Hot spots, DO NOT END and a goal accomplished.

I am always amazed by how much air my ponytail gets while running.

Today I had an easy run (5 miles @ 8:27 pace) on the schedule and I will be doing my long run tomorrow instead of Saturday.  Brooke’s bday is on Saturday and we will be celebrating pretty hardcore from when she opens her eyes in the morning until she goes to bed at night.   I’ll do a short run Saturday morning before she wakes up but long run Thursday just works out much better this week.  

Just your normal self-timered and low quality running picture from me:  

IMG 6441

 I came across my running gloves this morning in my car.  Oh man, I do not want summer running to ever end… I love summer running and I do not miss my fingers nearly falling off during the winter months of training.  

IMG 6412

I’ve come to the conclusion that there will always be some sort of ‘hot spot’ on my body during marathon training.  The key is to really baby these ‘hot spots’ and stay on top of them so they don’t turn into injuries.  My right inner calf has been saying hello when I run but it isn’t anything bad at all.  I’m just doing lots of rolling and stretching to make it happy.

IMG 6469

After my run I went right over to my sister’s house.  She cuts my hair and yes, adults use detangler too.  

IMG 6471

My niece made me this awesome bracelet… she is getting quick at making these.

IMG 6474

And random but I thought I would share… my nephew made a goal to smile while getting his back to school shots.  It may have been a fake smile but he did it:)  

IMG 6427

Lunch was with two girls that I met through a spin class at the gym 10 years ago.  Working out just brings people together.  

IMG 6482

Masa won my heart.   

IMG 6476

I had two avocado tacos and a sopa (salsa, crema, goat cheese, cabbage and chicken).  

IMG 6478

The absolute best part were the plantains that had almond butter on them.  I might have to get two plates of these next time.  

IMG 6479

Runner’s World featured the guy in my area that wears crocs when he runs!!! 

 Screen Shot 2015 08 11 at 8 57 53 PM

Which wrist do you wear your garmin on?

The left.  Always the left.

Which do you prefer—>  summer or winter running?

What day is your favorite day to do your long run?

Have any ‘hot spots’ that are bugging you a bit when you run?

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I always wear my Garmin on my left wrist. The right would feel weird. So weird.

Definitely summer running. I really REALLY hate cold weather. I prefer to sweat than freeze.

I prefer to do my long runs on Saturdays. I used to do them on Sundays but like Saturdays better now.

I have been rolling a TON lately in order to keep that nasty plantar fasciitis away! But my lower legs have been really tight lately and in need of extra rolling.


Always left hand.

Winter running. Within reason. Anything about 15 degrees up is good. Below that and it is treadmill time. I get too warm in the summer.

I like doing my long run on Saturday. I end up working alot of Saturdays so then it ends up being Sunday, which isn’t ideal but it works.

No hot spots recently, but my calves are always a bit tight.


I used to love running my long runs on Friday – when I was just working mornings last year, it worked out well. Except on the hot days – as I wouldn’t start running until after 11am….yikes. I do prefer summer running over winter running. Mostly due to ground conditions – not because of the cold. Ice and snow means I am VERY limited to where I can run.

My garmin is always on the right. I think…

My hot spot turned into an injury :-(


I don’t have a garmin yet :( I need to get on that. Just…so many choices and all.

I hate winter so I hate winter running. I never want summer to end. I don’t mind fall at all though. Just not winter, please!

Long run when ever works for my schedule is perfect. I’m more of a spontaneous runner. I don’t usually plan until the day of.


This is random but I tried your cottage cheese + grapes snack a few weeks ago and now I am HOOKED! It has been my go-to snack everyday at 3pm! Brilliant combination!


This makes me so so happy! I don’t know why it is such an amazing combination but it just is. Keep enjoying:)


Always on the left but I’m right handed so any watch I wear is on the left. Favorite day for a long run is Saturday. I don’t have to get up as early as during the week since I don’t have to work. I prefer winter running but I live in Louisiana so there’s no snow & most of the time it doesn’t get colder than upper 20’s. The heat index yesterday morning at 4:45 when I ran was 95 & of course the humidity was at 90%. Not a good combo!


I always wear my Garmin on my left – probably because I’m right-handed so I wear normal watches on my left.
I’ve done my long runs on both Fridays and Saturdays. Because of my training schedule, my long runs are on Saturdays, although I may move them back to Fridays again after my marathon.
I like winter running as long as there’s no snow or ice, so I’ll probably love it in Seattle. The cool temperatures feel so good.


Garmin . Always left, too.
Winter running
I love doing my long run early on Saturday morning. It’s the perfect start to the weekend!


I miss winter running in the summer but I hate the darkness. Just no ice or snow:)


Garmin – of course LEFT!

Summer running!! Without question.

My right inner knee/thigh is killing me! Grrr.

I love your vertical pony :)


That’s funny, I was just saying this morning how much I miss winter running! I love it, I feel so hardcore out running in the cold and dark :)
Garmin is always on the left. I just got a Garmin Forerunner 220, I had a Nike watch for yearsss! I LOVE the Garmin so much, it’s my new favorite thing!
Saturday is long run day. My shins have been questionable this past week. My shins always tell me when it’s time for new shoes, and I’m thinking that’s why they are talking!


