Training Log + I don’t like it anymore?!

(Top, shortsshoes)

Twenty miles–> the first one of this training cycle was a success (hard, very hard, but I completed it).  

I tried drinking Maurten 320 for the first time (along with a graham cracker) on the drive to the trailhead, and I loved it.  It took me about 20 minutes to drink the entire thing, but it worked like magic on my system.  I felt so energized at the very beginning of the run.   Usually, it takes a few miles to start feeling good so this was a welcome change.  I’ll continue to drink this before long runs and big workouts.  Next time I will fill the bottle with some crushed ice too, because I feel that will make it even better.

I froze three of these bottles the night before the run.  When we first left the cars, I took one frozen bottle and one non-frozen bottle.  As soon as I was done with the first bottle, my frozen one had melted and was perfectly cold.  It felt so good to dump some of it on my head too. 

We were back to our cars at mile 15.  The other two that were frozen were perfectly chilled by the time we got back to our car.   This trail offers zero shade and so having cold water was very helpful.

These bottles fit perfectly in my shorts pockets and they didn’t bounce around.

The first 7.5 miles we took easy, and then we did 7.5 miles at tempo pace.  It was so hard. 

This trail includes rolling hills the entire way.  I ignored pace because I was on a trail but pushed myself to continue a hard effort the entire way back to our cars.  I wanted to quit every mile, and I was alone for this portion, so I listened to music to help pump me up.   It is so weird…. I don’t enjoy listening to music anymore while running and I’m not sure why I didn’t pull my headphones out.

At 15 miles, we made it back to our cars.  I took a gel at miles 5 and 10 and then had candy at mile 15.  We were doing easy miles for the rest of the run, so sugar is sugar, and gummy bears did the trick.

Although, their cool-down pace is a bit faster than mine, ha.  My friend on the left recently won a huge 50 miler in our area, and my friend (he is the one that is coaching us) on the right recently ran a 2:30 marathon.  

My watch hit 20.01, and I sat on the ground for a while.  Running is hard, but I think that is why we like it so much because it challenges us in the craziest way.  My lower back was sore at the end of this run?!  Any idea why?

I came home to forts being made and fresh buttermilk biscuits that they had made together.  This niece of mine is something else.

Andrew was working all weekend so it was just the four of us.  

On Sunday morning we went out and explored a bit.

And Beck tried to eat dirt the entire time.

I swear my sister and I were just doing this and now it’s our girls doing this.


I decided to post my training a month at a time, so here is my training for July.  My previous training logs are here and here!

7/1:  Mt Timpanogos! 15 miles + 4,400 ft of climbing.  Legs were sore for a few days because of this, and it was a new pr for me on the way up and down on this mountain.

7/2:  7.09 miles @ 8:40 average

(55 miles total for this week)

7/4:  9.17 miles with a 5k in the middle (18:54)

7/5: 8.05 miles @ 8:15 average pace

7/6:  14 miles @ 7.17 average.  2 x 2 mile, 1 mile, 4 x 200s. Hilly course… 1000 ft of climbing

7/7:  8.41 miles trails w/876 ft climbing @ 8:43 pace

7/8: 7.03 miles @ 8:26 average

7/9:  14.25 trail miles with a 13k race in the middle @ 10:24 pace with 2500 ft of climbing for the day

(60.96 miles for the week… didn’t have another .04 miles in me;)

7/11:  10 miles @ 8:34 average on the roads

7/12: 15 miles total @ 7:17 average with 6 x 1 MTC Mile (1 mile mostly down, part flat… 5:18, 5:28, 5:24, 5:22, 5:20, and then I finished with a 5:06)

7/13: 8.04 miles @ 9:01 average on the trails + 917 ft climbing

7/14: 18 miles total—> 1st 10 up to Silver Lake (2500 ft climbing), 3 x 2 miles with .5 recoveries down AF canyon (some flat, mostly down): 5:54, 6:00; 5:43, 5:31; 5:17, 5:32.

7/15: 7.2 miles @ 8:51 average

(65 miles for the week)

7/18: 7.11 miles @ 9:55 average on trails (1100 ft climbing)

7/19: 14 miles @ 7:32 average with 2 miles @ goal 1/2 marathon pace (around 5:50) and 4 x 30 second strides.

7/20: 8 miles @ 8:02 average

7/21: 6.2 miles @ 8:41 with a few strides

7/22:  Off

7/23: 1 mile @ 10:00, 13.2 @ 6:01 net downhill, 3.44 miles @ 8:24 cooldown

(53 miles for the week)

7/25: 10.35 miles @9:32 average with trails and roads.

7/26: 7.04 miles @ 8:30 average.

7/27:  15.05 miles @ 7:13 average with 3-mile push, 1-mile push (straight uphill), and a 3-mile push.  3-mile pushes around a bit slower than half-marathon pace, and I pushed as hard as possible on the hill.  4.07 miles later in the day to get some heat training @ 8:26 average.

7/28:  8.72 miles @ 8:45 average

7/29:  4.76 miles @ 8:46 average

7/30:  1st 20 miler in a few months! Deer Creek trails @ 7:48 average. First 7.5 easy, tempo for 7.5 miles and 5-mile c/d.  Rolling hills the entire run.

(70 miles for the week)

Random tangent but I came across this picture of my alarm clock on a blog post of mine from 2011… It just took me 11 years to get there.  These goals take patience!


Has anyone else tried Maurten 320? What were your thoughts? Have you ever tried some sort of drink before a run similar to Maurten 320?

Running with music? Do you go through phases when you like it and don’t?

Who else works weekends? Sometimes or all of the time?

Ever use candy during a run? What about frozen water bottles?

