Tuesday Tangents!

(tank, shorts, shoes, socks, bra)

Picture from Saturday with Kassi!

We had sunshine and clear roads for our tempo, and it felt like we finally arrived to spring.

16 miles on Saturday with a 6:02 average on my 10k (last year before Boston, I did this with a 6:06 average), so I was happy it was faster coming off of higher mileage this year so far. I pushed myself, for sure, but not full out like a race because Boston is the A goal, not the 10k time trial. Leading up to St. George this last year, I think I raced the final workouts and showed up to race day a little too tired, so I’m trying to learn from that and be okay with my workouts being slower than they were last fall. I’d rather show up a little underdone than overcooked in the slightest.  Used my normal fueling strategy for this run-> HERE!

Monday’s run reminded me we haven’t arrived to spring:

10 miles @ 8:30 average.

I have many tangents today, so buckle up…

*What happens when a dog thinks a pair of alphaflys is a chew toy…  Most expensive chew toy on the planet. Store these high if you have dogs or kids.

*Animals are just drawn to Brooke. They are so calm around her.
*Andrew joined me for the last 3 miles of the 10k time trial. He pushed the buttons on stoplights before I would get to them, saving me from having to stop. He knows my love language.
Here is how week 14 of Boston training went:

Week 14:

Monday:  10 miles @ 8:42

Tuesday: 8.18 @ 8:26

Wednesday: 16 miles @ 7:19 average.  4 mile w/u, 10 x 1 minute fast, 1 minute easy, 10 x 30 sec fast, 45 seconds easy, c/d to 16 miles.  

Thursday: 10.27 @ 8:13 average

Friday: 7.7 @ 8:18 pace

Saturday: 5.2 mile warm-up, 6.2 miles @ 6:02 average (37:27), 4.6 mile cool-down.  

Sunday:  Off

68.19 miles for the week.

*My fingers were too cold to tie my shoes, and my friend saved the day. Runners are the best.

*My kids and my sister’s kids look so alike.
*One of my running friends won the Mount Charleston Marathon on Saturday. He went across the tape differently than I’ve seen before, haha.
*I saw that this cookie is currently at Levain. The timing couldn’t be better for me to go east in ten days. I’ll be bringing ten home with me to put in the freezer.
*We had our last ski day of the year. We started in November and finished in April. These kids improved so much this year, and Beck can’t wait to be on skis next season… Although, we told him he has to be done with the binky before he skis;)
*We had a chocolate croissant when we finished our ski day—the perfect way to end things.
*It is our spring break, and Beck loves having everyone around all day. Andrew doesn’t start his new job until after Boston, so he is home for spring break too.
*Back on the trampoline again. It’s bouncier than ever after holding all the snow we got throughout the winter… oops.

How did you get rid of the binky if any of your kids were hooked on it?

-Brooke didn’t have one, and Skye was fine to put hers in a new build-a-bear that we bought for her, but I’m not sure Beck will go for that idea…

When is spring break in your area?

Have you ever had Levain cookies? What are your thoughts about them?

Please give me a tangent or two!

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The binky transition is hard! We pretended to send all the binkies to one of our friends’ new babies (we actually sent new ones that looked identical and tossed ours). My friend sent photos of their baby using the new binky. We really talked up the whole “you’re a big kid now, so it’s time to pass this on to someone who needs it” angle. It worked! And he seemed very proud to share his binky.

Enjoy those cookies!!!


That is brilliant… I think that would actually work really well with Beck because he is old enough to understand that. Thank you for sharing with me, I’m trying it. Have a beautiful day, Isla!


Oh wow that cookie and croissant looked heavenly, yum! Never had a Levain but it sounds like a must-try if I ever come across one! Our spring break is next week and I can’t wait! Tangent (well, it’s croissant related, so a related tangent): Trader Joe’s almond croissants (the kind that you get in the freezer) are delicious! I am looking forward to one (two?) this weekend after my long run. Happy Tuesday Janae!


I need to send you the cookie and croissant haha. I am so happy it is almost your spring break! Thank you for that tangent, I’m going to TJ’s tomorrow and I will try it. Thank you and enjoy your long run and the croissantS this weekend:).