I see Sasha in the canyons often. He is a pretty rude runner imo.


I’m right handed. I wear my garmin always on my left but for some reason my everyday watch goes on my right. I think I get that from my mom.

Fall, that’s my favorite. But since I have to choose b/t the two, I’ll have to go with winter. I love the crisp cold air.

I’m so happy you get your Brookers back tomorrow :)


Those tacos, though! I just drooled all over my iPad!

I do not miss winter running. Yeah, summer and the humidity in NJ can be rough…but I’d rather drown in my own sweat than have icicle fingers. And summer also means long days…so I can get out at 5 am or 8 pm and it’s light either way!

I do my long runs on Friday mornings right now. For some reason, time on the weekends seems to evaporate into thin air!

Enjoy reuniting with Brooke tomorrow and her birthday on Saturday!!!


I wear my Garmin on my right wrist. I used to wear it on my left, but then I got a tattoo, so while it was healing, I switched and never went back.
I definitely prefer winter running! The heat really kills me and I love the cool running leggings! :)
My favorite day to do my long run is Sunday. I used to do it on Saturday’s, but I am training for my marathon with Hanson’s Marathon Method, which has the long run on Sunday’s.
My right calf has been bugging me when I run so I’ve been stretching a lot and am doing a lot of foam rolling!


Here’s the thing about running in Crocs. They cost $39. And for maybe $10 more, I can get a pair of real running shoes!


I love that story about the Pachev family!! I find that fact that they love to run together so much more intriguing than their crocs!!
I wear my watch on my right.
I also love to do my long runs on Fridays – if only it were possible every week! It’s kind of nice to be able to sleep in and relax like everybody else on Saturday and Sunday :)


I always swap which wrist my garmin is on!
Spring and Fall are best! Winter gets too cold and summer too hot!
I’m sure Brook will have a blast Saturday! My Brook turns 16 on Sunday so Saturday will be our party day! Y’all have fun!!


Garmin always the left wrist!
I love Sunday long runs. And then pancakes :)
Hot spots right now are my hamstring and knee.
Foam rolling is something i do more than brush my teeth lately. Lol.
And I totally love winter running more except when it’s icy. But heat and humidity kill me.


Oh I am such a left arm Garmin wearer!! It is just not right when it is on my right!

My long runs are always on Saturday or Sunday but mostly Saturday. Sometimes I’ll switch it up if my husband needs me to support him on his.


I’ve been wearing my Fitbit Surge, and it’s so handy, my Garmin has been getting a break. BUUUUT I have been wearing it on my left wrist!


Exactly the reason why I wear my hair in a bun!


Ew. I can’t imagine how wearing my garmin on my right wrist would feel. Always left!


I always wear my Garmin on the left. If I have to choose, I guess I prefer summer running, but really fall is the winner for me!


What they hey. 20 min 5k. Dude is speedy man. Also: garmin on left hand for sure.


Im left handed but i put my Garmin on my right hand! I do long runs on Saturdays mostly, but love them on Sundays because then Monday can be off!


I always wear my Garmin (or any watch) on my right hand.

My long runs are 95% of the time on Sunday, but if I need an extra rest day or more family time, I do them on Monday when my daughter goes to school.

I prefer summer, but not by much. I am really a treadmill runner and only run outside if the conditions are perfect or I’m on vacation.

I have a humongous blister on my left foot that has popped, but is so big it stretches from the bottom to the top! However, I am still running with it….maybe not smart?

I am so excited to hear about Brooke’s birthday festivities!


I don’t have a Garmin, but my Fitbit is always on the left or I feel weird. You nephew is too cute trying to smile. I HATE needles so, so, so, so much.


Me and brooke have the same birthday ??


That food looks so good!


Just wondering – is your sore spot along the shin? If so, I’ve found that if I have a hot spot there, it’s the cause of tight hip flexors, and when I stretch those out well, it tends to go away. Perhaps give it a shot? Worth a try at least!!

Thursday is my long run day, so I’ll be joining you in spirit tomorrow!! Have fun!


I love doing my runs in the morning in the summer time so that it is still cool outside but not cold :)


Garmin- left side always as well!
SUMMER running all the way! Summer forever could easily be my motto!
Long runs must be Saturday. It’s just the way of my world. And I get cranky if it doesn’t work out that way.
Lastly, darn hot spot… Stopped a couple miles short of my 16 miler on Saturday because of inner calf discomfort about 3 inches up from the ankle. Took 3 days off, ran 8 easy today, and am currently sitting with ice on my leg as I don’t like the slight “ache.” This same spot gives me trouble every marathon cycle- bring on the runner stress fracture paranoia.


Winter winter winter! Umm, it’s 105 degrees, and the only time I can make for running is 3 pm. Struggling every darn day.

