Never too early…

(shoes, socks, leggings, shirt)

I’m just going to stay quiet on my feelings of what yesterday’s ‘feels like 14°’ run.

Nine miles @ 8:32 average.

I did a ten-minute core class after my run. One thing I hate about the taper is letting go of strength training for a bit. I can’t believe I am saying this, but strength training makes me feel so good that I hate to take a break from it. This is proof that people can change… drastically.

I have my SuperBlast review HERE, but I am shocked at how well the foam on these holds up. I have put about 320 miles on these, and many of those have been in snow and rain, and they still feel brand new when I wear them. I am guessing I’ll get 600 miles out of them. Asics foam is next level. I think the upper portion will give out before the foam does.

We are doing our best to keep these kids from going crazy in our house, which is a disaster.

Top Golf and a trampoline place.

I had the best rice bowl from Aubergine.

Costco went well😑

Kelsey had us over for the most amazing homemade gyoza. She even taught the kids how to make them!

And these incredible brownies for dessert!

In my experience of marathoning for the past 13 years, it is never too early:

To start packing or putting all of your gear out for the race.

And it’s never too early to start the carb load!

I did a carb depletion twice leading up to two marathons in 2019, but I’ll never be doing it again. The science doesn’t back it up, and while it might have helped me in terms of the placebo effect back then when I believed it would really help me, it made me way too miserable to ever do that again. I cannot think straight without these beautiful things.


Have you ever done a carb depletion? How did your body handle it?

Early packer, normal packer, or last-second packer?

Any big changes in your exercise over the years?

How many miles do you get out of your running shoes?  Had a pair that lasted longer than most?

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Hi Janae,
Can you tell me more about your carb loading process prior to a marathon. As you’ve been running in crazy weather this year. What rain jacket do you recommend? Thanks. Have a beautiful day.


Hey Lisa! Absolutely! I’ve been loving this one for winter rain:

And this one is much lighter for days that aren’t very cold!

I really try to get as close as I can to the carb calculator here:

Her tips on that same link are awesome. I also skip out on fiber for 1-2 days before the race. I have never had to stop during a marathon and I think that is the key for me is to cut out the fiber! I hope your day is off to a wonderful start. Thank you!


More snow. Who could have predicted??
Vive la carbs!
Have you gotten your hands on Des’ book that came out yesterday? I’m 2 chapters in and am loving it. I love that it opens up to a map of the Boston course.


Ahhhh yes! I’m listening to it right now. So so so good. Let’s do a book club meeting about it when we finish. Have the best day, Molly!


I’ve started packing already. I think Boston is the one situation in which it’s perfectly acceptable to over-pack, since the weather forecast can change so drastically at the last minute. I’d love to learn more about how you pack for a destination race!


I will put together a post on that with everything I am packing! Expect it on Tuesday/Wednesday! For Boston this year, I have a specific top I need to wear so I don’t really have any more choices ha. BUT yes, bring every option you can. You just never know with Boston. So excited for you, Sarah!


Uuggg… More snow! But look how tough it’s making you!
Oh my gosh, we love Top Golf! Such a fun activity, and a great way to get everyone out of the house.
I am loving strength training so much these days too. It really started a year ago with the Barre Strong class at my gym (Tuesdays and Thursdays), and then the Peloton app. When I don’t have to think about what to do, it’s so much easier and fun! And I truly believe it’s making me a better runner.
You’re listening to Des’s book… Who reads it? Des or someone else? Are you liking it? I want to read her’s and Kara’s.
I love that you’re doing a meet up in Boston! Wish I could be there!
Have a great day!


That is so true! What has happened to us?! Thank goodness we found ways to love it. YES, I am listening to it now! I wish you could be, someday we will meet up. We better. Happy Wednesday, Wendy!


What’s more shocking? That you love strength training, or that you gave up VS lipgloss for Aquaphor?! Proof people can change indeed and all happy changes! Good luck with the taper – can’t wait to see you ROCK and love Boston soon!!!


BAHAHAH I am dying. I truly cannot believe who I am anymore. I sent your comment to Andrew ha! Thank you so much, I truly cannot wait. Have a beautiful day, Meghan!


I’m so sick of the cold and snow!! My kids are also going insane inside, and I hate the cold so if someone tells me to get outside with them I might scream 😅
I did keto for like 4 months and it was the worst. Made me so depressed 😅 I need carbs to be happy!!
I’m a normal packer, and a super fast unpacker. I need to have my suitcase unpacked RIGHT away when I get home from a trip.


Andrea. Parenting in warm weather is 100x easier than parenting in cold weather. How are we going to survive this. I’m with you, without carbs I am hopeless. Yes yes yes. I don’t care how late we get home, we are unpacking then ha. Hope your day is off to a great start and that you get sunshine ASAP!


Hi Janae! The biggest change in the last 3 years of workouts for me is this: I had become a very solitary fitness person since 2020- trying to squeeze in workouts between work/homeschooling my daughter/finding time with my husband, and all the pandemic craziness…I have done all the fitness apps and they are great and I managed to stay “fit”. I realize though that I miss connection and conversation and the joy of moving with other women (specifically, women in similar life phases). Today I attended my first outdoor track workout with a running group in my area of Wellesley, MA called “Suburban Striders” and it was SO MUCH FUN. All shapes and sizes, women in their 30s till 60+, all different goals but we warmed up doing dynamic drills together, circle stretch and introductions for newbies, then we had a long/short/and fitness scaled workout. I really really loved it and will be going back next week too. Yay!

Utah deserves spring already!!!


I always pack over the course of several days. :) I have a Boston question though (sparked by seeing your shoes in your suitcase)! Everything I’ve read says that you are only allowed to bring the one gallon plastic bag into Athlete’s Village. So, can you or can you not wear old shoes and bring your race shoes with you?? I’m so confused!


You have literally had the snowiest training block ever! How are you not slipping all over the place?!

I’m more of a last minute packer, but I do spend A LOT of time thinking about what I’m going to pack.

I feel like shoes used to last longer. For me, Hoka’s had the shortest life, wearing out around 250 miles. My ASICS seem to last the longest, plus I rotate about 2-3 road shoes and 1-2 trail shoes which makes things last longer *time* wise.

Never carb depleted because like you said, the lack of science plus lack of recommendation turned me off. I saw far too many miserable friends carb deplete that it wasn’t even appealing to chance it.

My biggest change in running is the fact that I freak out wayyyyy less if I don’t get a run it. It took a lot of practice to let missing a run ruin my day. Now I embrace the extra time when that happens and always feel grateful when I go running.


Ascics’ life span are amazing compared to other shoes! Unfortunately the foam bothers my ultra-sensitive feet in long runs. After 13 miles, nothing but the Vaporflys will do! I have yet to try Brooks or Hokas…
You’ve had SO MUCH SNOW!
I’d be too terrified to try carb depletion.


Hey Janae! Last minute packer but very early list maker of what i’m going to pack. The list must be handwritten – so satisfying, why??? I have sections for everything the trip is going to entail, run clothes, travel clothes, golf, etc. I even list my toiletries and things like chargers. Russ thinks i’m off my rocker but i love doing it and it gets me excited for whatever the trip is. It also leads to less overpacking though i am guilty of usually throwing in a couple of extras that were not on the list (see, still human).
Good luck at Boston! So excited to track you and read all the recap details. :-)

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