BOSTON Marathon TIPS + Meet-Up Info + A Deal!

Today’s post is sponsored by fairlife, makers of Core Power®!  Thanks for reading, and I hope I get to meet many of you in BOSTON soon–> MEET-UP INFO: 4/15 @ 9:30 am @ Boston Commons Carousel!  We will do a short shakeout run (2ish miles), stretch, and hang out with Core Power for everyone (I’ll have coupons for you to take home and swag).  Please let me know if you are coming; I’m trying to put together an RSVP list. 

This year will be my 4th time running Boston.  I love this course.  I need to try out a flat course someday, but I am drawn to courses that constantly change and use different muscle groups over the miles.  I love this about Boston and the ups and downs are long enough to let you find the gear you need for it, and then just when your legs need a change, it does.

My Boston recaps are HERE, HERE, and HERE!

I thought I would share my splits from 2022 because I felt like I ran a solid race that day, and maybe my splits/paces can show where the hardest and easiest parts of the course are:

Screen Shot 2023 01 18 at 9 42 23 AM

Here is my elevation chart while we are at it… I LOVE RUNNING STATS!

Screen Shot 2023 01 18 at 9 47 35 AM

Let’s dive into my tips for the day:

*MOST IMPORTANTLY, refuel with Core Power after your race:)  I’ll have one for you to have at the end of your race if you come to the meet-up!  Nothing will taste more delicious than this when you finish.  I want to be on the road to recovery as soon as possible, and Core Power is my favorite way to get started with recovery.  After a marathon, I am so fatigued, and it’s harder than ever to get fuel in, but this drink (that tastes just like a milkshake) makes it so easy to get in either 26 or 42 grams of protein as soon as I finish.  

You’ve worked so hard out there on the course, make sure to give your body what it needs to repair itself when you finish!

Don’t forget, Core Power is not just for runners, it is for everyone who sweats.  My dad has been drinking them daily now after his morning walks too!

*If you have a specific time goal, PLAN around running 26.4ish (not .2)… each time, my watch has hit 26.4 miles on this course (probably because of weaving and not hitting the tangents perfectly), but that will probably adjust your goal marathon pace!  IE I want in the 2:4X, which I could do with a 6:28 pace normally, but I’m planning on at least a 6:24 average pace because it is always longer for me.

*DO NOT.  Do not.  Do not kill yourself on heartbreak hill.  You get a wonderful and steady downhill that you can make up time on after that hill, and you want to have the energy to take advantage of that downhill.

*Take ten quick steps at the top of each hill.  Lauren told me this last year (I think she learned it from Ryan Hall), but when you get to the top of each hill, take ten quick steps to reset your form and get you back to your pace and ready to fly on the downhills.

*A gel every four miles is what I try to do for every marathon, but my first time doing that was in Boston last year, and it was incredible.  You can read my full fueling post HERE.

This passage below is from my first Boston experience…. The night and day difference that proper fueling does for us during a marathon is unreal.  TWO IS NOT ENOUGH, and that is why I hit the wall and died with each mile like I did my first time there:

Screen Shot 2023 01 18 at 9 51 10 AM

*Soak in Boylston Street.  Everyone says it is such a long stretch, but thank goodness it is because it is incredible to see the finish line, hear the fans, and see so many people fulfilling their goals.

*It is so tempting to go and see everything the day before the race, but I like to hang out in my hotel bed that day.

*Pack a few different options to wear because you never know with the weather.   Also, pack some good throwaways to wear the morning of the race… You don’t want to waste energy keeping yourself warm, dry, or comfortable. 

*Bring a poncho just in case there is any rain.  You are in the Athlete’s Village for a while, and if there is any chance of rain, you’ll want to keep your clothes dry. 

*Write your name on your arm if you want extra cheers!

*I’m pretty serious (my race face scares most of my family and friends) in most marathons, but Boston brings the fun out.  So many kids to high-five, signs to laugh at, houses to drool over, runners to chat with… it’s a 26.2-mile party.  So get ready for your cheek muscles to be exhausted.

*I get a little carsick on the busses, so if you are the same and easily carsick, try to sit up towards the front of the bus.

*I’ll be starting with two of these little bottles.  They make it easy to get in a lot of liquids in the beginning, and then I can toss them when they are empty.  I can’t get enough fluids from paper cups while running, and these fit so easily in my spandex pockets.