Piriformis is kicking my butt (literally). Every summer it swells and pinches my sciatic nerve. I can’t find anything that works. Foam rolling, standing all day, stretching, neural flossing, nothing!!


I still can’t get over the whole running-in-crocs thing. I would fall flat on my face!

I’m a lefty and don’t care for wearing watches/bracelets/much of anything on my left, so my Garmin goes on the right.

And, I live in Tampa so winter running is definitely preferred.


I like summer running, my times are quicker.
I’ve had this one spot on my left hamstring that started to ache during my run on Sunday and bothered me for the rest of the day, so I rested Monday – today and trying to run tomorrow morning! I hope it is better.


That Mexican food looks yummy!


DEFINITELY winter running, but only since I moved to California. I preferred summer running when I lived in Massachusetts and Minnesota… but now? Oh man. give me high of 70 in the winter, any day.

No real hot spots, just have to be careful with my back. I have rods in my spine, so I need to be careful.

Suunto on my left. I’m right handed, but I don’t like my watch or anything on my right hand.

Training for ultras means I have long runs Saturdays AND Sundays. ugh. I’m looking forward to training for “just” a marathon!!


THAT FAMILY!!!!? First of all, I want to crawl in bed and hide in my covers because their 4 year old runs a mile at my 5k pace. That needs to be discussed. Second, the thought of Crocs becoming a THING in the running world makes me laugh at the visual, buuuuut hey if they’re not getting injured and feel comfy in them, props. They do have a point about how natural running is yet how expensive running shoes are. I seriously want to somehow convince my family to run the Turkey Trot in Crocs this year and ask for a turkey at the end.


At the start of summer I hate summer running and wish for cooler temps.
Same thing happens at start of winter when I miss the warm weather!
I soon get used to the season thought and prefer it when I’m embedded in it…
So really don’t mind the season but don’t like the transition :)


Which wrist do you wear your garmin on? Left side all the time! But my water bottle rotates hands

Which do you prefer—> summer or winter running? Fall! Living in New England, cool air, pretty fall colors, cannot get better. But much prefer summer over winter. Cold, soggy wet cold feet from the snow, no thank you!

What day is your favorite day to do your long run? Saturday morning, what works for my family schedule. Work just gets in the way :)


Fall running is my favorite!
Good luck on your long run!


I don’t have a Garmin but I wear my Jawbone on my left wrist, always. That Mexican food looks delicious!


A tip for those action shots…you can just start taking a video and then run by. Then when you replay the video just pause it where you want to have a picture and take a screenshot. It was mindblowing when I realized I could do this!


Garmin lives on my left hand. There are no other options. I prefer winter running over summer. The heat just makes me feel sick. But hands down my favorite season to run in is fall. After spending six of the longest months of my life recovery from achilles Tendonitis I am finally back to running. I don’t know if I would consider that a hot spot but I am babying it like it is. I ice, foam roll, and massage that sucker like it’s my job right now.

BTW…I refuse to believe Brooke is almost three years old. I feel like she was born last week. But that is probably because if I admit Brooke is almost three that would require me to admit MY youngest is almost three ;-)


I always wear any watch on my left wrist. I prefer bracelets there as well. Oddly my left ear has more piercings and the left side of my nose is pierced. Never occurred to me before.

I prefer winter, I sweat a ridiculous amount and the heat/humidity kills me.

I would prefer Friday for my long run, my team runs on Saturday though.

My hips, IT band and plantar fasciitis flare fairly regularly. Ice, foam rolling and orthotics help.


Looks like you ate a SOPE, not SOPA. Totally totally different…but both delicious.


Left hand…but probably ’cause I’m right handed!

Saturdays are my days for long run…when you work all week, by doing it Saturday morning you then can relax the rest of the weekend!

SUMMER. Hands down. I live in Canada. The winter is BRUTAL. I LOOOOVE the heat!!!


The left as well…the right would just be wrong!!!!

Fall running (i know that wasn’t an options!)….

I usually will do my long runs outside on a Saturday….but will randomly do a long run on the treadmill every now and then (when the mood strikes!)

My ankle started feeling a little “off” today….


Right wrist always, but that might be because I’m left handed.
Love winter running because summer in houston is gross
Love a long Saturday run followed by brunch!


**My hair gets so sweaty, even the ends get sweaty from my back (I’m obviously a sweater!! lol) that I feel like I’m a sprinkler out there running, I too choose to wrap it up in a bun about half way through my run. :)
**I use my daughters detangler every morning. :)
-Left wrist for my garmin, slightly loose, I don’t like a tight watch
-I do honestly love winter running, I think in Michigan you need to see the bright side of the snowy season :)
-I do long runs every Sunday, because it works out better for my schedule that way.
-My ITBS in my left knee, I need to make sure I roll every day so it doesn’t bark at me! :)


Always wear my watch on my right wrist – I am not left handed. Definitely “winter” (I live in Florida hence “winter”) – I am ready for an end to 100 degrees and 95% humidity – winter will be 85 degrees and 65-70% humidity ;) Always do my long run on Sunday:) For some reason my calves always give me trouble :(

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