Makes sense now + weekend recap!

(top, shorts, shoes)

I wanted to get in a long run but didn’t want to throw in any speed, so I had 15 miles of chatting with friends, and it was just what I needed.

The trail was washed out right when we needed to turn.

My friend Sarah (next to me) was in town, so she joined us. We met in 2010 (pre-blogging days) at a marathon when she casually floated by me during the final miles. We’ve been friends ever since. Running brings the best friends to our lives.

I finished up with a strength for runners class on the Peloton app (from 3/21), and goodness gracious, my right side is much stronger on these side planks than my left. I woke up so sore from this class.

And then we went to the farmers market. We could drink this frozen lemonade all day.

Pure joy.

And Sunday, we were basically out front all day:

Beck’s favorite cousin is in town.

And sheet pan fajitas made an appearance.


I wonder how many hours this summer will be spent in the camping chair on the street…


I’ve been looking back on some things now that I know that I have asthma, and I am extremely excited to figure out two things…

This excerpt is from a race post a few years ago… This happens after almost every race and many workouts. I feel like I can’t breathe, and it freaks me out.

And I’m excited not to have purple lips because I’ll hopefully be getting enough oxygen during my workouts again:

My mom and many of my nieces and nephews have asthma, so when I told my brother (a doctor) about my asthma, he said he wasn’t surprised in the slightest. It will be interesting to see how running will feel, especially in the colder months of the year, because that is when I struggle most with breathing and wheezing after a run.

What was the best part of your weekend?

Do you have a farmers market near you? What’s your favorite thing to get there?

Last workout that made you pretty sore?

Ever made a new friend that you have kept in touch with at a race?


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This weekend was so good! It’s hard to pick a best part. My boyfriend and I ran yesterday together and got breakfast after, that was pretty amazing. And a friend’s bridal shower on Saturday!

Yes, I’ve met friends at races and at random group runs hosted by running stores!


Sounds like the perfect weekend together. A run + breakfast together = the perfect date. Have a beautiful Monday, Mariah!


This whole weekend was just fantastic. Staying at the beach for a few days just fills me. And we finished Ted Lasso which was so so good!
I met 2 running friends from a FB group in 2020 (when people weren’t really going anywhere), and we’re still friends! One of them, Christy, and I still run most Fridays together. And during those 4.2 miles, we talk about so much! It really is the best.
Looks like your weekend was great too! Have a good start to the new week.


HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TODAY, WENDY! Oh I am so happy you were at the beach. I hope you feel all of the love and I’m so grateful for your friendship. I love that you met those two women and still get together. Thanks friend, have a great day and I will eat cake to celebrate you today!


Happy Monday. We had two birthday parties this weekend, a friend celebrating a milestone birthday and my two nephews so was full of food and cake :)

The friend party is actually someone I met through my running group so I’ll sort of count that as a response to your friend question.

In between had a 10k…it was awful. Honestly can’t remember feeling this bad for a run. It was hot, no shade and I felt like crap. Had to run/walk and stopped several times. But…I let it go once the race was over and was happy to have finished.

Have a great week!


Oh wow, sounds like my kind of weekend with all of the food and cake:) I love that you guys met through running! The heat absolutely zaps us. I am SO sorry it was such a hard run. These runs will make your fall run feel so easy. Have a beautiful day, Deidre!


Hi Janae! Right now cherry season is starting at the farmers market! I love it. Soon we will have peaches too.
I’m so excited to see your life improve after you start managing your asthma!!
Happy Monday!


OH YAY! We have a cherry tree and they are just about ready, I can’t wait. But peach season is truly the best. Thanks Amy, happy Monday to you!


Hello! I also developed asthma as an adult and have been struggling to run with it. If you would ever like to chat or learn from my mistakes, please feel free to reach out! There are certainly things I would do differently.


Oh wow! Thank you so much for sharing with me, Kate. I would LOVE to talk more all about it when you get a chance. Email me!


Oh wow – what are the ingredients in that mango salsa ?! I’ve been dying to make some ever since I ate some catered food that included mango salsa .

We have a farmers market here but it’s way over priced allegedly “gourmet” items. The best farmers market is about an hour from me and it’s run by a family that are actual farmers that bring their own crops and source items from neighboring farms. The matriarch was my patient in the hospital where I work so I love to see her back doing what she loves – baking and canning etc


Seriously, it’s the best salsa I’ve ever had! I need to get the recipe from them but from what I can tell there is mango, onion, tomatoes, jalepeno and cilantro?! I hope you are able to make it to that farmers market soon… that sounds amazing. Have a beautiful day, Melly!


Ooh we have a local farmers market and we went. The fresh baked goods flowers and often alcoholic ciders. And doggos allowed.

We had a packed weekend. Saturday I ran 42km in the trails..then we went to patio for dinner, Sunday was breakfast farmers market dog beach and bike ride. Wiped just in time to work this am lol.

Sounds like a nice run for you! Have a great day Janae!


we do have a farmer’s market here in the summer, and there’s a nice one I like in Edmonton…but Vancouver’s Granville Island Public Market is my favorite place ever…everything’s fresh, and so good…and being on the coast, things like fish and prawns!….fruit a veggies everywhere..and the best Vietnamese salad rolls ever!

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