-Andrew thought I was being risky about the frozen water bottles, but I knew they would melt pretty quickly against my body during the run ha.

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I love music while running! Definitely need it.
I work every weekend. I have Tues and Wed off. It might seem odd, but I can go anywhere to eat without lines, I can run on pathways that are less congested, and it feels cool to be taking it easy mid week.

Congrats on 20 miles!!!!

PS, I find it funny the WWJD bracelets are back……… that one your sister’s original?!


Haha it could be, I will have to ask her! Oh I bet that is nice to have your days off in the middle of the week. Weekends are probably the busiest time at your work. Thanks Loribeth, you too.


That 20 miler had some awesome views! Way to get it done! How many 20 milers are you doing this training cycle?

I used to always listen to music before podcasts came out. Now I listen to podcasts while I run and save music for races–I am pretty sure my playlist hasn’t been updated since 2010;-)

I would have been skeptical like Andrew, I never would have guessed those water bottles would have melted. I have used candy in the past, but as I have gotten older, I don’t like the way it gets stuck in my teeth. Plus, I have somehow gotten less coordinated and chewing and running is hard–and I usually end up swallowing an entire piece of candy and have a coughing fit;-)

Have a fabulous Monday Janae!


Thank you, Becky! I think we have four of them… wowzers! I should have put on a podcast on Saturday. Hahah you are not alone with that. My nieces make fun of the fact I still listen to my very old playlists. Hahaha I had a coughing fit too with the candy, luckily it tasted so good. Hope you and your crew have a beautiful day!


Thanks for sharing that bottle link, I just bought some 6 & 9 oz :-) I have a similar bottle that fits my vest pockets but needed a few more. Love seeing your beautiful family & Utah! Have a wonderful week!


YAY! I hope you love them, let me know what you think. Thanks Amy, I hope you have a beautiful week too!


Regarding the lower back pain, I had that issue and a PT told me my hamstrings were super tight and pulling my spine out of alignment. Not sure if that’s an issue for you but keep on stretching and doing your rolling!


This is very helpful! My hamstrings are always VERY tight and that makes so much sense. Extra motivation to keep the stretching and rolling going. Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day, Sherilyn!


Do you have the special brand of shorts that go with those water bottles? I’m really struggling with figuring out a water carrying system. I totally bonked on my last long run because I wasn’t drinking enough water. I’m wondering if these will fit in the side cell phone size pockets of my shorts. I have the lululemon fast and free and similar amazon knock offs.

I have a hand held bottle but its so annoying to carry so I might bite the bullet and get some kind of hydration belt before my run this weekend.

Thanks! I love hearing about your training.


Hey Jenny! Any of my shorts with pockets that I have work great with the bottle… I wore these today (the ones you have I think) and it was perfect: I don’t even notice the water is there until I reach for it to get a drink. They will totally work with the fast and free, I use them all of the time with them. I am so sorry you bonked, lack of hydration absolutely kills my running. I am over the handheld too but seriously, try the bottles in your side pockets and let me know what you think. Hydration belts bounce around too much for me too! Have a great day!


Hi Janae! I have to run with music! Sometimes I don’t and then if it’s a hard effort hearing my breathing and footsteps is weird! Though I’m sure it’s probably something that’s good to listen to.
Happy Monday and good job on another month of training under your belt!


Keep doing what brings you joy when running! You are doing amazing and hearing my breathing drives me crazy sometimes, I get it. Thanks friend and have the best day!


Awesome job on the 20 miler! Freezing water bottles is brilliant! I am going to have to remember that.
It’s so funny, that you made that comment about not listening to music while running. I have not listened to music on a run in so long. I have a few podcasts I listen to, but mostly, I’ve been using the Peloton app or nothing at all. Strange how our preferences change like that.
My running friend loves Maurten gels and was wondering about the drink mix. Now we will both be trying it.
Have a great start to the week, and a great start to the new month! I love when a new month starts on a Monday!


Thank you, Wendy! Yes, during one of your crazy hot weeks, you need to freeze your bottles. It really is so interesting how things change, a decade ago, I couldn’t even imagine running without music! Let me know what you think of the 320, it digested SO well. Happy August, Wendy!


I work every 5th weekend. The frequency isn’t bad but the weekends intense.
I did Maurten 320 (sans caffeine) this weekend for the first time and liked it! I think I’ll carry this on me for races from now on, too.
You must have quite a few 20 milers coming your way this training cycle! Loving this different training plan of yours!
I have been listening to podcasts during my runs. I have been loving Lindsey Hein’s Grandma’s Marathon series and nutrition series. I thought of you during the Gabi Rooker episode since she took her marathon time from 2:54 to 2:35. Let’s put that out into the universe for you! :)


good stuff…I seriously cannot drink that much, I’d either be barfing or running from porta potty and to the nearest tree…..I know to hydrate, but I just know to be careful and gradual…I do like the Maurten gels though…I just have to stop telling customers that they feel like I’m swallowing a tadpole…
I have tried music, podcasts….I have so much going on in my head, so prefer without.
I’ve been playing around with taking a small bottle of flat coke for the end of my runs……kind of seems like a nice treat. not sure f I could handle coke for an entire run….but a nice change


Music is just too much noise on my brain sometimes.
Use mini chuckles for running fuel all.the.time.


I too cannot do music but I never could. I like to trail run/hike in the Canadian Rockies so I like to listen to the natural outdoor sounds and be aware of animals too. I like candy in the latter part of a longer aerobic ride or hike. I put it in my bra (super weird) so that it is accessible. I am a jelly bean fan but happy for sour candies too. Do you crave sour things while training?

Love your posts and the great fresh ideas on training, life and everything.

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