Silentish Saturday!

(shorts, shoes, socks, tank, bra)



When you forgot to take your bandaid off before your spray tan.

Went to our two of our favorite places:

Stopped by to see the remodel my sis is doing on her bathroom!

Soccer game.

Dinner eat outside.

We love these.

Was going to race today but still feeling too tired for speed but still very excited for easy miles with friends!


Tell me three things you have going on today.

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My day in a nutshell:

–about to head to the gym . I must lift! Never skip leg day!
–dropping off food for a friend. Her first baby is due in August, and my baby gift for her isn’t something off of her registry–it’s about a month of freezer meals for dinner.
–Tom and I are going to the movies this afternoon. The new Wes Anderson film just came out, and I am a huge fan. :)
…and then it’s the boring stuff, like getting ready to teach my spin class tomorrow and making sure that I have all of my ducks in a row for the work week and I know what errands I need to run on Sunday.

Those gnocchi look AMAZING. Now I want them. (My big gnocchi obsession at TJ’s is the sweet potato gnocchi. SO GOOD as a side dish for a pork tenderloin!!!


Stephanie! Way to get in that leg day! That is the absolute best baby gift on the planet. You’ll have to let us know about the movie. Ohhhh that sweet potato gnocchi is so so good. Happy weekend and have a great spin class tomorrow!


Hi Janae! That’s a scary amount of pollen. My husband has gotten more sensitive to pollen over the years and now he has to take Allegra! We are going biking and then maybe camping we haven’t decided!
Have an awesome day!


I need to try out Allegra! Claritin is barely scratching my allergies right now. Ummm biking and camping sounds perfect (if you go camping)! ENJOY!


Stuffed gnocchi sounds so good!
I have already ran with friends, gardened and am about to eat second breakfast.
I need to do all my house chores today. I hope to break up the chairs with light reading.
Have a great weekend!


You must try it… so so good! You have already lived a full day this morning:). Good luck with the chores and I hope you get more reading done than chores ha. Thanks friend, you too!


Janae! I did my first race ever today (10k), and I wonder if it was the same? Timp. I’ve been running for years, but never raced, so I’m really grateful and stoked I finally was able to do it!!


CONGRATS TESS! That is huge, I am so happy. YES, I was going to do that race and now I’m bummed I didn’t meet you. I hope you celebrate all day. Races are so addicting!


Good idea to take it easy and skip a race–I know it is hard!
Oh my gosh that band-aid/spray tan is funny. That is something I would do.

1. Sorta long run.
2. Shopping, I need to find business/business casual clothes for work–never did I think I would have a job where I would have to wear this type of clothing–good thing I like to shop.
3. Bake brownies/play board games/snuggle and watch movie because it is going to thunderstorm all afternoon.

Have a great Saturday, Janae!


Hahaha Brooke told me to to put a bandaid back on because it looks so strange haha. Good luck with the shopping and I’m glad you like to shop too:). Your 3rd items sound perfect to me. Thanks Becky, hope your day is off to a great start!


That is a lot of pollen!
We’re spending the weekend in Huntington Beach for my birthday (Monday), so lots of lazy down time which is so perfect. We did take a long walk yesterday morning and will probably do that again today. The beach is my happy place and restores me.
I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom. Those windows are awesome.
Have a great weekend Janae


Right?! We just need to move to St. George ha. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY ON MONDAY! I love that you are at Huntington Beach for the weekend, that sounds perfect. Enjoy every second. Thanks Wendy, you too!


power washed the driveway
washed dished did MY laundry – it’s my gear, I wash and hang dry outside on our clothes line!
than a good 6K at the hotest time of the day because I’m stupid that way….


I have had seasonal allergies. There is one called rupall that worked for me as well as Allegra. I mix them up so that seems to help!

Hope you find a combo that works!


Hey! I am a day late, but just catching up on your last few posts. Wondering if you think you might be on the border of over trained/under recovered? If so, I cannot recommend enough looking into low heart rate/maffetone method training. Could be the game changer you need for this season! Has certainly changed my life, and is enabling me to set goals I would have never thought were feasible. Would love to hear your thoughts! Have a great Sunday.

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