(shirt, shorts, shoes, socks)

Gorgeous morning on the dirt with friends.

Between today’s run and tomorrow’s run, I’ll be hitting 80!

Beck was a huge help as were trying to figure out our front door situation.

We spent some time outdoors with friends.

We finished up with soccer… Beck and Skye were so ready to go home!

Let’s go over my favorite things from this week:

*Untold on Netflix-> The girlfriend that didn’t exist!  This story was so interesting and heartbreaking, and the forgiveness that took place… just wow.

*Megan’s peach dessert recipe!  You need this recipe in your life.  It is so good.

*The Mary Poppin’s bag shorts… these shorts will fit more in them than you can believe.  They fit three bottles, my tank, my phone, four gels, and a bag of candy… COMFORTABLY.  I seriously cannot believe how much they fit.  These shorts are perfect for long-trail endeavors.  I love the little portion in the back for you to slide your shirt through; there are so many pockets.  The fit runs a tiny bit small, but I got my normal size because I like my running shorts to hug me:)

It also comes with a little pack that attaches to your shorts (where I stashed my candy).   They are the perfect shorts for the trails, and after my friends saw them, they all ordered a pair.

*Trader Joe’s Hashbrowns cooked in the air fryer.  We use our air fryer more than anything else in our kitchen (besides our fridge, ha), making everything taste even better.

*Mom Come Pick Me Up sweatshirt.  Comfy, different, and my friend that is up to date with all of the fashionable things told me I needed it;)

*This is my brother’s Friday Favorite.  An awesome app if you are ever looking for a way to throw a pool party if you don’t have a pool!

Air fryer lovers–> favorite thing to put in there?

Any cool apps you have recently discovered and enjoy?

Looking forward to anything this weekend?

Favorite way/additions/recipes with peaches?

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Beck is adorable! And his face sitting in his chair at soccer… Ha ha
We are going to San Diego this weekend, yay! It’s always cooler where we stay down there, so it will be great to get a break from this awful heat wave.
It’s so funny, I love peaches, but I do not like cooked peaches in any format. I don’t know what it is, the texture of a cooked peach?? Weird, I know.
Heading to the gym in a bit for my 4th treadmill run of the week. Cannot wait for this heat to be done!
Have a great Friday Janae!


Have the best time in San Diego! Enjoy the cooler temps! I’m with you on cooked peaches… they are just so much better fresh! Hope your treadmill run was a great one! Thanks Wendy, you too!


I watched Untold on Netflix as well! It was so gripping. Did it make you questions your internet readers more?? Ha.
Good luck on your long run this weekend. I think I have to bail on mine. I was bruised up during a bike ride last night. Better send coach a message. Oops!


Hahaha It made me so thankful that I have never had anything close to that situation! I hope you are okay, I am sorry about that. One missed long run won’t make a difference, you are smart to take care of yourself. Thanks Molly, have a great weekend!


Hi Janae! It’s a long weekend! We are going to get some hiking in. My husband and I are thinking of having a contest to see who can go without their phone longer.
Happy Friday!


I love that contest! I have started leaving my phone in the other room more often and it is life changing. Let me know how it goes! Enjoy your hiking, Amy!


Those hash browns are incredible and even better if you use them as a replacement to the bread in avocado toast!


YOU JUST CHANGED MY LIFE. I will be doing this today. Thank you, Colleen! Have a great day!


Okay, so (I think) I’ve seen those shorts advertised a few times on Instagram and they look like a great idea, but how does that much stuff fit and not throw your form off running? Like right now it’s been so hot I am doing anything over 5 miles with two 10oz bottles in my belt, and the belt is comfy, but even with that I’m like “ugh extra weight.” And the shirt tuck seems like it might bug me as well (if it hangs out). Maybe I’m just too picky/easily distracted?

Anyway love doing polenta “fries” in the airfryer

Love using peaches in sweet and savory BBQ sauce. OR spicy peach salsa. Also, QUESTION, my father-in-law eats peaches with sugar on them… so crazy to me esp. this time of year? Normal or over the top?

Not excited for the heat this weekend but I am excited to get a break and enjoy downtime with my kids after the first week of school.


Hey! That is a great question, I don’t feel like it changed my running form at all and I didn’t notice my tank either but I might not be picky enough haha. But I do notice annoyances on other running clothes so I really did love these! I need to try some sugar on top… I’m drooling a bit thinking about it. ENJOY THE BREAK, you deserve it! Thanks AG!


Hi Janae, when I go to the link for those amazing shorts, I can’t find them anywhere? Maybe it’s just me? Thanks!


Thank you for finding that for me! Here is the link:


Have the best weekend!


We do not have an air fryer but I’ve been considering it and trying to decide if it’s worth the counter space. What all do you cook in it? Is it just for heating things up that are already cooked?

We are going to visit some friends this weekend and my kids are looking forward to the hotel pool. Then it’s back home to clean the garage!

Have a great weekend!


Seriously… we put everything in there! Chicken nuggets, leftovers, veggies, salmon, potatoes, gnocchi from TJ’s, fries and pizza:). I seriously couldn’t live without it! I think you need it:)
Have the best time with your friends and the hotel pool… that is always my kid’s favorite part too. Ohhhh a clean garage, SO great. Thanks Erika, you too!


I will need to watch Untold. Crazy what has materialized in the last 15 years with social media.

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