10k time trial and weekending!

(Shorts, bra, shoes, socks, tank)

Morning!  The 10k time trial is over, which means race day is getting close.  We do this same course two weeks before every marathon, and it’s a great marker to see where we are in our training.

We started at 6:30 am and did a 4.1-mile w/u.

I had two slices of bread at 6 am, and a Maurten Caffeine gel at 7 am.

We stopped for some water before we got to work!  I had some friends going the same pace, and we had a nice pack to run with most of the way.  It was extremely hard, but I felt in control of the pace.

I’m a big fan of lying on the ground after a hard workout.

IMG 5539

I took another gel and did a cool-down to hit 16 miles for the day.  Zero stomach cramps like I did the week before and I’m feeling very positive that is because I only had Maurten gels during the run.

I’m excited about the progress I’ve made on this 10k course!  For Boston this year (I wasn’t on this Strava account), I hit a 6:05 average pace, so a 9 seconds per mile improvement on Saturday excited me!

My RRCA race predictor chart says I’ll run around a 2:50 for my marathon with this 10k time, but I also know the 10k isn’t my strength.

So instead of race predictor charts, I’ll focus on the progress!

PS for this course we go through 5 stoplights and I’ve always been very lucky to never have to stop during the time trial.

I didn’t do strength (tapering that, too!), but I did plenty of recovery (here’s my list of favorites).

Soccer games throughout the day (Knox wanted Andrew to throw him up like he throws up Beck)…

And the highlight of the weekend was a BYU Women’s soccer game!

A cougar tail is a must for us at any byu event.

We thought he would be exhausted, but he thrived, staying up way past his bedtime.

Sunday was laid back with haircuts and just hanging out outside as much as possible!

Fall is in the air.

What race length would you say is your strength, and which one is your weakness?

Do race predictors feel like they are pretty accurate for you?  The one on your garmin?

Do you live by any colleges or universities?  Fan of college sports?

How often do you eat bananas?

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The fact that you’ve never had to stop during the 10k time trial even with 5 stoplights is amazing! The worst thing is stopping when you’re in the zone during a workout.

Philly has a few colleges in it but none are big sport schools. But this weekend my family is going to Michigan State for a football game and to see my younger brother which will be fun.

Hope you have a lovely day !


It really is a miracle that we hit every light perfectly. Have the best weekend with your family at the game. That sounds like so much fun! Thanks Maureen, you too!


I think I am made for the half marathon. It’s long enough to not start out too fast (my weakness is I am not quick)but it also requires some strategy. It’s easier to get the mileage built up, and it is long enough to be impressive to non runners. I am not made for 5ks, but I will run them as easy runs.

we live just a few blocks from UT Chattanooga, and I love running thru campus! Eh, I get tired of bananas really quick, but my husband eats one every day!


Loribeth, I love the half too! I totally agree that it takes some strategy and I love that you don’t have to start out crazy fast. Running through a campus is so much fun! I hope you have a half coming. Have a beautiful day!


I watched the Baylor/BYU football game last week on TV- they were showing the college kids in the stands eating a cougar tail. They were each taking a bite and passing it along to the next person- it looked like fun!
Great job on the 10k time trial. That is a nice improvement (and a fast time!). You must be super excited for your marathon- I”ll be excited to hear all about it!


Hahah I love that they showed off the cougar tail… not sure how I would feel sending it down the row ha. Thank you! I am so excited for race day. Hope your Monday is off to a great start!


Awesome job on the time trail, and yay for hitting all the lights green! Very impressive! I am so excited for you for this race.
I love college sports, especially football. We’re in the middle of 2 colleges (a Cal State on the east and the city college on the west), plus the high school district stadium is right by us too. I absolutely love hearing the whistles, the cheers, the bands… So fun.
I think I like the half marathon the best. Like someone else said, you have to have a strategy and do some training. Although, I haven’t run a marathon since 2019, so I have been thinking of putting one on the calendar…. I actually do enjoy the training for a long distance race.
We’re heading back home today, and then I will be back in Colorado next weekend for a sister’s get away in the mountains.
Here’s to a great start to the new week!


I was shocked over the fact that the lights were on our side for the time trial! Your weekend looked like SO much fun. I loved getting a peak at it on IG. I bet it is so fun to see your son play! The half really is the best and let me know which one you put on the calendar. Safe travels and so fun that you will be back again next weekend! Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi Janae! Awesome job on the time trial! Sub 6 pace that’s amazing! I love watching your progression over the years.
I ran for the first time in a while this weekend!! I ran with a group and it was really nice. My legs are quite sore now but in a good way.
Happy Monday!!


Thank you, Amy! I was excited! SO happy you were able to get out on the run with some friends. Group runs are the best! Enjoy the soreness and happy Monday to you too!


Race distance. The longer the better. I have this weird desire to know how long I could just keep putting one foot in front of the other if I could jog.


Erica, let’s do this together one day… we can stop at fun food places along the way and see how far we can go?!?


I’m so happy that you got all green lights on your 10K!
I’m not the best at 5K or 10K races. I can run those distances faster during a tempo workout.

Time to load up on the positive vibes for St George! Sending you some from Illinois!


I’m so with you… I do better at them in the middle of a tempo usually. THANK YOU MOLLY! I just have to say I love your sense of humor, it always puts me in the best mood!


That yellow sweatshirt is so cute and looks super soft! What is it?

My distance strength is whatever I’m *not* doing. So in a marathon, I suddenly think a half is my strength. During a half, I’m a 10k expert, and so on. However, the other day I was thinking this very thought and decided that after ALL THESE years of running, my favorite distance is probably 18 miles.

Love college sports! they’re my favorite aside from youth sports (the energy and hilarity can’t be beat with kids!)

Bananas-one a day unless we’re out (which is rare)


I love 10Ks……I like longer, but 10K always feels good
yes, bananas, two of my friends consume 6 bananas a day, excessive?……but they’re both quicker than me, so maybe that’s the secret?
the used to be a race, the distance was something odd like 6.1K, but you had to guess or predict your finish time…….

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