Friday Favorites

(Shorts, tank, shoes)

Running at 8 am feels almost too good to be true. Andrew and I got out together and he did 4 miles and I did 7 @ 8:22 pace. Andrew broke his toe the day before at the pool but he insisted on running… I could not do the same.

Colorado is stunning.

My dad was feeling a bit better yesterday, which was a huge relief. He has been through a lot in the last few years.

We always love to have the kids get out as much energy as possible before a road trip.

Success. They were exhausted.

Until next summer! PS My allergies were so bad in Colorado, so I was pounding allergy medication the whole time.


Let’s get into some favorite things!

*Siloh on Apple TV. Andrew and I went through this so fast. We loved it so much. Do I need to read the books now?

The Adizero Adios Pro 3!  I feel like I have worn these shoes for enough miles to finally write a review on them.  These babies feel like a treat to put on.  I actually get excited when I know I get to wear them for a run.  They offer a different experience than any other shoes I have ever worn… and I’ve worn a lot of different running shoes over the years.  I was first interested in them when my coach told me they were his favorite shoe and started racing in them.  I tried them out, and with each use, I understood that feeling more and more.  The response in these shoes actually makes you WANT to run faster.  These have more support and durability compared to any of my other shoes that I use for speed.  I’ve been using these for every speed workout lately, and I don’t have any plans to change this decision.  I also really want to race a marathon in these, these are a distance shoe.  They are 8.4 oz with a 6.5 mm drop, and they do have a carbon plate.  The upper is very breathable, and if you want a stable ride but also the benefits of a carbon plate and bounce, these are the shoe for you.  I have found something in these shoes that I didn’t know I needed, a more cushioned forefront.  I had no idea how much I would enjoy this feel in a shoe and how much it would help me push off in my stride.  

My only tips are that I do need to wear taller socks with these, and these do require some breaking in (aka start with a few shorter runs in them).  They are true to size for me, but I have heard from others that they went up a .5 size because it does have a pointier toe.

*My niece told me about this podcast… I zoomed through it. I couldn’t believe someone could do this.

*My piña colada Liquid I.V. favorite flavor is now tied with the white peach. I’ll be sipping on this all summer. I need all the hydration and electrolytes possible to keep up with summer running.

Code: HUNGRY-RUNNER-GIRL will get you 25% off and free shipping HERE!

What would be your dream time to run every day?

-8 am.

Has anyone watched Siloh or listened to Scamanda? Tell me what you thought.

Road trip—> bring your own pillow or try to trust the hotel/Airbnb pillows?

-I always bring mine. I’m too particular with pillows.

Favorite road trip snack?

-I was all about the sunflower seeds yesterday!

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I binged watched all of Silo and just finished the first book! You definitely should pick it up and read it. It is surprisingly so different from the show…. In the best way possible. Loved it so much!!! Have a great day Janae!


Off to get it… Oh I am so excited! Thanks Bekah and I hope your day is off to a beautiful start!


I hope you will love them! I read them years ago and was very excited to see a movie / TV show come from them. I’m mid way thru the season now and loving it.


I read the Silo books many years ago and have just started watching the shows. The books are really good.


I am so excited to read the books now. Thanks John and I hope your day is a great one!


Andrew broke his toe at the pool??? Oh goodness.
And yay that your dad is feeling better.
Road trip snacks are always better than regular snacks for some reason. We love a good cracker snack mix, like the one Cheez-it makes (similar to the little bag you get on Southwest airlines flights) and definitely beef jerky for the boys, then Mike & Ike’s.
My mom and sisters in Colorado have been telling me that their allergies have been bad this spring/early summer. So now wonder you were feeling it.
We’re in Lake Arrowhead again for the weekend, and it is beautiful perfect weather.
Have a great day!


Hey Wendy! I know right?! It is black and blue… it looks so painful. Oh cheez-its are the best cracker on the planet and now I need some beef jerky. Oh wow, I hope they are doing better soon with their allergies! I LOVE Lake Arrowhead. Enjoy every single second. Thanks Wendy, you too!



I’ve not tried Liquid IV. I’ve used Noon and LMNT. Do you have experience with other hydration products and how they compare?

Thx for tip on the podcast, will dive into that one this weekend.


Hey Deidre! I have tried Nuun a few times but never consistently… Once I tried Liquid IV it’s all I ever want:). Let me know what you think of the podcast, it is just so crazy!


Hi Janae! Glad your dad is feeling better! Hope Andrew’s toe gets better fast too!
I’ve got a Friday favorite for you. It’s a book called the expectation effect! It’s about how powerful our minds are, there are examples about exercise, dieting, taking tests, health, so much stuff! I think it’s right up your alley.
Have an awesome rest of the trip and don’t let allergies get you down!


Thank you, Amy! Absolutely grabbing that book. THANK YOU! Happy weekend!


just watching the news, about a jeep turned upsidedown in a sink hole somewhere in Colorado….scary….I wish I could run at 5:30 AM…..keep trying but when I do, by noon I need a nap.
I trust the hotel or Air B&Bs….I just watched something that suggested that we don’t really need pillows, sounds like crazy talk….but I wonder?


That is horrible! I hope everyone is okay. I couldn’t live without my pillow ha. Have the best day, Warren!


I like running at 6am, maybe slightly later in the winter to get a little sunshine.

I just finished Scamanda. Absolutely crazy and sick. How does someone stay married to a person like that?

If I can fit my pillow, I take it. My chiropractor recommends it.

I am really digging the gummy Nerds clusters right now. Delish!


RIGHT??? I kept thinking that about her husband too. We are obsessed with those nerds clusters too. Teach me to be better at 6 am runs! Happy weekend, Marissa!


You thought you flew through Scamanda!!?? Try this!! Soooo fascinating (and sad!).


Starting now! Thank you kelly!


I always bring my own pillow AND my own travel blanket! Plus also I bring my weighted lap blanket when in the car for long periods of time haha! I know there are many ways to get icky stuff when traveling but these few things give me peace of mind.

Love Silo!

I have lots of reading to catch up on! Beck wasn’t even a year when I read you daily! Life happens ya know?

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