*Wear sunscreen!  Boston starts later in the day than many of us are used to running, and if the sun is out, you can get sunburned.  If it is sunny, wear some sunglasses or a hat/visor!  

*Because it starts later in the day, don’t forget to plan your fuel accordingly.  I eat much more that morning than at normal marathons because it is hours later than normal race starts.  I plan on having two breakfasts leading up to the race.

*Let the crowds pull you but not too much.  It’s so easy to bolt out and follow everyone, which is amazing in the second half when you need people pulling you but don’t let it make you go out too fast in the beginning.

*Watch out for the tracks at mile 22!  From last year–> Those tracks in the road at around mile 22 almost tripped me, I forgot about those.  They are so tricky when you are exhausted, but I probably wouldn’t have noticed them if they were in the beginning.

*Watch the course… it will make you so excited.

*Bring your racing shoes in a bag, and don’t put them on until you go to your corral.  Sometimes the grass is wet in Athletes Village, and you will walk more than expected… Save your racing shoes for the race.  (These were my shoes in 2019 from Athlete’s Village)

*Andrew has found that using Uber is the best way to see me as much as possible.  It’s expensive but much easier to get around than the trains, in his opinion.

*Try to wait to listen to music if you can or take it out of your ears in crowded areas.  There is nothing like hearing the screams from the Wellesley girls a mile before you get to them.  Take the energy from the crowds and turn that into leg power.

*This post gives a great summary of the different miles at Boston.  I feel like the only flat mile of the whole race is mile 26 ha.

*Listen to this episode from Ali about all things Boston related.  It is 3 hours long and packed with information.

*Come up with a meeting spot for your people before the race.  It always feels a little hectic afterward, and my phone never works well, so establish a meeting spot beforehand.

*Let’s pray for that southwest breeze!


Use my code 15HRGIRL to get 15% off selected varieties of Core Power HERE. This code is active until 4/10, so stock up now. I challenge you to grab your first case and document your experience of having them after 12 workouts. I notice I feel so much better and recharged when I drink Core Power after every race, and I think you will too!

Any tips to add for Boston?

Who is going to be there?

Favorite city you have ever visited?

How would you describe the runner’s high?  How often do you feel it?

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Yay Janae! I will be spectating right after Wellesley College (in the center of town in Wellesley at about 13.5mi near “Anderson’s Jewelry store and the church/post office intersection). Will you share your bib number with us? My daughter and I will make a sign for you and yell your name- I will try to track if possible.

Also, I am hopeful that I can make the meet up run (my family has had all the colds and covid in March so hoping for a well weekend in April).

Finally Mom tip: I know you are careful and have kiddos but we have seen an uptick in covid and strep in schools/colleges up here. So just wanted to give you a heads up so you avoid getting sick.

So excited and praying for partially cloudy high of 55 on race day for you.


Nadya! Thank you so much for the heads up on staying healthy. That is such a bummer that so much is going around in your area. I would love to meet you if that works and I will be searching for you in front of the jewelry store… is that on the right or left of the runners? You are so kind to me. Thank you for the sing, I feel so grateful. Keep those prayers for that weather, that sounds dreamy. Happy Monday!


Hi! Good luck with Boston! I will be praying for good weather.
I ran my first marathon yesterday in St. Louis in 3:29:32. It was windy and hilly but I followed your advice and fueled with a gel every 4-5 miles and took water or Gatorade at the aid stations. It was fun. My body kind of hates me right now though lol. Not sure if I will become a marathoner but I did really enjoy the experience.
Thanks again for all your advice and words of wisdom. Hope you have a great week!


Whoa! Congrats Gina!! And you ARE a marathoner.


Thank you! 🥰


Gina – congrats on your first marathon! 3:29 is an awesome time!


Thank you John!


GINA! Oh my goodness. Your first marathon, windy, hilly and you ROCKED IT! Way to go getting in the proper nutrition. Happy recovering and soak in this post-race high. Like Molly said, YOU ARE A MARATHONER!


Thank you! 🥰


Favorite city-is Paris too obvious?? Maybe San Francisco for the states.
I hope Andrew is able to get around Boston great again this year. He is such a good support!
Let me know when I should start shipping out sourdough bread to you for carb loading. Hehe


Someday I will get Andrew to take me to Paris! He isn’t a city guy but I need to go! Sending my address now, that sounds so good. Happy Monday, Molly and I hope your work weekend went well!


