(shorts, tank, shoes ((code FMTIB50 for 50% off))

10 miles @ 9:52 average.

One thing I love about Utah is how you can cross over the hill and go from the city…

To complete stillness–> Not a car or light in sight.

This whole ‘Skye leaves us to go to preschool’ thing is working well. Skye loves her time there, and Beck and I have time for the two of us.
I’m a fan of it.

And you guessed it… the rest of the day involved being a taxi service to soccer games;)

Let’s move forward with some tangents:

*Nobody details a car, as well as Skye does. She takes it so seriously.

*My friends call me soccer mom because I bring the goods to make sure they get going on their recovery asap after we finish a run. I’m working with Core Power on Instagram now, and it’s been so fun because I’ve been obsessed with them for a long time.   Vanilla is my favorite and I get so excited to drink it during the last few miles of my run.
*Lauren shared this amazing story with me.

*It took us FOUR nights to watch a movie… this is marathon training, and my eyelids struggle to stay open at 8 pm.

*My in-laws gave us their piano; time to start lessons for these kids.

*I made my mom’s lasagna to eat for my next 12 meals. I love this dish so much.

*THIS tip from my friend, Jackie! If you aren’t able to keep anything down/upset stomach/nausea/cramping:

*One of those nights you hide in your pantry with a bag of rolos.

*I look forward to my Monday morning emails each week for the Fast Women updates.

*Him buying more of this…

*Made me feel a little less bad about doing this… (my race shoes have arrived!).

*(I posted this on IG, too–>) I have spent a lot of time debating in my head whether to wear the Vaporfly or the Alphafly for the marathon. For a few weeks, I was positive I loved the Alphaflys more and would wear them for the marathon, but after some more workouts/mileage in both, I’ve decided to go with the Vapor. They were perfect for Boston, and I feel like the Alphaflys might be a bit too much shoe for me for 26.2 miles (but perfect if you need more cushioning/stability). The air pods in the Alphas don’t feel like they make a big enough difference in propulsion for me for the wider/heavier fit.

I love both, but nothing can beat that feeling I get in the Vaporflys… I feel like it just positions my body in a way to propel forward (the design leans me a bit forward, which I love, 8mm heel drop vs 4mm in the alphafly), and the spring in such a light shoe (6.6 ounces) is just pure magic, in my opinion.

Is it easy where you live to get to trails?  Or away from cars?

Give me a tangent!

Who plays a musical instrument?

-I grew up playing piano, but I can only play three songs now.

How often do you eat chocolate?

-Every day I have something that has chocolate in it.

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That’s so exciting about the piano! I only play ukulele (throwback to my story time days as a librarian), but my husband plays piano, electric and acoustic guitar, and electric and acoustic bass. Never tried the Core Power drinks but I Orgain plant based shakes; I throw in a shot of strong coffee and it’s the perfect pick up/breakfast after a workout. Happy Tuesday Janae!


Ukulele… ummm that is so cool! Your husband plays so many instruments! That sounds like the perfect thing after a workout. I hope your day is a great one, Emily!


In Vermont it’s very easy to escape cars! I love that :) I grew up playing trombone and tuba but haven’t played in a while. Want to get back into it! I eat something with chocolate everyday and I strongly believe EVERYONE should do this!!! Tangent… my grandpa turns 90 this month (!!!) so my family is traveling down to PA to see him and celebrate with a party with all the aunts, uncles, cousins. I love him so much and am so lucky to have him in my life.


I love that you are able to get away from cars easily. Trombone and tuba, that is amazing. I agree, chocolate should be a part of the food guide pyramid… part of the base;). NINETY. That is so exciting and I am so happy you will get to celebrate with him. Thanks for sharing, Courtney!


Ha ha–we all have our favorite splurges :)
I live close to a hiking/biking asphalt trail that goes about 19 miles between my city and Washington, DC. It’s very popular for group training runs since there are a few spots along the way that are close to Metro stops if you want a point-to-point route. Many points feel remote, so it’s definitely not a solo venture, but it’s beautiful; it even goes past the National Zoo and historic landmarks. I also live near the C&O Canal, which is 184 miles of natural surfaces, some dirt, some gravel, along the Potomac River. I’ve done some running there solo, but mostly with a buddy. Love it!
I played piano, but we don’t have space for it to be set up all the time :(
My chocolate peanut butter Think! bars are a breakfast staple, so…chocolate daily.


The Nikes are definitely my splurge these days! 19 mile pavement trail and another 184 mile trail… both sound amazing. I want to come run them with you someday! Chocolate daily is just a must! Have a beautiful day, Corey!