My kids were hooked. We started in phases. They could only have it for their nap and at night. Yes, some bribery was involved. Then phased it away for naps, and eventually at night. If one broke or wore out, we did not replace it. It takes a while, is worth it and sometimes when they were really tired or ornery, we gave in to keep the peace, but he will give it up. Good luck and good luck in Boston!!


I definitely need to at least cut down to naps and night now with Beck and I’ll also be using bribery. Thank you for the help and I hope your day is off to a beautiful start. Thanks Nancy!


Oh the binky. We had talked with our daughter Kate about giving up her binky for a few weeks and when she was two-ish we took her on a hike and laid her binky in a tiny hole in the bottom of a tree and told her that a baby deer would find her binky there and would be so happy to have it. We continued to tell this story for many nights afterwards, thinking about how happy the baby deer would be. She must have been ready because other than wanting to hear the story again she never asked for her binky back.


Oh my goodness, your story just gave me all of the memories of something similar that happened with Skye… she dropped hers from the chairlift and she still talks about how happy the baby deer must have been that found it. I love that she kept asking for the story, she sounds like such a sweet girl. Thank you for sharing, have a beautiful day, Corey!


One of my kids was obsessed with his pacifier and when he almost 3, we realized he wasn’t going to give it up on his own (I know I waited forEVER). So I prepped him that on his 3rd birthday the Pac’ Fairy (Pacifier-Fairy) would come and collect his pacifiers so they could be fixed up to be new pacifiers for new babies, & she would leave a special toy. It was tough for him, but it worked because he was all about helping the little babies – I think he got a stuffed bear and a truck, which were also a hit.
We don’t have many cookie stores around here, but I would totally try that kind if we did!
My tangent- I screwed up my hip alignment shoveling snow on Saturday. The only thing more annoying than a running injury that impacts your running, is a NON-running injury that impacts your running! I guess I need to bump up my strength! :)


I’m guessing Beck will be 3 by the time we phase it out so you aren’t alone! This is the absolute cutest story. That is so sweet. Thanks for sharing with me. NOOOOOOO KATIE! How long do you think you will have to take off? That’s how I feel.. If I get injured, I want it to happen because of running! Good luck and I hope you are feeling 100% soon.


Hopefully not long & I can still do some run-walking now. It’s not the first time this has happened so I know all the exercises to do re-stabilize all the muscles around my hips/glutes. I even have some handy printouts from my chiropractor. That’s all super helpful, but also leaves me kicking myself because I TOTALLY know how to prevent it too (hello, strength-work)!!! :)


Levain cookies are amazing and this may be the best flavor (at least, if you like coconut and caramel, which are favorites for me). Love the positivity of this blog, BTW. No nonsense or drama; it’s refreshing and you are inspirational.


Thank you, Janet! That means a lot to me and is one of my goals.. a happy spot in a hard world. Have a beautiful day and I hope you make it to Levain soon!


Oh, that cookie! I’ve never had Levain :(.

We always started transitioning to binkie @ nap/bedtime only around 11 months or so. They would get used to not having it during the day and it really helped not to be such a big thing to give up. If I remember right it would take 3 months or so to transition to falling asleep without it. Of course, a cold, new tooth or sickness would cause a hiccup in this whole plan and I would back off.

All 3 kids are in college, and had different spring breaks! Still, we managed to get together and so fun to have a full house.

Good luck in Boston, I hope it’s nice & cold for you! *I mean like normal cold, not snow. You are going to have a great race!


I need to send you one of these cookies! Around 11 months… I should have started this a long time ago. It’s going to be rough! I love that you were able to still get together even with different breaks. Hahaha I might even take snow over a hot day at this point in my training ha, but thank you so much. Have a beautiful day, Tracy!


Hi Janae! Can’t wait for you to get to Boston I’m getting so excited seeing your training fall into place! That cookie reminds me of my favorite girl scout cookie, Samoas! No binky story here but it reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom was trying to get me to stop sucking my thumb. We were on the way to Disneyland and it was raining and she told me the rain would stop once I stopped sucking my thumb! Somehow it worked and a huge rainbow came out! I was in awe.
Happy Tuesday!