This will be my first Boston, and I appreciate these tips so much! My husband and I plan to stop by your meetup on Saturday to say hi … we’re doing the BAA 5K as a shakeout at 8 a.m. Can’t wait!


I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU, SARAH!! Thank you so much for coming. I am so excited for your first Boston! Best weekend of the year. Happy tapering!


Love all the Boston tips! I ran it in 2014 and I qualified again in the fall and I am hoping to run it next year – it will be my 10th marathon and it will be fun to run Boston again 10 years later! My biggest tip is sunscreen!!!! I didn’t wear any and got SO sunburnt on my back. I had the biggest sports bra tan line of all time on my back. I got married a few weeks later in June and there was nothing I could do to cover it up. I may have written this same comment on your post about boston last year.


Oh my goodness, OUCH! Oh no, I bet everyone asked about your Boston experience at the wedding ha! I want to go back again next year, see you then for your 10th marathon?! Have the best day, Jenny!


Ahhhhhh, that course preview video made me tear up. I’m headed to my first Boston and I have waited so long to get there, I can’t believe we’re finally in taper mode and almost to race day! Great tips. Thankfully even though it’s my first Boston, I’m traveling with a group of experienced Boston runners including my husband (who’ll be running his 3rd), my friend who is planning to run the race with me (her 8th) and another friend of ours who is running his 24th CONSECUTIVE Boston. I’m a mix of excited and (appropriately?) a little intimidated by the course.


JACI!! You are going… I am just so happy about this. I love that you are racing with your friend and 24th consecutive Boston?! That is incredible. You are going to have the best day ever. I want every detail afterward too. Best weekend of the year!


Yay!! I’ve been waiting for this info! I will be there, thanks! And for the record I am OBSESSED with Core Power! :)


Cannot wait to see you! We are going to have the best time. Seriously, best recovery option on the planet. Have a beautiful day, Lindsay!


I mix Core Power with pudding mix and some Greek yogurt to make a high in protein pudding snack, it’s delicious! With cheesecake pudding it tastes just like cheesecake

You should do the Space Coast marathon in the Cocoa, FL area. Its right around Thanksgiving so the weather is nice and its flat and mostly shaded.


Ummmm that sounds amazing… I am going to try your pudding! That race sounds amazing and we have been wanting to vacation in Florida so that would be perfect… Have a beautiful day, Alex!


I hope you have a great race! So bummed I will not be able to make it for your meet and run. We will be driving in Saturday morning now due to price of airfare. Is the Fairlife code a one time deal? I used it when you first posted and just tried to order more and it will not allow code. I should have ordered more, but was unsure if I could tolerate the 42 G protein. I absolutely love this product and add it to my oatmeal and cereal too. Thank you for always inspiring and motivating me to enjoy my fuel and body.


My sister and I will be running our 1st Boston!!! We are so excited to experience it all!! Such a dream!!! Thank you for all this info…it is so helpful!! And this course preview got both my sister and I crying. I know we’ll be emotional on that course and finishing!!!

We’d love to come to your shakeout run!! So excited for that! We can’t wait to meet you, been following you for years now and just love you!

Good luck to you in Boston! We’re cheering you on too!


LIZ! I cannot wait to meet you and your sister ahhhhhh! First Boston 💙💛🦄 we have so much to talk about!


Saving all these tips for the year I run Boston! Thanks for introducing me to the best recovery drink ever!!


I will try to make it to the meet up!! I’m teaching spin class that morning so I may not join for the whole run :)


YAY!!! I wish I could come to your spin class. Can’t wait to meet you, Katrina!


This is GOLD for a Boston newbie like me! Thank you.
Will also join for the shakeout on 4/15! You’re the best!


Avery! I am so so so excited to see you!


Hi Janae – I would like to come to your meet up in Boston also! I have been reading your posts for a few years and love all your product recommendations and running info. This will be my first Boston and I’m super excited to be going!


I cannot wait to meet you, Charlotte! Ahhhhh we have so much to talk about 🤍


Hi Janae! I think I am going to be able to come to the Boston meet-up. I have been reading your blog for so long and it would be so fun to meet in person. I ran Boston last year which was my first marathon ever!!! Not running it this year, but am super excited to spectate. I live in Newton and plan to be right near the firehouse/the start of those Newton hills. Anyway, will plan to join the meet up Saturday and do the shakeout run!


Tessa ahhhhhhh! I cannot wait to meet you next Saturday! And to see you along the course. This is going to be so fun! Thanks for letting me know and I hope you are having a great morning!

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