I had to comment with this recipe for core power pudding. I mix one bottle with a package of instant pudding mix and divide into three portions. I eat this for dessert almost every evening. A delicious way to get a little extra protein in my diet.


I LOVE THIS. I will be trying it, thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful day, Jo!


I play the piano, am the organist for my church, and will be marching with the Brass (all-brass marching band) playing my trombone at my old high school on Friday for the Homecoming game…class of 99 woo hoo! :D I hope your kids enjoy their piano lessons – unfortunately my girls did not take to it as well as I did. My youngest no longer takes lessons, but my 15 year old is trying to stick with it. Tangent – I just read a really interesting article about how when you are busy & stressed “quiet quitting” might not be the way to go…but adding in more things you find enjoyable can help. Ex: signing up for a group/class you enjoy, so you have it on the calendar and can’t say you are too busy to go. The article said the people who did that actually reported feeling like they had more time, even though they didn’t. Just interesting food for thought about the work/life balance struggle.


Amanda, that is amazing! You are so talented and how cool you will be playing at the Homecoming game! I LOVE your tangent! I can totally see how that would help us to feel like we had more time. Going to add something to my day planner now:). Have the best day!


I played piano when I was younger .

We are lucky ..a thirty minute drive gets us to all the best north shore trails and mountains.

Your race shoes look so cool. And that story lauren shared and you linked is so awesome.

Have a great day Janae!


Those pictures you sent me… just WOW. I’m coming with you next year. I love that you are so close to both! Thanks friend, I hope your day is a beautiful one!


I grew up playing the piano, flute, and piccolo. I just recently donated both my flute and piccolo to the middle school with hopes someone who wanted to play but couldn’t afford an instrument will be able to take advantage. I can maybe play twinkle twinkle little star on the piano now and that’s about it, ha!

Side note – I’m slowly starting to run again after my pelvic stress fracture! I also deferred my marathon at the end of October and I feel a lot better without that added stress. Running is a stress relief, but stressing about not being able to run was a vicious cycle! So I am going to live vicariously through your marathon!

Have a great day!


Rachel, that is so thoughtful of you to donate your instruments. What a great idea. I am SO happy you are back to running after your injury and you made the right call with your marathon. Such a hard thing to do but long term it is for the best! Such a great example to us all and I can’t wait for your first marathon back. Thank you friend, you too!


I have previously had such an issue with protein powders causing bloating and stomach upset. Has anyone had this issue with the core power drinks ? They look so healthy


Meant to also say that it’s made by Fairlife and I really like Fairlife milk and have no issues with their milk. I “think” they filter the protein drinks the same way as the milk.


Oh just saw your second comment! If you like their milk, you will love the Core Power! Drinking one as we talk right now:).


Hey Melly! That is a bummer having that after using protein powders. I don’t experience either with Core Power. Core Power is so different than traditional protein powders and it is actual milk (that has the lactose filtered out)! I can’t recommend it enough!


I have those Next%! Love the colors of them and they make me think I look super fast. Ha! Also, as an FYI on the Alphafly…the Alphafly 2 recently came out and they changed the heel drop to 8 mm. :) May make you like those even more than the original Alphafly!!

I went to the Nike factory store over the weekend and they had the pretty purple Alphafly on sale for 99.99. I couldn’t even believe it! So I bought both pairs in my size. And a pair of Next% that were also on sale for 99.99. I have a shoe problem!

I’m jealous of the trails you get to run. I don’t have any trails where I live and it makes me so sad. I grew up running cross country and having the best trails nearby and I really miss them.
Have a great day, Janae!


WAIT WHAT?! I didn’t know they changed the heel drop… I’ll have to try the 2s! Thanks for sharing. I am right there with you on that problem and that is such an amazing deal. Glad you stocked up! Come run Utah trails with me, please!!! Have a beautiful day, Leanna!


Hi Janae! I played piano too for many years! But you really gotta practice every day or it drops off super fast :(
I love that pantry picture! For me it’s been tony chocoloney bars recently.
Have a great day!


THOSE BARS ARE PURE HEAVEN! I need to go grab one. Thanks Amy, have the best day!


Andrew’s skeleton obsession is my favorite thing today, but I also love that you eat chocolate every day. That’s so awesome that you got a piano! I have a piano, but I secretly also want the one at my parent’s house that I grew up learning to play. I’ve seen someone who had an old piano completely refurbished and painted this amazing yellow color. It sounds weird (and maybe sad?) to paint a piano yellow, but it was beautiful! There’s my tangent for you, haha. Also, not a Nike shoe person at all, but those are beautiful!


That piano sounds gorgeous! I hope you get in some chocolate today and that your day is a wonderful one. Thanks Tess!


I also love Alphafly more than I thought.

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