Thank you, Amy! I cannot wait. Ohhhh I need a samoas cookie right now. Your mom is brilliant! I love that story. The timing couldn’t have been better. Thanks Amy, you too!


Rosemary the Pacifier Fairy (there’s a book!) just visited our house two weeks ago! We prepped her for weeks ahead of time and let her gather up all of the pacis the night before. Rosemary brought her a little gift the next day and she was so excited. Good luck! I thought it was going to be harder than it was, but my daughter did just fine.


I will be getting this book, thank you! Did you notice any change in her sleep without the paci? That is what I am most worried about, he sleeps so well with it. Thanks for sharing, Kelly! Have a beautiful day.


Amazing 10K!!
Is Andrew going to Boston with you? I really hate the idea of my husband not being present when I run a marathon. I feel like I just need to know he’s near-ish so I can be calm.
As for the snow, at least that’s a beautiful running picture of you in the fresh snow. Let’s just pretend that was taken in February and not April.


Yes yes yes… He will be there. I feel so lucky! Hahaha I’ll use that pretending on today’s run pictures too;). Hope your day is a great one, Molly!


Janae, I’m sending you the most POSITIVE energy for your whole Boston experience!

Love Levain cookies–especially the chocolate-peanut butter chip. Caramel-coconut-chocolate chip sounds divine!


The paci transition can be SO hard. We timed it when we went to visit family for a week over Thanksgiving and told our daughter we “forgot it” (we had a back up in case we needed it) and she seemed to be ok with it… we hadn’t officially planned on weaning, but since she didn’t mind, we went with it. When we got back, we told her that we left them with family… she was 2.5 so she didn’t quite understand the logic haha … but what you need to be careful is for any paci’s that are lost somewhere around the house. Our otherwise very calm daughter had a full on tantrum when she found some of her pacis that were lost and we told her she couldn’t have them anymore. I just stayed calm and sat next to her for when she calmed down and needed a hug. I can’t remember how long it took, 3-7 days maybe? and then she was fine. She even found one a few months later, but by then had lost interest. She would put them into her mouth but then take the out and say they were for babies. So my preface is that you make sure you find ALL the paci’s in the house before you begin in order to avoid my same mistakes… but if they do freak out, let them freak out and be there when they are ready for some love.


No paci stories, but I sucked my thumb until i was 8 YEARS OLD. My dad was a dentist and my mom a hygienist, so this was a deep source of embarrassment for them, hah! My dad eventually bribed me to stop by paying me $.25 for every week I didn’t suck my thumb (boy I got bought off for cheap!).

Oh my word, that cookie!!! Maybe you can pick up an extra dozen for me and I’ll drive out to Utah to pick them up. 9 hours each way seems worth it for those beauties!

Way to crush your 10k, I’m so excited for you for Boston!!!


Just a question maybe you can answer… do you know how strict they are with getting on the buses for Boston? My sister is supposed to get on a later bus than me, would they let her get on at my time?


We went cold turkey- cut the tips of his pacis off while he was out of the house and showed them too him (but didn’t let him have them overnight once they were cut bc I was worried about him biting them/choking). Just kept saying “pacis broken 🤷‍♀️”. He cried for maybe 30 minutes the first night and we had to show him the broken ones at bedtime a couple more nights but it was never an issue again. This shocked me because he had been OBSESSED and was wanting them every day, but they needed to go because he had started to bite through them. Also- his speech improved SO MUCH as soon as we gave them up.


We told my son he could sleep in the big boy bed, but no binkys were allowed. He was gung ho (probably around 2 1/2 years old at this point). He climbed in the toddler bed for his nap and started looking for the binky. We said – no binky in the big boy bed. We had not yet taken the crib apart at this point, so he looked at it and said – fine – I will nap in there! He didn’t, and we probably had a couple of rough naps and bedtimes, but it really wasn’t bad at all.


I’m pretty sure I remember an incredibly adorable photo of Skye with a binky while wearing skis. Are you sure Beck needs to give it up before skiing? :D

In all seriousness, best of luck with that!

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