Kai for breakfast/drinks. Smith’s Luau is super fun and Kalapaki Bay is one of the best beach areas.


wanna get to Maui someday soon again….but keep thinking there’s so much Canada I’ve never seen, so maybe to to the east coast instead….
I guess it’s a good thing….lots of riding and running this week. today a rest day to catch up on blogs..yikes


I’m so jealous! We loved Kauai!! We hiked Na Pali coast and then ate at La Spezia. That was such an amazing meal after a day of hiking. I can’t wait to hear about your trip! (and it appears all of your readers have been to this island-HA)
And let’s see, do I have any current favorites right now? You KNOW I’m going to say TdF and TADEJ POGACAR!! Yesterday’s stage was out of control amazing-with Emmanuel Macron mixed in on all that action. I’m still hyped today from that ending.
Does Knox have any favorite cyclists yet??
I’m off to buy those shorts.


Molly, I thought of you yesterday watching Tadej drop Vingegaard like it was nothing. How in the world he had that left in his legs after such a big day and at 13% (!!!) I just can’t understand. It’s so fun watching a legend.


You will come home from Kauai forever changed! That place has magic in the air! If you can get to the North Shore, the Hanalei pier has breathtaking views of the coast + unlimited rainbows :) Food wise, Hanalei Bread Company but get there early.

Enjoy!! You and Andrew deserve it!


OMG – I just finished Scamanda this morning….people are unbelievable! Now, I guess I will add this one too, haha


Your trip sounds like a dream. I hope you have the BEST time!!! Getaways are incredible.
SOMEHOW, Adidas has really become the big deal lately. They’ve always been in big-time visibility, but lately they’re everywhere. I’m glad that their running apparel is good to help you keep yourself in game shape for the next marathon in your plans. :)

Those UGG sandals. I NEED THEM. And in that color. And–womp womp–I’m not finding them in my size. I have a pair of flatform sandals that I got on the cheap on Poshmark (with tags still on!) from OTBT that I think are cute, but somehow those sandals look beyond amazing. And I oddly think they’re really cute? And that’s saying a lot–I don’t often find myself attracted to anything from Ugg. But those sandals. They look like a dream!!


Hi Janae! That is so exciting!!! I’ve only been to Maui so I don’t have any suggestions but have fun!!! Looking forward to hearing about your trip!


We are leaving for Kauai on Sunday!!!! Ahhhh!! Now I am going to be looking for you! LOL!! We are staying on the North Shore – Hanalei. We’ve been before. The beauty of the island makes me cry, it so amazing. A place God shows off a bit, I believe!! Safe travels! Have the best time!!


Kauai!!! How exciting! We spent our honeymoon there, 29 years ago, and are already planning a trip next summer for our 30th anniversary. It’s such a beautiful place.
So many great recommendations already listed above. The helicopter tour is amazing. Our favorite day was the catamaran cruise along the Napali coast. We left in the morning, stopped several times to snorkel, they had snacks, drinks, and lunch for us on the boat. It was such a great day! We can’t wait to go back!
Have a great travel day! Can’t wait to see all about your trip!


Kauai is the absolute best of all the Hawaii islands. It is the only island I am dying to go back to. It is exactly what you expect Hawaii to be. So chill and beautiful. Have a great time!!


Yahooooo for Hawaii, what a perfect quick getaway.

Friday favorites – the Bombas no show socks. I’ve recently switched to their running socks and LOVE them, but tried their no shows for sneakers (which I wear basically any time i’m not in running shoes) and they are amazing, don’t slip at all! And this amazing salmon recipe from Pinch of Yum. The basil sauce alone is to die for and I feel like this would be amazing with steak or shrimp too.
And Everyday favorite – I’m with Molly in watching the Tour de France. We’ve ridden a bunch of the passes in the Pyrenees they’ve been on this week and it’s so fun to see the little villages we’ve been and see how crazy fast these guys are going. They ride in one day what we would do in 3, hah!


We love Kauai!!!! We honeymooned there and have been back several times. Highlights: Waimea Canyon, Hanalei Bay, The Na Pali Coast – you can hike and we also kayaked the entire 17 mile stretch of coast that is unpaved, Fern Grotto, and Polihale State Beach. Eat all the fresh fruit and don’t miss Brick Oven Pizza – get the wheat crust and thank me later ;)


I have never been to Hawaii, so I will vicariously live through your pictures. I’m hoping to go for my 20 year anni with my husband in a few years.

We’re headed to Mammoth for a week next weekend. From a funny turn of events due to my kids being in club running here, we actually get to run with Deena Kastor. I’m low key freaking out, and can’t wait! Their ski season was extended through the end of July, so we may ski, and also mountain bike. But just being there and hiking is my favorite. It’s just so beautiful there!

And you wanted an update, my iron levels are on the low end of normal. So supplementing is helping! 🙌 I can start integrating running back in slowly. It isn’t much, but I’ll happily take it. Speaking of small steps, it sounds like you found a good inhaler. It seriously makes all the difference, and I’m sure it isn’t placebo. Turns out breathing really is important…🤣🤣🤣 who knew!! But really, it makes a huge difference. Still always here if you have questions, but it sounds like you’re on a good path. Have a blast in Hawaii!!


Kauai is the absolute best!! Make sure to hike the kalalau trail! It’s long and intense but the views at the end are spectacular. Years ago there was an amazing running trail on the east side, hope it’s still there. Have so much fun!!

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